When I was a little child, I was dreaming to be a soccer player I was good and fast but after sometimes the society started crushing my dream and consequences started increasing and increasing Like if the life is saying get lost Fadhl, no soccer for you , hahaha But a gift from God, after I graduated for high school, I continue my school in the United States And I saw the big difference between our Arabic societies and western societies oh boy, our societies suck they got the first place on crushing dreams dude, when I was a little child, just if I mispronounce a word oh God, you see everyone is making fun of me but when I was studying in the US, I have mispronounced till I got bored no one ever makes fun or even laugh and this makes me not fear to make mistakes I started going to conferences and give speeches, conferences with a big number and it became easy for me Assalamu Alaikum my dear viewers, and welcome to the new video Today, I am going to talk about the painful reality Unfortunately, in our Arab societies, we have learned that a mistake is unacceptable and the high ambition is rejected which means if you make a mistake, you will be made fun of and if you improve yourself and hope for better, you will be made fun of which means like this is not good or like that is not good , hahaha anyways, my point in the video is that life is not fair you find someone is very good in his/her school, but he/she can’t continue his/her education and you find someone so young still a kid, takes responsibility of the house with 7 or 5 individuals why? Because he is the only boy and you find someone, everything is provided for him/her, but he/she does not appreciate it he/she plays around does not improve himself/herself, does not improve on his surrounding, does not helping to improve the society and there is more and more, the list is still long it is true that I just said life is not fair and the video’s topic is about life is not fair but life is not fair only in the beginning and after that is fair until the end hey Fadhl, are you kidding!! hey Fadhl, are you kidding!! hey Fadhl, are you kidding!! hey Fadhl, are you kidding!! What I meant, we don’t choose where to start our lives, from what family, or in which country but we have the ability to choose where to end our lives there is a saying for Bill Gates Not Balqees, Bill Gates “If you were born poor, it is not your mistake. But if you die poor it is your mistake and you are kidding” He did not say “you are kidding” BUT I am telling you “you are kidding” It is true that reality is painful, but in the universe law, if you sow, you will reap. and Newton’s law, every action there is an opposite reaction. If I seek you will arrive If you try hard you will get. Always you can reach your goal whatever the consequences are bad society, discouraged friends, dream crusher family you can Allah said in the Quran Surat Al-baqarah (1) Ayah (286)
Allah does not charge a soul except [with that within] its capacity. Surat Al-baqarah (1) Ayah (286)
It will have [the consequence of] what [good] it has gained Surat Al-baqarah (1) Ayah (286)
and it will bear [the consequence of] what [evil] it has earned It is true that my voice is not the best, but I have tried So always remember you can You can do anything as long as you try hard you will reach You can achieve your goals You can reach your ambition You can subscribe to the channel You can watch the previous videos You can wait until the next video Clarification It is true in this video, I criticize our Arabic societies But I know there is a minority who care and encourage those who has dreams and ambition And I try very hard to be one of them Peace Mistakes Bring me the gun let me shoot it Sad story, be sad I was good and fast, but… Always you can… Always you can…. Always you caaan. Caaaaaan And you find someone, everything is provide, provide,,,, And I saw the big difference,,,, And I saw the big difference If you hold on your ambition, ambition at the end you will reach I started go,,,,, and this thing made me mmmmm,,,, and this thing made meeee gets scared,,, hhhhh I remember when Fahad walked then stuck,,, he acted that he cant move,, Then one of us said what is wrong,,, he said the wired of the sponsor is holding me A joke you will not understand it because you were not in it Always remember you can,,,, enough enough I just redo it redo it

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