A Dongseong Film Company Production The Body Confession Producer Jeong Byeong-jun Planning An Seung-jun Original novel Kim Mun-yeop
Adaptation Jo Keung-ha Cinematography Kim In-yong
Lighting Lee Byeong-jun
Art director Hong Seong-chil Music Han Sang-ki
Developing Kim Bong-su
Recording Yang Hu-bo Effect Son Hyo-sin
Editing Ji Hui-hwan
Photograph Yang ki-zoo Starring Hwang Jung-seun Kim Jin-kyu
Lee Kyoung-hee Kim Hye-jeong
Lee Sang-sa Tae Hyun-sil
Nam Seok-hun Kim Hee-kap
Lee Bin-hwa, Na Ae-sim Baek Song, Kim Ok-gyeong
Ha Ryong, Kim Kyung-ran Director Jo Keung-ha Where is Miss president?
Tell her. When did those guys get here?
They’re still troublemakers. Those lowlife crooks! He said president.
He must be looking for mama. She’d have to be mad
to associate with those guys. In this town, the President is number one! Where’s Miss President?
I have a present for her. Hey, baby. Let me look you over. Who do you think you are, man?
You own the joint or something? – You’re coming in here like this.
– I don’t think I like you so well, buddy. Listen, guy. This doesn’t look good. Oh, goodness. Hello? Hello? MP station? This is Texas Town. Yes, yes. Blue Angel! Blue Angel! Many many GI!
Argue, argue! Stop! Stop! Stop! Oh, Mama President must be really mad. – What? Mama President?
– Yes. Gentlemen!
You come here in order to fight
against communists. I think not to destroy our house. Why you choose our bar as your means of purgation which has been managed by a small girl and the authority of your country is brought in through this action. I have not mind what you’re doing even though you are fighting somewhere or you kill some men! But you destroyed our house. Some misleads. May I ask you for the compensation
for our little acts. For 20 dollars for each man. Have you any questions? Okay. – Thank you.
– Of course. Thank you. We call her Mama President around here. She is fair and very warm-hearted. So we all honor her
and call her Mama President. Hmm…
That’s incredible. Thank you. Here are 20 dollars.
I’d like to play my part. I’ve been waiting for you all this evening.
Here’s a present I have for you. Thank you. Thank you.
Thank you. Thank you. It’s not a beef bone, you know? – Hey, music! Jitterbug!
– Okay! Hey, jitterbug! Let’s go dancing. No, I don’t know. Get out of here.
Get out of here. This came from a fashion store. Kim Bun from Elise Fashion Store
Gwangbok-dong 2-ga, Busan It’s a letter from her daughter’s in Seoul. Give this to the President. When she gets her daughter’s letters,
she wouldn’t care if the heavens fell. – What did you do with it?
– With what, sir? The compensation money from those guys. I have it. – Give it to me.
– All of it. I said give it.
I don’t want to hear anything about it. Umm… Boss? – Boss?
– What? – Let’s give the President her share.
– Why? There’s nobody in the whole of Busan
who can control those guys. – Only Mama President can do it.
– There’s the MP. What good is the MP to us? So what do you want me to do about it? It’s free money. Let’s give her some. She couldn’t even go to see her daughters
on their birthdays. Stop acting high and mighty. She already took 300,000 hwan
more than her share this month to send to her daughters. Stop worrying about others
and worry about getting yourself a wife. Damn, he just crams in everything
that comes in. That lowlife crook! He’s going to ruin everything.
I should show him his place. What am I going to with him?
That lowlife crook… What’s wrong? What’s wrong? He… every money chop chop. – What? Why?
– Why? – You don’t know?
– I don’t know. Why… You don’t know.
I don’t know. Same, same. I know. – Drink, okay?
– Drink. Mom, I hope your fashion store
is doing good business. Thank you for the 300,000 hwan you sent
as our living expense and the spring clothes. But my birthday was so lonely without you. Also our tuition fee is due soon. Please send it by the 28th. Hope you are well.
Love your daughter, Dong-hui. Have you been staying here
all this time, baby? Hey! Whats wrong?
It’s me, George. Samuel George! When did you come? Come now.
Don’t tease me, baby. I just got off the boat today.
Here. Here’s your present. How about this? It’s been a long time. That horrible night has passed
and it’s a new day again. When the morning comes,
I feel like I’m reborn new. But the day will end
and night will come again. Saturday night will come. Did you sleep well, my little lambs? Julia from Lisbon died giving birth
to her negro son because he was upside down. It was Mama President
who paid for her funeral and mourned for her. Here. I decided not
to get that spring sweater. Anna was broke last winter
and would’ve died from peritonitis if it hadn’t been for Mama President. If she hadn’t paid
for my hospital bills then, I would’ve died. I wish I could chip in more. It’s not a matter of how much,
it’s a show of gratitude. Come in. – Good morning, Mama.
– Good morning, Mama President. What’s going on?
What’s with the morning greetings? You got a letter from your girls yesterday.
Are they well? Yes, they’re doing well. The younger daughter
must’ve felt lonely. You only missed one birthday. I wonder if she’s changed a lot. They’re both good enough
to be a millionaire’s wife. I may be like this
but I hope they have a good future and become good mothers. That’s the only reason
I send them to universities. It’s not for my benefit. But if they find out
that their mothers works at… Stop talking nonsense! A secret stays a secret. Even after I become a handful of ashes, they better not find out my true identity. It was during their last summer vacation. They decided to come to Busan
all of a sudden. It was a bolt from the blue. When I got the telegram, I went to a fashion store
and pleaded with the owner. I was here last summer vacation
at the Haeundae Beach. You might know me from then. Please help me out.
Just three or four hours. I know your situation
so I can try my best. But the other clerks… I will speak to each of them
and come up with a story. Please, I beg you. I met my daughters at Busan Station,
the very center of my secret life. I felt I alone was standing naked with thousands of people looking at me. I felt as if someone
would yell ‘Texas Yankee whore’ at me any minute. I felt as if I was sinking
to the bottom of the earth. – Mom!
– My dear girl! – I’m here.
– Mom! – Mom!
– How have you been? Come on. Let’s go. You’re already back, ma’am. Girls, say hello to Mrs. Cho, the seamstress. She looks after things when I’m not here. Hello. – Hello, I’m Hyeon Dong-hui.
– I’m Yang-hui. – I’m Seong-hui. I’ve heard a lot about you.
– Thank you. Look at all this fabric. Wow, so many kinds. – Hey, Yang-hui.
– What? This will look nice as a dress, right? It’s nice. Do you think it’s locally made? No, it looks too good.
