Hello and Welcome Friends!!! You most welcome on ‘Lakhaipurtv’ I am telling you today about benefits and use of Himalaya Lukol for women disease leucorrhea or white discharge I already posted 2 unique herbal formula for this on my channel but many requested me through mail and comment to tell a medicine to use easily which is easily available everywhere, because its not easy for all to make medicines and I would like to tell you that if you still not SUBSCRIBED our channel then first subscribe it by clicking on SUBSCRIBE button we provide tips to be healthy and info to cure disease and free health advice as you all know that leucorrhea is called white discharge in common language there is 2 types of leucorrhea white discharge and red discharge this is very common disease of women suffering women becomes unhealthy due to this face glow reduce back pain, fever, tiredness, no interest to work like symptoms are common not only white discharge comes in leucorrhea but it may yellowish, light green also it may high fluid flow and smelly, irritation, itching, pain and inflammation in vaginal tissue these symptoms shows due to infection keeping all these symptoms in mind ‘Lukol’ is made by Himalaya Herbal this cures leucorrhea from root and promotes women health Himalaya Lukol has anti infection, anti inflammatory, analgesic properties Lukol is available in tablet and syrup form this is combination of 23 powerful herbs and minerals which makes it much effective Let’s have a quick view on its combination- This is made from these herbs and minerals Dhatki- this works as vitamin B complex Kokilaksha- this is useful for reproductive system Shatavari- cures weakness and provide strength from inner side Sarpgandha- removes stress Punarnava- well known herb to cure inflammation Vasaka- tonic and cures kapha dosh Supari- useful for female health Supari is also used for a female medicine supari pak Jatiphal- works as ‘sankochak’ Elaychi- natural antacid Nagkeshar- best tonic for women cures uterus disease Zeera- improves digestive system Chandan- cures infection and burning in any part of body Shilajit- works as powerful tonic Praval Bhasma- fulfill calcium requirement and makes bones strong Bilva- provide freshness and improve digestion Sonth- well know digestion improves and analgesic Triphala- great medicine to boost immunity power and natural antibiotic Kali Mirch- analgesic and digestive Indrajau- cures pain and vaat vikar Gugul- analgesic, anti inflammatory natural anti biotic Lauh Bhasma- cures iron deficiency and increase blood Trivang Bhasma- Best tonic and cures all reproductive system problems and Palash Beej- works for digestion and anti worm this is the lukol tablet combination Combinatio of lukol syrup is little different this is made of- Dhataki, shatavar, punarnava, vasaka, jambu, triphala, usheer, khajoor, zeera, bel, sonth, mirch and palash beej BENEFITS OF HIMALAYA LUKOL- Lukol used for treatment of lucorrhea or white discharge which is due to any cause This is anti oxidant, anti bacterial and anti fungal medicine It cures bacterial infection, uterus problem and removes cause of PID It reduce swelling and gives relief in pain This cures all problems of women reproductive system It cures back pain, back bone pain, and other symptoms of leucorrhea Cures iron deficiency, makes uterus healthy and improves over all health cures flow after family planning surgery This is best medicine for PID or Pelvic Inflammatory Disease Himalaya Lukol dosage and method of use- 2 tablets thrice daily after food If Lukol syrup or an another ayurvedic syrup ‘Patrangasava’ taken 2 spoon after food along with this then you can see benefits soon As you knew this is cent percent herbal medicine which is completely safe and free from any side effect it can be used for long time also, use it until disease cures completely Himalaya Herbal’s medicines are available almost everywhere in the world you can use it by taking from any pharmacy Must SUBSCRIBE our channel to know another info like this and to get new update and to know herbal formulas and home remedy to cure disease If you found today’s info useful then LIKE & SHARE this then other people can get its benefits too your one share can help someone to get rid from disease you can read today’s info by clicking on link in description below If you have any question about today’s info then feel free to ask us through comment your view, advice and queries are welcome you be healthy, this is our wish THANK YOU

100 thoughts on “ल्यूकोरिया या सफ़ेद पानी की दवा | Himalaya Lukol Review For White Discharge”

  1. Mai ek larki Hun mujhe yahan leucorrhea ek sal se Jada ho gaya pure gharelu upchar Kiya koi fayada nhi ho rha please sir mujhe is bimari ka sarl dawayi btaiye
    Jisse jaldi thik ho jaungi

  2. पुरुषों को डिस्चार्ज की दवाई बताएं क्या है जल्दी डिस्चार्ज हो जाना इसके लिए दवाई जरूर बताएं

  3. sir mujhe bhi lgta h ki safed pani jata h pr sirf one month huwe h pta Chlaa h. but koi gandi smell Nhi aati only pent wet Ho jati h din me ten char bar kya btay ye safed pani k laxchan he ya normal h. or hai to mujhe kya use krna chahiy tablet or syrp
    jldii upy btay m jyada let Nhi krna chahti hu jldii thik ho Jay to Achha h mere do bachhe bhi hai I'm mairred

