HANDSOME MODEL HIGH TENSION MAN IM SO HAPPY COME HERE~ ACTING NORMAL ACTING NORMAL 2 MODEL’S CATWALK??+1 ACTING NORMAL 3 DANCE TIME 1 CHANGING CLOTHES The water is still too cold for anyone else but high tension man! MODEL’S CATWALK??+2 DANCE TIME 2 Where is he going lol MODEL’S CATWALK??+3 He’s about to freeze his ass off lol sudden crazy outburst swimming 1 MODEL’S CATWALK??+4 SEAGULLS~~~ swimming 2 wait a sec ! ain’t nobody got time for that 1 sudden? solo synchronised swimming demo swimming 3 struggling 1 nononono you can’t see what’s in front ! I knew there was a hole -_- serious bodybuilding demo please don’t skip he was too serious lol swimming 4 dance time 3 sudden marine patriot he forgot the lyrics lol ain’t nobody got time for lyrics BACK TO THE CAR MY FEET ARE BURNINGX3 WIPING ARMPITS we are the three idiots lol who you calling an idiot lol IDIOT EXHIBIT 1 BLARING HARDSTYLE TO WAKE HIGH TENSION MAN LOL ain’t nobody got time for that zzzz FINAL CATWALK LOL Director:???? / Starring1: Handsome Model / Starring2: HIGH TENSION MAN PLEASE KEEP WATCHING FOR BONUS FOOTAGE AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT

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