I bet it’s from England. Oh, isn’t this silk? I’m going to get a dress made out of this. Mom, can you make me
a dress with this? Please? Me too, Mom! – Come on, Mom!
– Okay. Mrs. Cho, please get their measurements. I’m so happy. I’m so sorry.
I’ll pay for everything. – Miss Oh?
– Yes. Did you get the sampled from Jeil Fabric? – Huh?
– Yes. Okay. Did you look at the display case?
It needs dusting. – Come on. Now.
– Okay. I’m hungry. Let’s get some food, Mom. I’m starving. Geez, what was I thinking?
You must be hungry. – Mrs. Cho?
– Yes? My daughters are here
so I’m going to take a few days off. I might not come in before they leave. – Please take care of things here.
– Hey, hurry up with the measurements. – Wait for me, Mom! The little one keeps bugging me.
Why I should just… Oh, no! The bigger one is going to lose. Behave like good girls! Stop it! What will the others think? The little one keeps getting smart with me! Come on. I’m ready for you. – No, my leg hurts.
– Get up. Huh? – That child is a crossbreed.
– What’s a crossbreed? A child of mixed blood. A germ born from a Korean woman
and a black man. – Is that really possible?
– Of course. You dummy, you always act so smart
and didn’t know that? There are lots of women like that in Busan. I felt as if my own face was turning black. But I managed to see off
my daughters without trouble and I felt like I owned the whole world. We will be more careful
about your daughters from now on. Mama, you should go visit them in Seoul. Their tuition fees are due soon. These days I can’t afford to. I’m getting older and I’m earning less. This is a little something from all of us. It’s for your trip. From you? Thanks. Trigonometry is supposed to be difficult but it’s very easy. You just memorize the formulas
like learning algebra. If you substitute tangent with cosine
and sine, it’s really easy. What are you doing? Your test is two days.
It’s not my fault if you get a big fat zero . Who said it’s your fault?
It all depends on me, right? Well, let’s hear you explain it then. The easiest way is…
to cheat in the test? What? Cheat? If you do something stupid
I’ll give you a lashing. If you fail, your father and teachers will look down on me and call me a fool. They won’t. Oh, do you want to come
to a concert with me this evening? – I don’t have time for that kind of thing.
– Come on, sir. I have two tickets. No, I have an appointment. You always say no saying that
you have an appointment everyday. I have a very important meeting tonight. All the representatives
from the universities are coming. Do you think you are politicians or something
having meetings days and nights? Ha! Politicians? – Hyeon-gyu!
– Where is Hyeon-gyu the private tutor? – Those rascals are here again.
– Come on out. Come on! All you ever do is
stay in the study and be a bore. What brings the whole gang here? This week it’s Wild’s turn to treat us all. Come on. Let’s go. What a fun life you have!
I can’t. I have something to do. Get on! Don’t be a bore. Come on. Get on! Who could refuse you? Get on over there, buddy! Let’s go. Be good and focus on your studies. Let’s go! You’re already here.
Have you been waiting long? No, I just got here. – Where did you go today?
– I went to Uijeongbu for delivery. – What about school?
– School’s finished. Shall we go to the driver’s diner? – Okay.
– Fine. – Isn’t the work hard?
– No. My heart feels at ease if anything. Did you send in your novel
to the competition? For some reason, I don’t feel confident. – Let’s eat.
– Okay. All this is evidence to your potential. If your novel wins in the competition, our dream will come true. I really believe that. I’m just a truck driver
no matter what. You told me
that your mother’s only hope in life is see you get married to a rich man. But… I have nothing. Are you crying?
Don’t cry. I won’t say anything like that again.
Show me your face. No. My mom spent her youth
slaving to provide for us because we didn’t have a father. That’s why she believes
that money is the only true thing. But you and me, we… I shouldn’t have said anything. Don’t worry.
Once my novel wins… – I really hope it does.
– Okay. Wrong! Wrong! Look at the fourth part in B.
It has a natural. Sorry! What’s all this?
So gross. When you come to school tomorrow, bring some of those raisins
that your mom sent you. Look at all the junk on your face. This isn’t the time
to worry about food, buddy. Buddy? You better not call me that! I’ll call you darling if I’m in a good mood
but it’s buddy otherwise. Ouch, my leg.
Let me get my leg out. – Hey, Wild!
– What? Do I have something on my face? Come closer. Closer. You’re such a creep. We need to practice! You’re such an embarrassment. If you get married, who would you marry? I haven’t thought about it.
I’ll do whatever my mom tells me. Such a good girl you are. Of course I am.
Didn’t you know that already? I heard that your mother will only approve
someone loaded with money. So even if he’s talented
and has a good character, he’s no good if he’s poor. That means I have no chance. Stop talking nonsense. Who said I’d marry a penniless man like you? What? What? What’s wrong? Are you mad? Don’t stare at me with like that! Darling! Geez… Darling! I’m sorry. Hey? My ball! Here it goes! – Run!
– Hey, run! It’s in. – Okay!
– Over here! Catch! Here it goes! Ouch! What do you think you’re doing? You should rub her or something. Rub her where? Geez, go on and apologize. Umm… I apologize. I’m really sorry. – Shall I rub…
– Yikes! Don’t touch me! What a fool! The raisins you asked for yesterday. – Who’s she?
– Hyeon Dong-hui. Her nickname is ‘Wild.’ She’s a sophomore in English Literature
but I heard she failed. – No bad.
– What do you mean? She looks like an actress in some movie. You’re getting ideas, aren’t you? Hey, Yang-hui! Hi, Sis! What’s up? It’s a telegram from Mom.
She’s coming by train tomorrow. – Really? How wonderful!
– But she has no idea yet. About what? I failed again. Why are you laughing?
Come on, I’m upset here. Now why would anyone fail twice in a row? Stop it. Sang-il will hear us. Everyone already knows.
You’re famous for failing. Shut up! It’s not like I wanted to fail. What’s wrong, Sis?
Did you hurt your leg? Yes, some crazy boy kicked me. Geez… I’m going home. The sandwich date is put off indefinitely. You can’t do that.
You’re just saying that, right? I mean it. My Mom is coming tomorrow. I have to go pick her up
and I have to make food. Because I’m a good girl. You got that? Goodbye then! Excuse me. I’m sorry about before. You’re still limping. – Does it hurt a lot?
– Yes, and? I’m a senior student in Commerce.
My name is Lee Man-gyu. So? What does that matter? I’m just introducing myself. And what else? – And are you free?
– Why? – Is that the bozo that kicked you?
