music Hello friends today in this video I am going to give all of you information about the remedy Finder app available of the ABC homeopathicc site With the help of this app, you can easily choose homeopathic medicine related to your any problem So let us see how we can use it For an example today I had some problem related to back So I wrote some words related to that And Remedy Finder App has detected it automatically and now when I click over it we get a form that is filled with symptoms related to us automatically because of that, we do not need to select symptoms step by step, it has filled the form on the basis of our symptoms Now in addition to it if we want to add some other symptoms for an example in our case by bending forward the pain was increasing and by bending backward we were getting some relief so we select it here music And related to our symptoms the expected remedies have come which we can try and if we do not get a good result then we can take an appointment with a doctor for consultation else troubleshoot our problem with the help of online doctors music I hope all of you liked this video and If you liked this video then share it with your friends Thank you music

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