the most important thing that we need is
tresses they are 15 centimeters in
length we need two packs for
shoe we need cardboard here it is tight 3 millimeters and
it can be taken in any shoe workshop
they sell them there big sheets further
supplex fabric, it will fit on our heads either lycra stretching heavily from another fabric does not
such a relief head supplex it is necessary not very much but
buy it more because almost all dolls are not sewn from it
white angel Price 670 rubles meter per meter forty wide further for this doll we still need
will knit usual i bought in a fabric store
in the same place where supplex does not know how he is it’s just called cotton is not very
fat well not much stretches good color u
it is pleasant bodily and very pleasant to the touch generally worth a penny 500 rubles or 450
rubles meter and it is also very wide then we need
calico you can take
calico and that’s what I don’t like, but we will need it’s glue we will be with you
enjoy a little it will be useful to us just for this doll
all this is all the materials we will meet further

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