– Yes. I would like to buy you tea, Dong-hui. Why don’t you come with us?
A music student, right? Geez, I don’t have time for tea. Sis, he sounds like a real bozo. – You should play a trick on him?
– How? Set up a date with him
somewhere really far away. Like at the top of Mt. Dobong or Mt. Soyo. He’ll come thinking
he’s going to get some fun. And then? You stand him up! He can have all the fun on his own! Let’s go. Welcome. Isn’t this fabric Crown Tex? Why would a man know so much
about woman’s fabric? My father is the owner
of Crown Tex Hanyang Textiles. Oh, you must be really rich. I wouldn’t say that rich. I’ll barely inherit ten billion won. We also have factories in sugar, flour, pharmacy, mining and… No. Please stop. – You’re making me dizzy.
– Oh, your name? You called me by my name at school. Oh, that’s right. Hyeon Dong-hui.
I’m Lee Man-gyu. I would like to invite you to my house today. Excuse me. This is Lee Man-gu.
I’m at Salon Cantabile in Gwanghwamun. I need the car. Okay? Does Man-gyu meet with Mi-ri often? Mi-ri always comes here looking for him. Why don’t you take more interest
in their affairs? I would if I could, you know. – You’re home today, father.
– Yes, come and sit down. You got good news for me? You still haven’t changed the way you talk. I’m not your friend. People should speak without grandiosity. Otherwise they”ll just
sound like lines from a play. You’re already twenty-seven years old. You’ll graduate from university
and get married soon. You’ll be a husband and father. Okay, I’ll take more care. Why don’t you tell me what’s on your mind
straight out? Straight out?
Of course, you would say that. You seem quite aloof with Mi-ri these days. She’s your fiance
and you’ll be married in a few months. Don’t worry. Mi-ri is my future wife. But I’m dating another girl now. Geez, I don’t think I understand. But I guess you’re my son
and there’s nothing I can do about that. Sorry to keep you waiting.
Come now. I never thought I’d be sitting here with you like this, Dong-hui.
Oh, your name? You have a terrible memory. Oh, Hyeon Dong-hui!
I’m Lee Man-gyu, a senior studying Commerce. I’m a sophomore in English Literature. And you got an F this semester, right? Nothing to be embarrassed about.
I failed twice. Oh, really? What’s wrong? Oh, I know. You failed twice too, right? What a coincidence for
two failed students to meet like this! But I finished my military service. – I see.
– Would you like to watch TV? – Do you dance?
– A little. Music? I like music. Of course semi-classic, right? What’s wrong, Big Sis?
Ever since you got the telegram… Nothing. I know. It’s the truck driver, right? You should marry a rich man to please mom. So it must be really hard for you. But don’t make that face in front of her. She’ll be so disappointed if she found out. She’ll find out in the end… I got your tickets, Mama. Thank you, Maggie. Why are you cutting your gorgeous nails? What will they think of me
if they see these nails? Geez, the train will leave in 15 minutes. What are you doing?
My goodness… Is it already? – What happened to her?
– I don’t know. – Isn’t that mom over there?
– Mom! – It’s mom.
– Yes! I’m here. – Mom!
– You’re all here. – I missed you so much, Mom.
– We were looking for you. – Let’s go.
– Let’s all go. I missed you so much, my little lambs. – Are these our presents?
– Yes, let’s go home first. – But… This is for sis.
– For you, Big Sis. This is for Yang-hui.
Oh, this is mine. – Yes.
– Mom, I want to open it. You can’t wait, can you? Oh, it’s so beautiful. It’s wonderful. I’m so glad you’re here.
It’s a really good timing. Something big must be happening. – I’ll take you Seoul Stadium tomorrow.
– Really? There’s a baseball game
between my school and her school. I’m representing my school in doing this. What is that? She was chosen to be the cheerleader.
It’s no big deal. – Nothing to boast about.
– Oh, my! My Dong-hui is the cheerleader? What about all those boys? Sometimes it’s hard to tell
if this person here is a boy or a girl. So she’s the perfect choice
for the cheerleader. What? I’m neither a girl nor a boy? Are you saying I’m androgynous? I don’t mean biologically but… Oh, goodness! You girls are so noisy. You’re giving mom a headache.
Stop all this nonsense! What do you mean
when you say androgynous? It’s when you’re neither this nor that. Don’t say this or that. Be specific with your words. Don’t be a smart cookie.
You know exactly what I mean. Listen to you. Oh, my goodness! Sorry! Sorry! – Bring that over here.
– Okay. SEEK AND WE SHALL FIND – Oh, my!
– It means if you look for something… – Mom!
– You will get it. – Hey, Yang-hui! Big Sis!
– What? – Mom can speak English!
– What? – What about mom?
– Mom knows English! – What? Really?
– Mom! When did you learn English? The seamstress taught me
from time to time. – It’s nothing.
– You’re incredible, Mom! Girls, I’m feeling hungry. It’s all ready. Please take a seat. In the name of the Holy Father,
the Holy Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Dear Father, thank you
for the daily bread we’re about to eat. Let’s eat, Mom. That’s enough. The food is getting cold. Amen! Whoever gave you
the nickname Wild picked it really well. Wild? Mom, try this. I made it. Mom, have some picked radish. I made this. Here. – They taste amazing.
– It is, isn’t it? On the hills where I played as a child Today I stand here again The old poets said
the hills and valleys don’t change But their words don’t stand true The grand pine tree that stood here It is here no longer Are you crying, Mom? Mom’s crying because she’s so happy.
Right, Mom? Dong-hui’s right. To see you all grown like this
makes me happy. And to think of the hardships in life bring tears to my eyes. To the mountain that spits red fire Let’s climb, let’s climb It has risen from the hells Let’s see it, let’s see it Riding the trains that go up the hills Everyone can climb The blue smoke beckons to us Come up, come up Let’s go, let’s go, to the mountain Funiculi-Funicula, Funiculi-Funicula Everyone loves Funiculi-Funicula Nililiya, Nilily, Nilily Mambo Nililiya, Nilily, Nilily Mambo Louder… Louder, louder! Louder! The ninth inning
and it’s Gyeongmun University’s last offense. Runners are at the first and the second. The fourth batter is coming in. Kim Hyeon-gyu’s back number is 9.
