Welcome to health care at home In the previous episode I enlighten you about the chemicals that we all use throughout the day I promise you that I’ll share some remedies to prevent from this chemical, as we have alternative for everything Let’s start once again, we wake up and brush our teeth with toothpaste Tooth paste contains chemical don’t use toothpaste I’ve done an episode sharing the process to make homemade toothpaste Which contains orange peel, lemon peel and baking soda Or simple we can use Salt by adding some mustard oil and turmeric. If we use this paste for our teeth This not only tightens your gums, controls tooth fall and it cleans your mouth naturally Not everybody can do this, so in this situation how will you be chemical free ? Buy tooth powder and make sure that that powder doesn’t create foam while cleaning the teeth If it creates foam, its chemical based. Though we have lot of tooth powder available in market which doesn’t create foam and are chemical free So, use such tooth powder and at least you’ll begin your day as a chemical free day If its possible for you then use Neem Stick which is the best for your teeth and mouth exercises Neem is an anti-bacterial which cleans your mouth If possible use neem stick or else I’ll share the link of the video of making toothpaste in the description box you can make it at home and can use it Up next you had Tea, Sugar in tea is made up with chemical process which is very harmful It contains sulfur and many other harmful chemicals in it At this place you can use many easily available items like Coconut Sugar, Jaggery Using jaggery will be very good, though its made up from sugar cane juice But it has less process, sugarcane juice is reduced and then freeze, that is jaggery After this only chemical process begins which makes sugar You can use jaggery in the and its not harmful at all You can also use Sugar Candy, previously we used to use sugar candy only But somehow sugar completely ruled over it While buying sugar candy make sure that you see it carefully as in market they cell the big pieces of sugar only Make sure that you always thread crystal or sugar candy which contains thread and not harmful at all You can use Stevia Leaves syrup, these leaves are far more sweet than sugar Either you can boil it and make its syrup it is also available in dry form It works as a natural sweetener, now a days dry leaves are available. Simply boil these leaves and make tea Not only you’ll have less calorie and you’ll have a natural substitute for sugar Coconut sugar is also available which is made up from coconut tree and is very good Even dates sugar is good and you can make it at home. Simply dry roast the dates Let’s its extra moisture get dried. When its harden then make its powder This will work as a natural sugar and these all are various alternatives we have against sugar Then you took bath and you used shampoo, though I’ll do an individual episode on this topic Use powder form shampoo and it will not generate much foam in it But its very good for your hair and will keep you chemical free Sapindus mukorrossi (Reetha), Gooseberry (Amla) & Acacia concinna (Shikakai) are its base ingredients Mix this powder in hot water and wash your hair with it Though shampoo was damaging your hair and scalp but this will be beneficial for you Though we’ll make such powder by using many herbs in our upcoming videos Which will be very beneficial for you hair Next you had food, so here you have food cooked in refined oil and pesticides in it How to remove pesticides, I’ll share the link of the relevant video in the description box And whenever you buy and bring any fruit and vegetable from the market, wash it as shown in the video And yes I also talk about the breakfast where you used refined oil and bread etc Always eat fruits in the breakfast Make sure that you eat fruits in the morning as your first meal So no bread, no omelette nothing, simply eat fruits as the first meal of yours. And how to clean the fruit and make it pesticide free, watch out our video and do it at home There is one more chemical which is still getting inside your body i.e Refined Oil Take Mustard Oil as using refined oil is completely prohibited You can use clarified butter at the place of refined oil There were lot of myths were circulated about clarified butter’s purity but its not true at all Its not harmful at all and comparatively very good as refined oil You can also use coconut oil, especially If you can get Extra Virgin Coconut Oil that will be very good Now while sleeping you use mosquito repellent, stop using them and use mosquito net Though there are many ways to get rid of mosquitoes but the best way is using mosquito net only Because all other method contains chemicals which is very harmful and can damage your health seriously Simply use mosquito net, do take or walk under some sunlight Wear lesser clothes and try to sit for 45 minutes minimum under sunlight Also add slice of lemon into the water that you drink, lemon will alkaline the water Vitamin C of lemon will get continuously released in the water Don’t use plastic bottle instead use glass bottle Also make sure that you don’t use copper bottle , if you are using lemon The combination of copper and lemon doesn’t go well at all But if you are using copper bottle, add a pinch (wheat grain) of White powder(Choona) Drink this water throughout the day But if you have steel or glass bottle then you can put a lemon slice & drink this water throughout the day This way you’ll be able to keep your body and family chemical free Sooner you’ll observe the great difference in your health We always wish that you stay healthy, busy and relax If you want to stay healthy forever, don’t forget to subscribe to the our Also don’t forget to share and like our videos. 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