In this segment we are going to look at a Twe-Na technique known as pulling. So a lot of times in the western medicine or western massage we think of it as traction. So this is a form of manual traction. A lot of times when we have somebody who’s… Continue Reading Acupuncture for Migraines : Acupuncture for Migraines: Tui Na Pulling Technique

>>My name is Diana Oates and I’m married, I live here in Lithonia, Georgia. My husband is David Oates. We have four children. I’m a full time security director for a private security firm. I am 5’3″, and at one point in my life I weighed 267 pounds. I had… Continue Reading Atlanta Weight Loss Surgery at DeKalb Medical: Diana Oates’ Story

[MUSIC PLAYING] Frequently, my back pain was so severe, and it was difficult to lie down. It was difficult to get up. So I think over the years, the pain began to exacerbate before I began to do anything about it. Tai Chi was a mystical and strange subject. And… Continue Reading Back Pain: How One Veteran Found Relief | Consumer Reports

(weird noises) Subtitles by gianccm Martina’s been dreading this WTF for so long because she can’t hula hoop [S] and I can and I’m so excited! [M] You ruined my secret shape! You can’t hula hoop! [M] Hey, I haven’t hula hooped for the past like three or four years… Continue Reading Korean Diet Hula Hoop of HELL!

– I think chronic pain can be very complicated. And the patients that we see are really complicated. You know, many of them have been through a lot of struggle, and depending on how long that they’ve suffered from their disease, sometimes they feel really isolated and cut off from… Continue Reading Jenna L. Walters, MD

Hi, I made my vacuum chamber and… ‘and…’ [dramatic, deep] ‘You thought I wouldn’t make it didn’t, you? No! No!’ I’m sorry. I’ve been watching too much ([high, synched with PewDiePie]) ‘PewDiePie’ recently. I should probably stop I mean, what is he, 27? And I’m 40. In some darker corners… Continue Reading Arcs change shape in my vacuum! RIP Tesla Coil 🙁

Hi everyone, this is Dr. Sheena and Dr Ange Hello! From Qi Medicine Acupuncture in Moonee Ponds and today I have the absolute pleasure to welcome to the team Dr. Angela who will be joining as the newest Chinese medicine practitioner and acupuncture doctor, I am so excited. and she’s… Continue Reading Dr. Ange joins Qi Medicine Acupuncture and Massage!

If you have fibromyalgia, you no doubt have tried many treatments. Have you ever wondered if there is something that is not a pill, is relatively safe, and definitely effective? While some physicians are skeptical about this one form of treatment, a recent study has shown that there is hope…… Continue Reading Fibromyalgia | customized acupuncture works in fibromyalgia

Body fluids are separated into two types: Jin fluids and Ye fluids. Jin fluids are light, watery and thin and circulate with the defensive Wei-Qi. They are circulated under the skin and around the body by the Lungs to moisten and nourish the skin and the muscles. As the Lungs… Continue Reading Body Fluids – Types

– Melasma is a problem of hyper-pigmentation, which mainly affects women, because it’s driven by the hormone estrogen, as well as UV radiation. And it affects a lot of women, especially who have olive or darker skins, and primarily it looks like patchy, dark pigmentation around the cheeks, upper lip,… Continue Reading Melasma treatment information. Before and after pictures and our melasma protocol explanation