He looks nice and relaxed. Kim Hyeon-gyu comes into the batter box. He is 175cm tall and weighs 76kg. A good physique for a baseball player. Kang In-cheol is the pitcher
for Seung-ho University. He winds up and throws his first pitch. The first pitch! Swing! The matter missed. Kim Hyeon-gyu became
a legend in the students league when he hit a 110m homerun
that went over the fence in the game against
the National Chinese University Student Team. Here goes the second ball. What will it be? Kang In-cheol, Seung-ho University’s pitcher
is winding up again! His second pitch! Ball! The second pitch is a ball. The ball count is now one strike, one ball. The ball is in the pitcher’s hand again. He reads the catcher’s signals
then winds up again. It is a tense moment.
Ball four! The third motion.
The third pitch. It’s a hit! It’s a center fly
that heads straight for the fence. Will it go over? Will it go over? Yes! It’s a home run! Kim Hyeon-gyun hits a home run! It went over the fence 110m off.
Home run! In the ninth inning, the home run
from Gyeongmun University’s Kim Hyeon-gyu was the decider that clinched the game. – Mom, sit over here.
– What would you like to eat? – Mom, over here.
– I’m treating you girls good today. Wow, I’m going to stuff myself full then. Don’t eat too much.
What if you poop like you used to. Can’t go anywhere with her.
She’s such an embarrassment. She’s just immature.
You’re older so be a little understanding. What would you like?
You must be starving from dancing all day. – What shall we have?
– I’ll have that. – I’ll have that too. You?
– Me too. What is ‘that’ thing you’re all having? Hamburger steak. I thought there was dish called ‘that.’ I’ll also have that. How many will you have? Two? Three? – Two. What about you, Big Sis?
– Just one. Three for me.
Just one for you, Mom? Yes, I may have piggy daughters
but I don’t want to be a piggy mom. – Seven hamburger steaks, please.
– What? All right. Fine, then.
Leaving me out and having fun? Say hello, Sang-il.
This is my mom visiting from Busan. I’m Nam Sang-il. You’re the one conducting the band before.
Please sit down. Yes. Please sit down. Go on and sit.
No need to be overly polite. We passed you already. Dong-hui told us about you last night. So your father is in Germany
as a foreign diplomat? Yes. – You should eat with us.
– It’s okay. I… You haven’t had lunch. Then I’ll have that. Can we have three more hamburger steaks? What? Of course. Don’t rub your spit on me. Gross! – How are you feeling, Mi-ri?
– I’m happy. Then I should be too,
but I feel strange. You must be tired.
Go home and get some rest. It’s not that.
It feels like I’ve lost something. Stop being such a smart cookie. Mi-ri, I have something to discuss
with the cheerleader. I want to be upfront with you.
You go home first. – I will call you tomorrow.
– Oh… Why, you…
Wipe your mouth. Dong-hui! Oh, Man-gyu! I didn’t know you were here
so I looked for you at the stadium. Say hello. This is my mother. This is my elder sister
and this is my younger sister. And this is her boyfriend. Mom, this is the son of Hanyang Textiles
I was telling you about. – We go to the same school.
– I’m Lee Man-gyu. I’m very glad to meet you. Oh, yes. Now I know that Dong-hui gets
her beauty from her mother. How long will you be staying in Seoul? About four, five days. – But I wonder if I have met you before.
– Pardon? – But…
– But? No. It’s nothing. Oh, Dong-hui told me – that you own a fashion store in Busan.
– That’s right. Our family owns two factories in Busan. A sugar and a flour factory. I’m sure you eat our sugar and flour too. But my inheritance
will only be around ten billion won… – Ten billion?
– Yes. It sounds like a huge number,
but it’s hardly a sum these days. Ma’am, would you give me
permission to take Dong-hui on a picnic? Please share some of your good life
with my Dong-hui. Of course. Then I will take her with your permission. Mom, can I really go? You’re all grown-ups.
You know what’s best. Okay. Big Sis, please take care of mom. Thank you, ladies.
Until next, Ma’am and Miss Hyeon. – Go on now.
– Oh, and the pianist! I hope our second encounter is more proper. To think
that ten billion won is just a sum… He talks too much. I don’t like men like that. A son of a billionaire is
really quite different from the rest of us. We should go now. – Seong-hui!
– Yes. Come and sit down. Your face looks gloomy. Are you not feeling well? Is something troubling you? Is that it? I’ll tell you what it is. You’ll find out soon enough. I feel bad keeping it a secret. Okay, what is it? You must know that I really love you, Mom. I understand your long- cherished hope of having us married to rich families. But, Mom… I am in love with a man. And? He’s a… He’s a truck driver. What? I knew you’d be disappointed but… – What about family wealth?
– He has none. But he has his own house, right? He has nothing. What? He grew up without parents.
He’s an orphan. But he is a college graduate
and he has potential. Shut up, girl! Do you think your father starved
because he didn’t go to college? Mom, please try to understand. You’re always going on about money but money isn’t everything about a man. How could this be?
You say the same thing as your father. Your father was a starving painter
and a truck driver is no different. Of course, money is not a problem for you. Because I had to earn money
until I got maggots in my body. That piano. Dong-hui’s motor bike and your tuition fees. You don’t think that’s all money? And now you tell me
you’re some truck driver’s girl? You, foolish girl!
Why don’t you just die instead! It’s bad enough that I’m like this.
And now you! Mom, mom! Please forgive me! Die! Die!
You should just die! Mom, please forgive me! Mom! – Mom!
– You’d be better off dead! – Mom, please forgive me just this once!
– Die! Die! Die! Die! Die! To think that I sold my bitter blood for a daughter like you. Please forgive me, Mom. Except this one thing, I would do anything for you. Seong-hui. Yes. How much do you love that man? Between the heavens and the earth… More than your own mother? It’s a different kind of love. If you had to choose between him and me… That kind of thing would never happen. Tell me. I’d choose him, but I could never forsake you. I see. It’s all over now. Have you ever imagined
what a limping cripple like me would have had to do in this world to send all three of you to college? And now it’s come to this. You’re going to a truck driver’s woman. Mom! Mom! – Mom! Mom!
– Get out of my way. From now on, you are no longer my daughter. Mom, please don’t do this to me. Where are you going? I’m leaving. When Dong-hui comes home,
tell her I had to go. Mom, please don’t go. Big Sis must’ve said something.
Don’t go, Mom. I want you and Dong-hui
to study hard at least. – Write often.
– Please calm down. I’ll see you tomorrow. Don’t forget. It’s at 9 pm. – Good night.
– Bye. Sir! Sir, it’s me. What are you doing here, my Cosmos? – I came to see you.
– Really? You always come home late
with meetings and… Tomorrow is April 19th.