  4. Very useful post. Leucorrhoea is a very common issue which can be eliminated itself or taking some herbal supplement for leucorrhoea. Visit http://www.dradvice.in/female-health-manstural-problem-leucorrhea-white-discharge.html

  5. asslamualukum waqai bahut ziyada achcha syerap hai Hakeem Sahab mane wife ko use kraya hai shukriya ,,, khuda aap ko tarqqi se nwazay

  6. Bakwas hai ye dava nahi lena fayeda bilkul nahi karti saidefect jarur ho jayega gas banna suru ho jayega aise vd mat bano plz

  7. दोस्तों लिकोरिया एक आम समस्या है जो महिलाओ में पाई जाती है अगर इसका समय से इलाज नहीं किया गया तो आगे चलकर यह समस्या एक गम्भीर बीमारी का रूप ले लेती है क्या आप इस बीमारी से परेशान है तो तुरंत संपर्क करे हमारे यहाँ बिलकुल काम कीमत में पूरी गारंटी के साथ रोगी को पीला ही दिन से तुरंत आराम आयुर्वेदिक दवा दी जाती है जिसका कोई इफेक्ट नहीं है | डॉ ० राकेश मो ० 9170747271,8874934904

  8. पत्रागासव बैधनाथ का एवम् लुकोल हिमालया का एक साथ लिया जा सकता है अगर हां तो कितने दिनो के लिए और कितना मात्रा रोज लिया जा सकता है कृपया हमें बताएं,,,,,, धन्यवाद

  9. इसका सेवन करे तो किया खाये और किया न खाए और कोई साइड

  10. Sir mere ko white discharge ki problem 3 shaal se hai aur mai bahot week ho gaye hu kamar me bahot drd rehta hi aur aankho ke neeche bhi kala pad gaya hai

  11. Sir me aamla or sahd ka savan KR rahi hu uske saath lukol dava le sakti hu Kya koi preshani to nh hogi na

  12. Sir kya ise धात गिरने की बिमारी मे use kar sakte h ya n please give me answer

  13. सारे इसका कोई साइड इफेक्ट नहीं होगा और इसमें क्या क्या परहेज रखना होगा

  14. Sir aapne kha 2-2 tablet khane ke baad leni hai 3 time hme,, to kya ek sath 2 goli khani hai khana khane ke baad,, ya sirph 1 goli ek time pe,, mujhe ye baat smjh nhi aai aapki please btaiye sir mujhe,, mai bahut presan hu is bimari se,, mai bahut ptli ho chuki hu is bimari se,, meri kmr aur pure srir me hmesha hi bahut dard rehta hai,, aakho ke niche gdhdhe ho gye aur kala pn aaa chuka hai………

  15. मुझे नहीं लगता कि लुकोल टेबलेट खाने से लू गोरिया जैसे बीमारी ठीक होगी

  16. sir meri mummy ko pani aa raha hai or halka sujan bhi h or jalan bhi syrup sahi rahega ya tablet plz quick reply sir

  17. Thank you so much sir agar mujhe fayda hua to aapko bhut jyada duayen dungi kyonki m bhut preshaan hu es bimari se

  18. Sanjana here age 26 sir, main syrup lun or tablet or dono aur dose kya lena hai white discharge and weakness started before 3days.
    Period bhi sahi krta hai sir???

  19. Sir male aur female dono ko jadi pair ke talaba and hath me jalan hota h best medicine bataye sir pls reply sir

  20. Sir aap ne bataye h ki tab. Lukol sath me lukol syp. Lene se bahut jald fayada dikhata h

    Mera question h ki jadi lukol tab. Bhi lenge aur syp. Bhi to dose over nahi hoga pls reply sir

  21. Assalmo alaikoom mere ko do sal se lekoriya ki problam hai thik nahi hota hai aur qabj bhi bahut hai

  22. Docter sahab meri age 22sal hai do sal se problam horahi hai lekoriya sath me kabj ki siqayat hai kya dawa sab yus kare likh ke sent kare docter sahab plz

  23. Sir jab peshab krta hoon to dhatu nikaalta hai aur 2 saal se problem hai aur jab peshab krta hun to patla pani ki tarah chip chipa niklata hai aur susti mahsus hoti hai

  24. Sir male hu ..Jab mai potty karta hu aur muche kubchh ki problem hai ..To toilet se pahle white water aur chip chipa aata hai..Koyi himalaya company ki tablet bato do ..3 saal se problem hai

  25. sir.i m.priya.4 year ho gya..h..sab.kuch.krke dekh liya but thik nhi ho rahi..kuch.btaye.jo 15 din m thik ho jaye

  26. प्रेगनेंसी में सफेद पानी आ रहा है तो लुकोल सिरप और टेबलेट खा सकते हैं क्या

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