Time never comes back, once it is passed but nothing is impossible in this world, strong willpower turns impossible into possible There is solution to every problem but we need to gather right information at right time Let bygone be bygone but we should try to do better We are presenting this Solution Video based on comments on our Video, We came to know about your problem after reading your comments Being serious about the comments we have brought some solution for you. Let’s know first some of the inspiring comments After that, we will answer your questions and bring a solution to your problem. Please watch this Video until the end. Earlier I was masturbating 4 to 5 times daily and continued it for four years but after God’s Grace today I am in Celibacy for 75 days on hard mode. You play the better role in this regard. In last 75 days, my condition is such that neither wrong have I seen nor thought, heard and said and I my target of continuing the Brahmacharya is till marriage Now I am 19 years old and I was addicted to this habit since my 14 years of age. We thank you for sharing your inspiring comments Such type of Video is being created by anyone. I feel innovatively energetic after watching your video. It’s amazing that have not yet masturbated since 4-5 days It happens because of your video only. I watch all of your previous video when you don’t upload video. you changed my life, you are great sir We are grateful to you and we thank all Great men who were continent and all Scientist who have done research on it, Our video could not be possible without their knowledge. Awesome, Thanks I have started nofap for one month, It is amazing. We thank you for your inspiring comment Now we are answering all of your questions and giving solutions to your problems No.1 Sir I follow Brahmacharya for one month then why I relapse ? No.2, I continued Brahmacharya for one and half month but relapsed today. Maybe my eating habit isn’t good. I want to ask”will relapsing effects my journey” Because I had started feeling the effects of Brahmacharya as the mind was working great and was able to work fast without tiring “Will I lose all these effects” How can a youth change his angle of vision and divert his mind from wrong things, please make a video on this Most of the times we know that thinking negative and watching erotic is not good still we are attracted towards it, why it happens and is there any solution to it. please make a video on this, we are grateful to you No.4, How can one stop seeing porn? After reading all those comments we came to the conclusion that everybody is trying to be successful on the path of Brahmacharya but they relapsed in between and faced the defeat There is only one reason for all of these problems i.e. Lack of knowledge and practice. You are recommended to watch Brahmacharya series part 1 to part 10 It is 100% essential to follow the guidance, tips and habits said in all videos. Occasionally go to positive vibration Be in a Team, Discuss all matter in Manthanhub facebook page and manthanhub blog Let’s talk about how to recover excess Semen loss, How to deal with the problems arising out of excess semen loss. How to recover semen We have brought for you some effective Ayurvedic Remedies to recover from excess semen loss We can’t resolve all issue at once but gradually you may resolve many issues like thin Semen, weak body, and vigorless Body by utilizing those tips During summer make a mixture of 200 gm Amla powder & 200 gm of Candy, keep it in a bottle. Take one spoon’s full each with water in the morning and evening. During Winter take Turmeric in place of Candy. Take this for one to two months and give a break of one week in between. Start taking it once again Consumption of “Amla” is very beneficial. It beautifies our body. It empowers and solidifies the Semen. It cures diseases like nightfall The Second Remedy, take “Ashwagandha” for three months with milk. Ashwagandha Powder and tablets are available in Market. Ashwagandha powder is very effective but it is very sour . Take only half tea’s spoonful If you are not able to take “Ashwagandha Powder” then take Tablets but keep in mind consume “Ashwagandha” with Milk in the both the cases The Third Powerful Remedy is “Gum”. It solidifies Semen, cures nightfall and other seminal fluid weakness. Take one-fourth of a Spoon and soak in 60 ml of water for two hours. After that drink it along with the water There is a precaution in this Remedy. Take only less quantity and Don’t take “Gum” continuously for more than one week. maintain a two weeks gap and then take it once again for one week If you take continuously for more than one week, it will kill your appetite. So take it in the right quantity and right duration as per the guidance.

