Hi! I’m Cori from Koori Style And today I’ve a new video for you. This time I’ll try a kit I got as a B-day present from my dear friend Ivet ♥ She sent me this Daiso kit to make a cute Kitty with the “needle felting” technique (sorry for my pronunciation :P). In the past I was very intrigued by this method but I couldn’t’ find some of the materials. So this will be the perfect moment to make a kitty with it. It includes all the material and we’ll just need ‘tools’ we can find easily at home like, scissors, ruler, glue… Inside the package we can find: the eyes, chain and the loop for the key-chain. And the special needle we’ll use for this craft. Be careful of not breaking it because the kit comes with only 1 needle. It includes the felt of the needed colors to create the cat as the cover of the instructions. I thought the manual was gonna be lightly explained but no~ it’s well explained it’s in English, Spanish, Japanese and I think one more language. You can follow it easily 🙂 I started following the instructions, dividing the felt in sections, it’ll be easier to work like this. We’ll use a sponge as a base, so we can work better the felt above it. And please be careful with the needle because it is sharp. I’m very excited for this DIY so~ let’s begin! First let’s divide and soften out felt so we can start creating the cat’s base: an sphere. Use the needle vertically, if you pinch with an angle you may break the needle. And~ I must say you have to be veeery patient with this because we should focus on keeping the round shape of the base. I was forgetting to mention that this project can take up to 2 hours. After working with the sphere for about… 30 ~ 40 minuts I’m getting the shape I was looking for :3 Once the base is done it’s time to continue with the kitty ears. This 2nd step also took me 30 ~ 40 minutes because I tried working simultaneously the brown and orange ears. I did this in order to keep an eye on the ear’s shape so it didn’t end up looking different. Once the ears are ready (they don’t have to be perfect) we’ll adhere them to the sphere using the needle. They don’t need to be perfect because as we keep ‘pinching’ they’ll reduce in size a little bit. Now I’ll use the reserved orange and brown felt to cover the outline of the ears in order to make a cleaner transition from the ears to the white. Now let’s make the kitty’s face! I’ll use this scissors, which I think actually is a nail clipper, but I use it for crafts. I’ll cut a little bit of the white felt to introduce the eyes. Once I have the idea of where the eyes will be I’ll adhere them using white glue. Using the pink felt we’ll add the details for the nose and mouth. I recommend being very patient because we should work in a meticulous way so the details won’t be too thick, we should be careful so the kitty ends up looking cute :3 With the rest of the pink I’ll create the 3 pieces for the bow. Once they’re ready I’ll adhere them to the orange ear ^^ We are almost done! We’ll need tweezers to fix the loop at the top of the kitty. With the remaining orange felt we’ll cover it up so its base is hidden. This will also protect the loop from falling. We can keep the needle to make future projects ^^ And now we’ll just insert the chain to create our key-chain ♥ I must say I had lots of fun with this kit. I’ll try to buy some more of them so I can share them with you if you like the idea please let me know in the comments below 🙂 And please, don’t forget to click the like button and subscribe to Koori Style for future videos ♥. Thank you so much for watching! I’ll see you soon~ Bye bye ♪

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