Hello, Is this your first time visiting? Oh, did you make an appointment? May I ask your name? Okay. You booked a laser treatment today? We will assist you right after Doctor.Dana is done with his early appointment while you wait over the couch. Help yourself with warm tea if you feel chilly while you’re waiting. Thank you. This way please. Okay. Hello, You must have came with barefaced. You’re wearing a mask? Let me see your face first. Put your mask down… There are few freckles? This part also….. has some freckles, your face generally has some freckles. Have you received this treatment before? If you see the mirror right here, you see face? here are freckles. This side you also have face flush. If you see this side you can also see small vein. And… this part right here has veins…. and this side has darker freckls right? That darker freckles are the pigments on the surface of your skin lighter freckles are pigments that are deep inside of your skin, They look lighter because it pass through the skin layer. So there are darker and lighter freckles here Let’s see the other side On the other side, Here are some darker ones? This is very deep inside of your skin right? Generally we can see face flush and this part has more pigments, right? It will be hard to cover it all in one treatment. We will need several treatments. Here are some more. Today we will be progress a laser treatment that both covers face flush and freckles. What was your name again? Your freckles are not that bad it’s just light but a lot. So you will need several treatments. It’s not that serious. When the laser hits your skin, The pigment laser absorbs which makes scab on your skin. And for the face flush, the blood vessel shrinks. The empty parts shrinks, which treats both face flush and freckles. And the face flush treatment may result skin swell up. But I can tell in your case won’t resulting skin swollen. Anyways just keep in mind that you may get scabs or skin swollen for a week. And generally everything will get lighter when the scabs start to fall down. Do you have any questions? Then if you wait outside for a while, we will be preparing for laser treatment and begin right over. Yes, you can go that way. Put your head up a little bit. Slowly. I will lift your baby hairs. Strating from this part, this part and like this. Is this okay? You’re receiving the laser treatment today, right? We will prepare the laser treatment. This is cleansing foam. Please close your eyes. Is this your first time coming to our clinic? Have you received laser treatment before? Oh, really? Um.. if you’re first time trying sore treatment, you might feel hurting. People who have experiences of the treatment, they know how it feels, Many of the first time trials get surprised because of the lighting while the treatment. Still people get the treatments because it’s effective. Now I will cleanse it with a sponge. I will cleanse it again with a new one. Next, this is a gel before we progress the laser. Lser gel. This protects burning your skin when the laser hits your skin. After apply this, we will begin the laser treatment. I will put it carefully. it’s little bit cold~ It’s not too cold? That’s good 🙂 You have some close to lips. I’m sorry I’ll wipe them up. There. Now we’re done with putting the gel, If you wait for a while, the Doctor will come and progress the laser treatment. Wait a little, please. Is she the laser? Did you put the gel? Prepare laser soothing gel, Please Let’s see. I can tell it’s well absorbed, we will beging laser treatment. These are glasses that protects your eyes from the laser. Will put them on,. is it uncomfortable? Now we will begin the laser treatment, the lighting may give out a flash and the heat may harsh Don’t get too surprised, flinched, or open up your eyes. It’s going to flash. Flash. It’s like this. Is this okay? We will continue. Flash on here. Normally blemish gets better after third treatment, so people usually get three times. After today’s treatment, pigments on the suface will be faded but the inside pigments will be remained. This laser does not go deep inside it’s rather for the pigments on the surface Just for the freckles and blemish, three times of this treatment will be fine, If you feel bother from the face flush, maybe five times? Will be good. Is this okay? Isn’t it bearable? That part is deep… Today here and there, will proceed da-da-da-da-da overall. I need to prepare It’s a bit cold. Is it sting a little? Sting. Sting. Sting. Sting. Well done. One more time on here. Sting. Sting. Sting. Sting. Sting. Sting. Sting. Sting. Well done. Does it hurt? We only have one more to go. Lastly, the middle. Open your eyes a little. Slowly. We are done for today. How was it? Did it hurt? You’re don’t with the laser treatment, We will proceed a calming treatment in a bit. We will see after that treatment. Good job today. I will clean up the gel I told you. How was it did it hurt? It hurt. But it gets better after later treatment. Next, this is calming gel. Smells good, right? This is a gel that calms your skin after irritated from the laser. Your cheeks are a bit blotched, so I will put more on those parts. Now forehead. It will be cooler. Take some rest with the calming gel. I’m going to make calming facial pack for you while you rest. Now I’m going to put the calming facial pack on the calming gel, close you eyes. Close your lips as well. I’m putting the pack. You will rest with the calming pack for about 10 to 20 minutes. Now I’m going to remove the pack. I will remove the remains of the pack with cleansing cotton. Later you will get scabs because of the laser treatment. It’s okay to put make-up on, but you should not take the scab off or scratch them. And you must use sunscreen. Because the sun may interrupt effectiveness. So please use sunscreen. Then you are done for today, change your clothes and I will see you at the counseling room. Thank you.

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