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  1. मैने एसा अनुभव किया है कि जिसकी gf नही होती है वो ज्यादा मुठ मारता है।।।

  2. अश्वगन्धा गर्म होती है तो दूध थोडा गुनगुन कर के उसमे मिश्री मिलके ले डोरी वाली मिश्री ना की कटी वाली ।
    2) आंवला दूध के साथ मत लेना ध्यान रहे।
    3 )अश्वगंधा +सफ़ेद musli बराबर मात्र में दूध से ले 3 महीने एक दम ठीक हो जाओगे।

  3. sir ji ek bat ye bataiye ki rat me sone se kitne time pehle mishri aur awla churan lena hai aur usk kitne time bad Ashwagandha capsule keni hai aur kitni MG ki capsule leni hai aur gond kaun si leni hai qki maine sunai hai alag alag pedo ki alag alag gond aati hai plz reply

  4. Ayurbed me likha he k regular Amla khane se admi napunsak ban jata he, just like steroid guys.
    Fake information mat baato. Plz

  5. Sir iss samasya k kaaran Kuch logo Ka pachan bhi kharab ho jata hai aur gas ki problem hone lagti hai aise me in logo ko amla nhi Lena cahiye plz y bhi bataye

  6. Hanuman ji SA pahala Kisi bhi devta Ka naam batao Jo brahamacharya Raha ho or ek baat Hanuman ek jhut or maan garat baat ha

  7. Sir ya Sare aurvedic dawa humko online chahie our ha mara WhatsApp number plz bhai ham ko v ya Ayurvedic dawa chahiye mera contact number hai Bhai plz ham ko contact kiro 6384874135 plz Bhai

  8. वीर्य बहुत पतला है क्या करें plz बताए आप कोई अच्छा समाधान

  9. Sir aap bhut achhi videos banate? par sir main married hu aur muje toa sex karna hi padega toa main kis tarah se bhramchary kru?

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    Thank you very much sir 🙏🙏
    Keep inspiring 🙏🙏

  11. Sir I was also addicted since 5 years, age 19(now), I have started taking a mix powder of black musli powder, amla powder, black til powder and aswagandha powder, I take this twice a day with milk and jaggery, sir is it helpful for me, please reply sir

  12. Sir aap sach me bohot atchhe kam kar rahe ho sir…. Hume aap jaise hi YouTuber ki jarurat hain…. Love you sir…… Aap ne sab ki aakhe khol di…

  13. Main sare jagat ko guru ke rup me dekhte hue dekha ki Hans buri chijo ko chod ke achi chig hi let's hai .

  14. Sir Mai brahmachary kab se pal rkha he mtlb I don't know.. but yar semen ki jo power he wo itni ugra Rehti he ki dar lagta k swapnadosh na ho jaye bas… It's so powerful that only few can control it.. I'm trying the best of the best of me to fully control it… Iska power you can feel .. upper se niche tak my god

  15. I will prefer Ashvagandha powder with milk. Par Kya ye sab directly kar sakte hain without asking any Ayurvedic Doctor?

  16. I was doing masturbation on weekly basis sometime twice in a week. Not for because of pleasure, Because a doctor told me that if you do masturbation your body does not effect any type of disease. I was also feeling relaxed and fresh after doing this. but I don't know about reaction or side effect. Thanks to tell me

  17. Meri life bhi apki video se hi badli jese hi me 17 yrs ka hua mene veerya celibacy shuru kardi usee pehle bhi kar raha tha magar kuch karano we veerya nikal jata tha magar ab sudh sakahari bhojan khata hu rat me 7 baje se pehle Khana kha leta hu or mujhe issue bohut fayda hua he chehre me bahut glow aa Gaya he sab kuch acha lag raha Meri life doosro se bahut lagan or achi chal rahi he dhanyavad Bhai ye sab apki videos se hi ho paya he

  18. Whatever u suggest in your video that's really very amazing.u do such a great job sir ..please continue this .and if u have time then please make a video related to bad habbits…please sir..

  19. Bhai ak baat batana ye jo bollywood actors actress h ye brahmcharya ka paalan Nahi Karte khub enjoy Karte h life ko fir bhi itne healthy fit kaise hote h jabki inka Patan hona chahiye q ki inka koi moral Nahi hota koi charitra Nahi hota

  20. Abe gandu night fall bimaari nahi hai bhadve…nightfall tabh hota hai jab insaan ki ghutliya (Testicles)mai semen jyada ho jata hai …tabh raat ke samay ling uttejit hokar virya ko bahar nikal deta hai…apna deemaag….madrchod logo ko ullu banana band kar bhadve

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