It’s the big day. Are you crying? I’ve never gone to sleep before you got home. I listen for your footsteps. And I keep looking outside to see your room light is on. Cosmos! Yes… Kiss me. Kiss me. – Min-ja!
– Yes? Do you know why I call you Cosmos? Yes, I know. If I were a flower,
what flower would you call me? – A dahlia?
– What? A dahlia? Let’s go home now.
Your father must be worried about you. – I will carry you home.
– No! Don’t! I’m not a little child! I’ll walk! Geez! Read the extra! There’s extra news! Oh, my! Seoul has been turned upside down. Geez, even the girls have joined
in the demonstration! What about Mama’s daughters? Don’t worry. My girls are smart. My second daughter in particular
will be thinking of me. With this going on,
that’s it for our business! – Oh, geez!
– This is terrible! Sis, Yang-hui has joined the demonstration. – What?
– Oh, my goodness. I tried really hard to get her out of school,
but she just ran off. I was worried so I ran home.
But looks like there’s nothing we can do. Sis, what if she dies? There’s so much shooting going on. Don’t worry. Those are just blanks.
Of course, there won’t be any killing. He’s out there too. Who? Tae-ho? The room is finally quiet.
What time is it? It’s two in the morning. It’s a really quiet night. Why did we have to be born
into a world like this? I just hope that
I didn’t lose my one leg for nothing. Cosmos! My little Cosmos! Sir, I’m here. I must’ve been dreaming. Where am I? The hospital. I see. I can smell disinfectant. I remember when I was a child
my mother took me to a hospital to get cow pox vaccine shot. It smelled just like this. Oh… – Cosmos?
– Yes? Soon the dawn will break. Then the two of us… We can run freely in the open to our fill. Yes. Die, you bitch! Why, you! You’re asking for a beating! – You bitch!
– Lousy whore! You are a pathetic wretch! Die! Why I should just… Look at those crazy bitches! Why in the world are you fighting
in the middle of the day? Huh? Tell me! Last night, Maria took
a customer that came to me… He wanted to come to me. – That’s not true, Mama.
– Actually, Mama… Shut up! Even your minds are rotten now. In the April 19 Demonstration, countless students younger than you died. And here you are at each other’s throat just over a stupid sailor? – Please forgive us, Mama.
– We’re sorry. Then hold hands and make up. Now! If I see you argue again, I will break your legs. Although we make money doing dirty business,
our lives should be beautiful. Go inside now. Mama, a letter for you. It’s from your daughter, right? The second daughter.
She cares about me the most. Mom, I hope you are well. Thanks to you care and support, we are all well. Man-gyu just gave me a 3-carat diamond ring as an engagement gift. He said that his parents have
approved of the marriage, so that we should
get married within a year. But I can’t find the courage
to go ahead with it yet. I don’t know what’s going on.
I feel lost. What am I to do, Mom?
Please send me your reply soon. Wishing you good health.
Love, Dong-hui. Bring out some drinks.
Scotch is on me. Is there good news? My second daughter will soon marry
the son of a multi-billionaire. Girls! Girls! Come on! Drinks are on me! Your Mama! How come you girls are so slow?
Come on! Bravo! Looks like I’m finally going to be rewarded
for my forty years of life. I will do whatever I can do make sure my daughter has the grandest wedding ever. I’m going to be the mother-in-law
of a multi-billionaire. – Bravo!
– Bravo! Are you really moving out, Big Sis? Yes, Mom stopped sending me my tuition fees. So I have to a way to make a living. Even fashion stores aren’t hiring
since the April 19 Uprising. I won’t stop you from going to Tae-ho but… Tae-ho lost one of his legs
in the demonstration. – But we…
– Are you crying again? I can’t stand it.
I feel so sorry for him. Can you imagine how miserable he must be sitting around unable to
even drive a truck now? Even if the whole world lets him down, I will not. I know how you feel, Big Sis. Please make sure that mom gets this letter. Tell her that I will come and see her soon. Don’t worry. Goodbye, Yang-hui. Don’t become
a pitiful and tragic woman like me. Goodbye, Big Sis.
I’ll come and visit often. What? Oh! What’s going on, Seong-hui? I left home today. What? I’ve been thinking for days. I feel lighthearted now. I have courage. This room is going to be our home, right? But… Tae-ho, from tonight
I’m not going to leave our side. That’s good, isn’t it? We can have the wedding ceremony later
whenever we want. Seong-hui, I’m not capable
enough to accept you. Especially with my body like this. This is just the start for you. With our reality as the mirror, write what is really in your heart. Write with what? I can’t just write with my fingers. My body is idle now. But my stomach is never idle. Don’t be so mean on yourself. I can go out earn money
instead of you now. Think about what’s important
and what’s not. Three meals a day, some writing paper, and a packet of cigarette for you. And some drinks every now and then. Actually I got a job. A job? As a caretaker at a kindergarten. – Tae-ho!
– Yes. – I’m coming in.
– It’s the man from upstairs. Come in. Please come in. Oh… Let’s meet the bride. We want to meet her. We heard that it’s going to
be your wedding night. Dear, the bride used to be
a university student. What kind of a school is university? Wow! She’s so beautiful! Indeed! So very beautiful! Thank you for the welcome. Have a drink!
It’s the first one so bottoms up. Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Hurry up and fill it! Let’s go! Quickly! Hurry! Under here. We’re okay now. Come over here. Have a drink. It will calm you down. Here. My dear daughter Dong-hui, Always remember that the prettier a girl is, more men will try to seduce you and not leave you alone. Be honorable. All I pray for is
that you become a great wife. I am waiting for your wedding day
with a nervous heart. I wish I could run to you right now. Whatever the case, I will throw
the grandest wedding for you. I guess I will see your elder sister there. Let’s sing, ‘Children of a New Nation.’ Children of a new nation get up early There are no sleepyheads Our nation is a great nation I didn’t know you were here.
Let’s go home and have dinner. It was just a dream. As if someone like me
could write a novel! So much for
the five million hwan prize money! To think that someone was
going to give us five million hwan! It’s nonsense. I didn’t bet my whole life on you because of the five million hwan. If you were going to fall into despair
because your novel failed, then why did you even join in
the April 19 Demonstration? You’re being a coward. You’re a fool! A fool! I hate you for thinking
that you’ll become famous in a day. I’m sorry. I wasn’t thinking. Let’s go home. Come… I’m going to keep writing
without other thoughts. Yes.
Is there a Mr. Park Je-gi here? – Here.
– You have a phone call. Speaking. Oh, it’s my second sis! – Hello, Dong-hui.
– Hello. What were you doing today?
