Hello lovers of throwing. I want to show annex to the previously released video on needle throwing Needles – everything I found. While no one sees. Different sizes. From… four and a half centimeters, four. Before 12.5 cm Some kind of tricky needle. It is not clear what it is for. Throwing polystyrene target Distance distance with removal to four meters. more space does not allow Throwing sharp impulse movement, without accompanying movement of the arm in flight. I hold the needle by the needle threader. Throwing without turning. I’ll show you throwing the same needles, only half-turn. As said before it takes a little more distance. But this is more – half a meter. Needle when throwing half-turn is taken for the tip impulse throwing The needle itself is sent to the target. The needle hits the target IN THEORY!!! 🙂 Rested against the wall. Well, something like this. All – good bye !!! we will increase the image. See what it looks like. needles stick out. This is how it turns out. THANKS FOR ATTENTION!!!

5 thoughts on “Импульсная безоборотка. Метание иголок для шитья до 4м. Throwing needles for sewing up to 4m.”

  1. В метании иголок есть один нюанс. Иголки не зрелищный вид метания, так как увидеть на экране что-либо очень проблематично. Очень маленький предмет и большая скорость полёта, хотя иногда это именно то, что надо.

  2. Здорово получается! На работе, иногда метаю гвозди, но с гораздо худшим результатом.

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