Hello friends,welcome to my channel,I am doctor Ritu Jain. I am a homepathic consultant. and today I will tell you about ECZEMA. and the homeopathic treatment for ECZEMA. So I will talk about homeopathic treatment for ECZEMA What is ECZEMA What are the causes and along with that homeopathic treatments.So eczema is a skin disease which is also called as dermatitis and they are generally of two types.One is dry eczema and wet eczema.Dry eczema leads to dry patches on your skin and you have itching and rashes when you itch there are scratches and so for such kind of eczema we call it dry eczema. If your patches are wet and if you see there is serum coming out of those patches or sometimes pus formation then it is called as wet eczema.So eczema happens due to itching you have itching and if it is wet and is eroted then there is pain and bleeding might also happen but that in rare cases. so about eczema , eczema can happen in during any age.There is no particular age group where eczema can occur . It is not compulsory that it is found more often in women or men . it depends on your causes such as eczema can happen due to detergents generally it is seen in women.so today I will about the causes of eczema. so the first cause is due to dust present in house or dust, insects, rats infections can happen and may lead to eczema. then there are some food items due to which eczema can happen There are few pollen grains due to which eczema happens or there are fabrics, for example for some people synthetic fabric does not suite due to continuous use of that or in summer season or jewelleries also, then eczema also happens. so all those things or if there are some soaps , that are hard or do not suite you or few use few cosmetics due to which you suffer from eczema. You have seen sometimes, during summers there is sweating in your folds then eczema and itching happens. Sometimes water also causes eczema. water generally you have seen people who work a lot in water and mainly ladies who work a lot in water then there is eczema in between there fingers. It can also be seen between the toes also in hands also.Generally, due to water eczema happens in your hands and legs. So this wet eczema can be seen more compared to dry eczema . sometimes your skin becomes extremely thin and there is itching sensation and there are scratches and sometimes there is bleeding. and is painful too.Then apart from that there are causes like stress also causes eczema. Emotional disturbance or stress may lead to eczema. Now I will talk about it is of two types,acute and chronic. I told you the causes. Now I will tell you the homepathic treatment Homeopathic treatment is a very good treatment and it is the best treatment because in allopathic tubes or anti-biotic is given .tubes and antibiotics suppress it which will later form in some other body part and comes out more infectiously. And for that apart fro ointments there is no other treatment in homeopathy for eczema.And steroids are also given for which you get the results soon but there are many side-effects and it becomes harmful for your health. For eczema and other skin disease, homeopathy is the best treatment.There is no time schedule. you can take the treatment anytime. If you increase your severity and then take the treatment then it will take time.So now I will tell you homeopathic treatments. A very good medicine for dry eczema for dry eczema what are the medicines.so for dry eczema if it is happening on your scalp then VINCA MINORA medicine is specially for scalp. Then there are petroleum medicines. petroleum medicine is best for dry eczema, if your skin is drying too much then during winter your skin dries very fast then during winter if ypu suffer from dry eczema your hands,in this portion it is mostly observed that your skin layer comes out due to dryness and there are cuts in your hand . you cannot do any work.You cannot hold a knife this happens generally in females and becomes painful due to normal routine work then for dry eczema ,the best medicine is petroleum is best medicine. Then apart from that there are other materials like SULPHUR, PSORAINUM,so all these medicines are for dry eczema. Now I will talk about wet eczema. if there is moisture and pus discharge then there is watery or thich discharge then it is called as wet eczema. for wet eczema mainly the medicines are GRAFFITIS. IF you are taking GRAFFITIS medicine then it is important that your body folds near your neck if there is eczema then for that medicine is GRAFFITIS. Generally GRAFFITIS patient is fat or obese then if such people have eczema Then for that medicine is GRAFFITIS. Then next medicine is MEZEREUM. It is the top most medicine for eczema which is an all time working medicine specially works on wet eczema works for dry eczema also if there is dandruff on your scalp and eczema happens and there are scales coming out or behind the ears also it can be seen there is pus discharge it is generally seen in children behind your ears and neck so for all this MEZEREUM medicine is best. so for wet eczema especially MERC SOL there are other medicines such as NUXVOMICA, NATRUM MUR and there are other medicines. and it varies from symptom to symptom and depends on the constitution of the person and apart from if you are taking any treatment and if you like the information and if you want to know more about it then then please comment and tell me i will definetly tell you the solution And if you like today’s video then hit like and along with that you can share this information with your friends and with your relatives and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. THANK YOU.

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