Weren’t you with Man-gyu? Is something wrong? No, it’s nothing. I’m sure Man-gyu is not like that. What? Did he say something to you? No, he stood me up. That’s all. Let’s go and listen to some music together.
You’ll feel better. Come on.
He couldn’t make it today. It’s no big deal. You’re being overly sensitive. Let’s take her somewhere that she’ll like.
You know. Let’s go, Sis! Come on. What are you doing here?
Sit here. – Okay.
– Sit down. I didn’t know I’d see you here.
Did you come alone? Did you think I’d come with someone
like you did? Are you being jealous?
Why don’t you sit? Oh, Mi-ri. Why don’t you say hello? This is my friend, Hyeon Dong-hui.
We go to the same school. What? I’m your friend? Dong-hui, say hello to her. This is Park Mi-ri. We’re engaged. You two could become friends. What? Engaged? Just how many girls are you engaged to,
Man-gyu? What’s all the fuss? You’re not saying that you and I
are engaged or something? Then what’s this ring? – That’s my present to you.
– What? Your mother may be a limping cripple
but your body deserves praise. What? A cripple? Don’t get wild like you do at school in front of a refined lady. Are you trying to make
something of you and me? That diamond ring should be enough. What? So this ring is one
of your moves to have your way… Sis! I didn’t know you were like this. Girls all feel the same.
I feel for her. You took everything
that was pure in her and now you try to solve
the problem with a ring? You are a coward. I am breaking off our engagement before your germs of misery
infect me too. I never want to see you again! Mi-ri! Mi-ri! Mom… Hey, hey, hey. You don’t have to die. Your life must be unfortunate.
Why don’t you tell me about it? Who are you? Why do you need to know?
There are better things to do. Come here! What are you doing? Help! Help! Take your hands me! No! No! Are you trying to get yourself killed? – Big Sis!
– What’s going on? Dong-hui hasn’t come home for two days. I got this letter this morning. Yang-hui, I’m not the girl I was yesterday. I never knew that men could be so brutal. I have been dumped and ravaged. How can I go home
with such a tainted body? I will forget about all my dreams
and hopes as thing of the past. Please keep it a secret from mom. Please I beg you. Hey, we have to go the newspapers. I am from Namseo.
Are you the President? Yes, what brings you here? Do you know those fellows? Do I have to tell you the reason? Mama, what’s going on? What crime has mama committed? Don’t say anything, Maggie. Please keep this a secret. Tell my girls in Seoul
that I have gone travelling. – But…
– You heard me. Okay? Okay. Let’s go. Mama! – Maggie!
– Mama. How is everyone? Good. But three years is not fair. I was charged with smuggling foreign goods,
black market sales, and illegal possession
of foreign currency. My life was pathetic from the start. It was wrong of me
to chase a foolish dream. Your daughter Yang-hui
came to the fashion store. – Yang-hui?
– Yes. What happened? The owner madam was out. And the clerks told her
that you weren’t the owner. That must’ve driven a stake
through her frail heart. That’s not your fault, Mama. Life has forced us to be like this. My Yang-hui must be
walking across the Yeongdo Bridge right now. She must be listening to the waves at Songdo. And weeping tears of sorrow. She must be blaming me. My ship has sunken.
For three years… I don’t know if I can survive in the big sea
rowing in a tiny boat of hope. Mama… – Be careful with that.
– Yes. Yang-hui!
When did you get back from Busan? – Last night.
– Really? It’s just as I had expected. Hang on for just a little.
Perhaps… Is the piano being auctioned off? I sold it off. With this and that gone,
I get about 150,000 hwan left. I have to vacate this house in three days,
so I might rent a small room. Yang-hui, I hope you don’t
take this the wrong way. – What do you mean?
– Actually, the day before yesterday… I talked to dad about you
after he returned from Germany. About how you’re evicted
and that you can’t attend school anymore. So he said he will pay for your education. And that you can stay with us. But… I can’t do that. Are you going to give up school then? That’s not even my concern right now. I feel so sorry for my second sister.
I can’t bear it. Is Dong-hui still staying
at her friend’s house? No, she’s a bar girl. A bar girl? This can’t be! Dong-hui! Dong-hui! I have something
to say to you, Dong-hui! You bastard! I should be punished.
I deserve to be… School on a Sunday is so quiet. I feel like I’m a kindergarten kid
when you’re on duty. I remember when I was young.
I went on horsey rides with the young ones. Oh, any news of Dong-hui? Nothing. She hasn’t worked at the bar for a month. I don’t know where she is
and mom has gone missing too. And Yang-hui is living off
Sang-il’s family to go to school. Look at our lives. You’ll all see one another soon. Shall we go home? – I’m getting hungry.
– Oh! I have some apples.
I’ll get them for you. Oh, my… Dear! Dear! You must read this! Dear! What? What’s wrong? What’s going on? Dear, look at this. What happened? Did something happen? You must read this. – At Jeongneung Park…
– No, above that. Kim raped his sister-in-law… No, read the one above in big letters. Huh? What is this? The brilliant young writer from Korea,
Park Tae-ho gets published in the U.S. Huh? The man has
the same name as me. Keep reading. Based on the Korean War
Park’s novel ‘Human Remodeling’ is… Human Remodeling?
Human Remodeling? Eco Club in Minnesota, U.S.A.
praised Park’s story for its realism-based themes
and purchased it for 50,000 USD. 50,000 USD? I couldn’t believe my eyes.
But now I know it’s true. But how did my story get to the States? Actually an English Literature lecturer
from my old school introduced me to Mr. Daniman
visiting from America. So I begged him to read your novel. And what happened? I got phone the next day saying that your story
was a real masterpiece. And that he’d send to his literary club. But my novel was in Korean. A friend from school
translated it for free. I helped her with it too. Now you’re going to
stick to writing, right? My dear! You are an amazing man. That’s it. That’s how you do it. Huh? Someone’s here. Who’s that? Isn’t it a beggar? – Are you looking for someone?
– Who are you looking for? She’s just a beggar woman. Mr. Kim, she’s here to beg. What? You should shoo her away then.
What are you doing? Oh, my… It’s the President… Yes, it’s me.
You still look the same, Mr. Kim. Maggie! Where are you? The President is back! – Mama!
– Maggie! Maggie! – Mama!
– Maggie! You hare-brained girls! Who are you calling a beggar? Huh? Don’t you know the President? Those lowlife hussies!
You should’ve looked first! Go! Those lowlife hussies! If we’d known you were released today,
we would’ve gone… No need… I got out after 2 years and 6 months
on amnesty. I thought about where to go
outside the prison gate. Nobody asked me to come
but I wanted to see you. Don’t talk like that. I’ve been using this room
while you were gone. Really? My dear girls… – Maggie!
