Welcome to this sound treatment session. today we are going to, ever so gently scan your body so that we can pin point parts that we need to focus on. and then later we going to apply a most benefical sound to those areas Alright Good Now are you comfortable in this slightly reclined position? Wonderful. Good. So I’m going to get my colleague and we’ll start. Alright Okay. We’re going to start with scanning part. And I’m going to be making some notes in the back, here. Okay. Let’s begin with the head. Yes. Alright. Absolutely You ready? Ready Okay. Let’s start on the top. Place my hands very gently. Okay? On the top of your head. That’s it. So this is how it’s going to feel As we go along the session. Is that alright for you? Good. No pressure. Nice Well, let’s start round your cheek. Just like that and your chin That’s it Just slightly It’s okay Don’t mind me closing my eyes for a moment so I can concentrate on this area there Lovely ok and next on the other cheek good that’s it just gently holding my hands over your cheek like so I was standing there and just paying attention a little bit I was thinking that this side we’re going to [unintelligible] [m] do you feel right here? [E] I do and I think that’s a really good idea, because it would allow us to incorporate just around this side with the area around the top. [M]Mhm, yes, I think that’s a good idea. just check this ear just to from this side and over here mmhm just continue over here spot on this side i think that that’s aboslutely right further down the bottom we need to make sure we don’t miss out on this area and and makes sure we incoprate these two areas its very important ive seen this before ill just check around this side around the neck and the back of the neck as well ok here too? how about this, my dear? You happy? [M]Yes I think this- I think that’s great. ok good well done {e) you comfortable? [both] good. [M]very good. [M] I think that’s good. [E] I’m satisfied with that. [M] Yes, me too. [E] So would you like to start applying the sound to this area first? And then we’ll move onto the rest of the body. [M]I think that would be the best. [E] OK. {m} Then we can concentrate on this area, I was thinking, because,um,I looked at some,uh,some things here too and.. [E] Oh. [M]We’re going to combine a lot of it. [E] Ok. So let’s make sure that we go around here …and around there [M} Ok. [E] Here, and I found around there. [M]Yep. [M]Just here too,ok? [E]Ok. [E]So, our machine is ready,we prepared it earlier. We’re going to start with the first sound on these areas. We’ve decided there, and I think that’s setting number 2. Is that correct? [M]Yes. That’s correct. [E]Let’s go ahead and do that. [E] Just sit,nice and calmly. [M] Just sit back, relax, you can enjoy it… It’s going to be quite relxing and soothing for you… [E] How’s the volume? Good? ok. [m] just make sure that everything work in the back here… [m] ok, I think we can continue with the body scan,then…. [M] ok, so I’m just going to be scanning, just your torso, your hands, your arms… so I’ll just, first, gently move my hands, just like so, mhm…..mhm does this feel ok? Good. So let me just pay attention just right here a bit…more. So I’ll just start with your chest, and the top of your shoulders, just gently scanning it, just feeling around and seeing what I want to feel here Does this feel ok? Perfect. Yep. Just here around the shoulder… Just stare into….ever so gently…and I’ll just move down… to your abdominal area. and I’ll just come from this side first. Just around the side here. [E] How does it feel around…? [M] Yeah, It definitely will work. and this area too… can you check the shoulder for me here,too? because I was looking at it, and… [M]Are you comfortable? Good. [Both whispering unintelligbily] [M]Is that the top of the shoulder? [E]And, very slightly,around the back there… let me pop down my clipboard for a moment…

83 thoughts on “✨ Personal ASMR Sound Treatment ✨ feat. WhispersRed ASMR”

  1. This collab is the BOMB 😀 I loved working with Emma so much! https://www.youtube.com/user/WhispersRedASMR ♥ Our styles match perfectly (favorite parts is when we whisper together 😀 23:30 , 25:45 , 26:36 , 31:49 32:59 ahhh.. I was melting while editing) So, welcome to your Sound Treatment, love 🙂 00:55 Emma starts with a slow scan of your head as I make notes, then I join 03:40 and continue scanning the back of your head 04:34 . We pick the sound that will benefit you most 07:05 and it starts at 08:37 until 11:40 and I move to scanning your shoulders, chest and abs area 11:45 , Emma helps me 13:34 and we continue scanning you from the back 15:27 and we come up with the best protocol 17:36 and start the sound application 18:39 as you relax a bit, we'll chit chat in the background a bit 21:02 don't mind us 🙂 We'll check on you 22:42 and start scanning your hips and legs 23:20 and from the back ofcourse 25:19 and we pick the proper sound for you 27:53 that starts 28:52 until 31:19 when we finish with a nice full body scan and sweep together as we whisper to you ear-to-ear ^_^ and we end our session by leaving you with a pleasant ambient sound to help you doze off. Enjoy ~♥~ Thank you for watching!

  2. Мария, как вам идея сделать видео с этой же девушкой, но вы говорите на русском а она на английском, возможно обыграть это так, что вы переводчик. Мне кажется одним видео захватили б оба языка)))))

  3. Would be brill to have a video of you both whispering for the whole thing and hand movements hypnotic show and tell type stuff

  4. Когда смотрят друг на друга, еле держатся чтоб не заржать?

  5. We need more ASMR videos like this one. I realized the tingles are also just from the two of you conversing with each other and kinda trying to "eavesdrop" on the conversation.

  6. Машенька ,а можно на русском терапию всего тела,и за сеанс чтоб здоровье поправилось на 100 :°°

  7. Omg!!!! Love this collab! Two of my fave ASMR artists in the same video. My mind has exploded with tingles galore!!! ❤❤❤❤❤

  8. I love them both, but am I the only one who wishes they were brushing someone’s hair or doing tapping triggers etc?

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