– Yes? Where should I go now? Why would you say such a thing? Blue Angel has been waiting
for your return. This room is yours again. No, I’m too old now. The owner won’t take me now that I have a criminal record. Mama, you have me. Thank you, Maggie. But now… I’ve come to a dead end. I can’t go on anymore. I have done just about
everything in life to make it here. When Yang-hui was still a baby,
my husband went mad and killed himself. To put food my three girls’s mouths, I worked at a textile factory,
as a housemaid… But having three kids,
I couldn’t keep the jobs for long. In the end, I was carrying gravel
on a construction site. The foundation work went wrong and a wall fell on me. I survived but it gave me limpy leg. I tried to kill myself but I couldn’t bear to
leave the poor children… In the end, I had no choice
but to choose this path. But you said we have our hearts
and tears that make us special. We can go on living
helping one another. Susan lives in the house across. Susan? You’ll find out anyway. I didn’t want to tell you this today. But your second daughter Dong-hui… What about her? She came here about a year ago. She’s been selling herself
at Bar Lisbon across the street. What? I don’t know how she ended up there, but I bet she is dancing
in the hall right now. She’s popular
because she used to be a college girl. Nobody knows she’s your daughter. That can’t be! That can’t be! You must have it wrong. My sweet little lamb
is a Yankee whore? That insolent hussy! Burn me up. When I die, burn my filthy body. Burn all of it in a blaze. Mama, you’re drinking too much. – Maggie!
– Yes? Will you go
and get Dong-hui from Bar Lisbon? What are you going to do? I will hide my face.
Don’t say anything about me. I will be upstairs. Stay there.
Maggie, can you step outside? Yes. Who are you? Don’t you know me?
I’m the President of the Texas District. Oh, I’ve heard about you. – They said you were in prison.
– Thanks to you. What’s this about, by the way? Just answer my questions?
Your name? It’s Susan. Susan… If your mother saw you now, what would she think? My mother disappeared
three years ago. May be it was because of my elder sister
or may be she found about me. Find out what? Her only hope in life was that I marry the son of a rich man. He promised to marry me,
but he took my virginity and… What? Are you crying? When I think of my life… I came to Busan because I missed her.
But then… You couldn’t find your mother and instead you became a Yankee whore? What a tragic life! Do you still think
about your missing mother? I miss my mother. I will work hard to earn money here and live with her when she comes back. Oh, yes. Dong-hui, my sweet child. But you are a dreadful girl now. Why did you have to resort
to this of all things? Your mother is a dreadful woman too. But why are you so… I’m the President.
I rule these streets. All the girls who work here
have to answer my questions. I see. But… But what? There’s something… Your voice sounds similar to my mother’s. Lots of people are alike in this world. By the way, don’t you have
any customers tonight? No, I’m taking medications these days. Medications? I’m not well.
I can’t digest what I eat. I’m quite tired.
Let me go up and talk to you sitting down. You can go now. And you should see a doctor right away. If you need money, send someone.
I’ll give it to you. It’s okay. I have money. I’ll come by from time to time. Dong-hui! Who would’ve thought that I’d see you here! Is this a dream? I pray that it is only a dream. Dong-hui, my poor child. You’re too kind. Hey! Isn’t that Park Tae-ho, the writer? – Oh, really?
– Yes. He writes the series ‘The House on the Lake’
for Minjok Daily. Yes, I saw his picture in the papers. I thought he’d be older. Your wedding is making me and wife very happy. The only thing of concern is that the mother-in-law and Dong-hui are not here. We’ve been searching for them for a while,
so I think we’ll see them soon. I agree with you. By the way, Mr. Park… How shall I address you from now,
Mr. Park? You’re such a fool sometimes! Easy! You’re my brother-in-law
but married to the younger sibling. – So I’m you’re Big Bro.
– Oh, okay. Then, Big Bro and Big Sis, thank you letting me have Yang-hui. Stop talking like that.
It’s not like I’m thing to give away. Shush! You’re supposed to do these things
on the wedding day. We didn’t let you have her.
You just took her. How long are you going to stay in Busan? We’re planning for a week. It’s our honeymoon and farewell concert
in the one trip. After the concert in Busan,
there will be a solo recital in Seoul. And then we will follow my dad to Germany. – You should board now.
– You should get on. It’s only for a few days but take care.
You’re with a woman now. So you must take care
to see that your wife is well. Yes, I’ll remember that. Let’s go. Goodbye! Sis! Take care! – Goodbye!
– Bye! Why did Yang-hui cry? I bet she was thinking about her mother. She would’ve been so happy if she saw them. Let’s go home now. – Why don’t we go now?
– Yes, thank you for everything. Did you see the posters on the streets? Yes, I saw it in the newspapers. You must be happy, Mama? I’m so happy. So happy
that I feel like my heart is going to burst! You should meet her before she leaves. Meet her? Aren’t you going to see her? How could I face her?
I’m too ashamed. But… My Dong-hui must be hurting so much. I heard she took a poster from the streets. I think she’s really sick. But she won’t go to the doctor
to save money. She just buys medicine from the pharmacy. Hyeon Yang-hui Violin Recital Yang-hui, you have made
Mom’s dream come true. You have to become even greater. A world-renowned violiist, Hyeon Yang-hui. That way you can
make our poor mom happy when she comes back. I’ll take all the misfortune
for all of us, okay? – Mom.
– Encore! Encore! Thank you. I will perform ‘On the Old Hills’ composed by Mr. Hong Nan-pa. This is a song
that I used to sing in my family with my three sisters and mother
although we didn’t have a father. But now I don’t know where she is. This song is dedicated
to my mother and sister who don’t come back
no matter how I wait for them. I miss them dearly. The grand pine tree that stood here It is here no longer What’s wrong with her? – I don’t know.
– It’s strange. What’s going on? – What is it?
– What’s wrong? Is she going to be okay, doctor? She should been hospitalized ages ago.
She has stomach cancer. – Stomach cancer?
– Yes. Please get her guardian. She probably won’t make it
through the night. You can go now. Who is this? It’s me. I’m your mother. Oh, Mom! Where have you been? Somewhere far away. I went all around Busan looking for you. It’s all because I’m heartless mother. I’m a terrible mother. Mom, I’m a filthy woman now. You prayed so hard for us to do well. But I’ve ended up a prostitute
selling myself on these streets. Forgive me. No, no. I’m much filthier than you are. But you raised Yang-hui well. Dong-hui… Oh, Mom… Open the drawer under the cabinet. Okay. You’ll find a saving account bank book
and my seal. I saved all my money. I swore that I wouldn’t spend a penny
before finding you. It’s there, isn’t it? That money is for you
to spend however you like. Also I want to give Yang-hui
a wedding present before she leaves. Oh, Mom… An electric refrigerator and an exquisite cabinet
inlaid with mother-of-pearl. And look at the very bottom. There should be a watch. I bought it for you last year
for when you return. I hope you like it. It’s a very pretty watch. I really missed you, Mom. Dong-hui! I have no more wish
because I’ve seen you now. Don’t ever leave me again. – Okay.
– Stay with me for a long long time, Mom. Okay. Dong-hui! How could you die in my arms
in these streets! Dong-hui! My poor child… I’ll come back again tomorrow. Oh, my dear girls… Mom! How did you find me here? A woman named Maggie called my hotel the night before last. We were in Dongrae Hot Spring. So we only found out today. So Second Sis was a Yankee whore, huh? And she died of stomach cancer. What’s your job here anyway? Are you a pimp that sets up
her own daughter to foreign men? So you and that daughter are the same now. You own a fashion store, huh? You look really holy now. Like Mother Mary. And you went on about
how we should only marry nobody but sons of rich men? Do you think a son of rich men will accept a daughter of a Yankee whore
as his honorable wife? Do you even know
why Dong-hui was dumped by that man? It’s not because of this but because you have a limpy leg. He laughed at her and took advantage. Do you know
what became of the truck driver, Tae-ho that you looked down on? He became a famous novelist who has a thousand times more worth than that multi-billionaire. You looked down on poor people and shunned out Big Sis
who believed in true love. You can’t buy
a man’s sacred spirit with money. I’m leaving. I don’t want to stay in a place
like this for even a minute. This is for you. I’m giving you back the money
you spent on my education. Yang-hui, tell me everything. It’s nothing. It’s because of your mother staying
at a place called Texas, right? I heard from the hotel bell boy. Your sorrow is mine to share. My second sister is dead. My mother is a Yank… Yankee… The daughter of that dirty woman
is your wife… Nonsense. So how can I look at you in the face now? You’re just causing your mother
more heartache. Think about how much
she must’ve loved you girls to give you a good education
hiding her life in secret? She had to battle with her reality
in a place like that so different from most of the girls
who worked there. She threw away her body just like that. You’ve finally met your mother
whom you’ve missed so much. So what are you waiting for? Go and call your sister in sister in Seoul . We have to take good care of her from now. Hello? Operator? Please put me through
to 3 dash 4852 in Seoul. Yang-hui was right. I got all my calculations wrong. She’s right.
Money isn’t everything in a man. You can’t buy a man’s sacred spirit with money.
So true! Big Sis, Dong-hui died here a few days ago. And Mom… What Dong-hui’s dead?
What? Mom? And what happened? I attacked her with cruel words
and caused her pain. Big Sis, I did wrong.
My poor mother. There are things that I couldn’t do.
You have to come and help, Big Sis. Take the first plane tomorrow. It’s all over now. My daughters… My life… Even the small hopes are all gone now. What kind of a mother was I to my girls? No… Mama, why did you have to leave us? You sold your bitter blood
amidst the hardships praying everyday
for the future of your daughters. How could you leave us just like that? All your secrets that tormented you and the your nervous days are over. When you go on to the next world, don’t ever fall into a filthy trap like this. Please find peace in yourself and find a beautiful next world. Goodbye, Mother. – Over here.
– Okay. Who are these visitors? How are you? What bunch of well-dressed people? Who? I’m Yang-hui.
I came here yesterday. Where Is my mother? Oh, you… Well… You’re Seong-hui, the eldest daughter? You must be the elder son-in-law, the writer. This young man is the younger son-in-law,
the musician. And you have a grandchild! What a fine looking family! We came to get our mom. Really? The curtain’s already come down. You left discarding everything like it was something
too filthy to even touch. Follow me.
I will take you to your mother. Mama, they are all here. – They’re here to take you home.
– Mom! Mom, Mom! What happened to you? Oh, my goodness! What happened? Your daughters are here.
You talked about day and night. Why aren’t you saying anything? Her life was a big fuss about her daughters. In the end, she swapped
her own body with it. Mom! Mom! You left without a word. Who did you
hold such a grudge against in your heart? If it was your fate
to leave this world so meekly, you should’ve pointed
the guns at us girls instead. How could you leave us like this? Mom, Mom… I killed her.
I’m the murderer that killed my mother. How will I ever be punished for my sins? I should just die with you, Mom.
I wish you’d kill me. Mom, Mom… Burn me up. When I die, burn my filthy body. Burn all of it in a blaze. Mama was gone. She chased after it but could not even tell what real happiness was. In the dark sewers where she lived, she blindly nurtured her love like flowers
that only a mother can give and now she is extinguished for good. The End subtitled by Free Film Communications

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  1. 눈물이 앞을 가린다~물론 당시 손수건 없인 볼수없던 영화지만~당시 여건상 어쩔수없든 시절의 영화`한국영화 대모`황정순 여사가 일대 명연을 하신 "육체의고백"김승호선생의 "육체의길" 이후 조긍하 감독님께서 전란후 부터~4,19직후까지 혼잡한 세상에서 남편까지 잃고 다리마저 절룩이며  밤거리 여왕`캬바레의 대통령으로서 밀수까지 하면서~세딸들을 잘키웠지만,세상은 그리녹녹치 않고 재벌의 아내가될 딸은 결국 약혼자의 바람끼로 모독감에 타락하고~엄마는 밀수등 환치기로 영창 신세가되니~!!? 하루아침에 무너지는~ 캬바레의왕국~!!
    결국 엄마는 둘째딸의 죽음에 자책하며~이사실을 안 막내딸 한테~모진 책망을 받고 자살을 한다는 여자의 "육체의길"을 생각시키는 영화로~홍난파의"옛동산에 올라"바이오린 연주시는  눈물없이 볼수없는 영화로 독일의 명작 "한많은 천사"가 생각나는 당시로선 조긍하감독의 명작이다.

  2. 고전명작이네요 잘 봤습니다.. 황정순님은 제기억에 늘 인자한 할머님이셨는데 새로운 이면을 보게되어 인상 깊었습니다

  3. 김혜정씨 마치 프랑스영화배우브리지트ㅂㄱㆍㄹ도같아요
    그리고신은여인을 창조햇다에서

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