hey it’s Annabelle, welcome back. I have a skincare haul to share with you today in the last year, I’ve really… changed, come a long way in terms of caring for my skin because I used to… be more focused on makeup, and not… not patient when it comes to skincare at all and my mom has always been very into that, and so, so is her sister, so I have a couple of people like that in my life. my aunt, and then one of our friends,
youjin. skincare is like their big hobby then my sister got really into it so.. now I think about it a lot. so this haul is collective. it’s either some things I got a couple of months ago, and some new things I’ve never tried that I just wanted to share! we stopped by a beauty shop in Toronto last week. first thing I picked up was a sunscreen and it’s by Cica and it sprays in a very fine mist. it has SPF 50, which is nice and my main thought of purchasing this was that it
can spray over my makeup throughout the day, …one thing I didn’t quite think about
is that it’s not very travel friendly so it doesn’t make too much sense that I
can bring it about to touch up throughout the day this is huge so.. if there was something half the size that would make a lot more sense, but right now I use it in the mornings however, I realized that this the mist is so big that it gets into everything. gets into my hair, so I’m not sure if this was the
best purchase, but I’m gonna use through all of it the other unfortunate thing is that I feel like I’ve only used it three times but it’s already.. down to here but, in using it for the actual purpose it is very nice because it is so fine- the mist almost feels like air. you would think that there’s nothing coming out at first. the other thing I got in this shop is a serum. but as mainly actually just collagen from tune makers, and it’s quite pricy for this tiny little thing. the directions say to add one or two drops to your skincare items or apply
directly, and collagen is meant to enhance elasticity so it’s anti-aging I have fortunate skin for the most part but I am quite afraid of wrinkling because I have dry skin and I already see some creases when I smile around here but I picked this up just to see how it will
work out and while I’m on the topic of serums, I picked up a couple from glossier. this is their new formula, because the bottle got bigger. I believe this one is not vegan anymore because they reformulated and I saw a lot of
comments ..that hated that. okay. what was I saying? the super bounce is my favorite,
it has hyaluronic acid and I think that it keeps my skin very very moisturized I’ve noticed that in the couple times where I got allergic reactions this year, this really helped soothe it but it doesn’t burn when I apply it so it’s very gentle for my sensitive skin. this I use every day, but for super pure I use it occasionally, if I have redness or the occasional breakouts. it has… something I can’t pronounce with zinc and that calms breakout prone skin and redness. if you suffer from a lot of allergic reactions or are really really dry like me, the facial oil is so helpful with that, so I still have a ton of this. it only takes a couple of drops and, I put it over the sensitive area or even the cuticles it really helps it balances and ‘restores’… whatever that means, they’re just very fancy terms but either way, my point is that it’s one of the things that helps me whenever I get allergic
reactions on my skin. actually have a bunch of face masks. I’m gonna start off with this one by saborino. I’ve been looking for something where it’s one big bag of a month long supply of face masks because I learned that it’s actually
okay to use face masks every day you want to balance it out with a very basic
one that just retains moisture onto your face, and then occasionally use the ones
that have.. like serums, or much more effective essence inside. I’m just learning these terms, but basically things are a lot more strong, you don’t want to apply something rich to your face every single day. it reduces the packaging waste, however it’s still quite wasteful that you’re using a face mask that you just throw away every day so I am looking into either making them myself, finding like a fiber or looking online to find a face mask maybe made out of silicone, I’m not even sure. that I can use time and time again and you don’t have to throw away they have a lot of daytime masks but I’m
not a morning masker, so this one you got to make sure that it
says.. “night use” -I don’t know this is Japanese but I’m gonna be very careful to shut it with every use, because I can imagine that it would dry out neither end and that would be a problem and then these are singles that I picked up in the last couple of months. so, starting in June, most of these are used but I wanted to
talk about the significant ones. I really liked this mask from Botanics, I thought it was interesting because it comes with hooks that you put behind
your ears, so it stays on really interestingly and then I like that the mask extends down to your neck over here so.. I got one for Tyler and I each, it was really fun using it this one was also pretty cool..I don’t really know why I kept this, it’s been a while but, everything I liked, I kept them so.. you can look it up if you’re in search of some face masks. this one I loved, notably because it fit my face very comfortably. all of these have the basic you know- eye
hole, nose hole, mouth hole, but most of them are just really uncomfortable and I have a small face- I’ve been made aware but this one actually is great for the
smaller faces.. if.. if you’re one of them it’s Korean as well, the aloe one is so
great my skin felt super super plump. and then of course I had to get the Tony
moly ones I still haven’t used this yet but these three, come on- half the reason why we get Tony moly it’s just because the packaging is really cute. the mask itself, is good, nothing special not worth the $3 or $4. I got this because it was half off, so it was really fun. this one especially smells great
very into citrus. then Youjin went to Korea and got my sister and I a bunch of stuff of course my sister’s a big hog so she gave me these, but you know what, I’m still very grateful thank you so much Youjin for thinking of me. these are my mamonde. by the way, if you guys use masks don’t want to dump out the essence. all the extra ones you can pour on and smear everywhere on my legs and my arms and it really is moisturizing so, don’t throw away what is left in the pouch. you can just soak it onto your skin and pat it away. and I wanted to talk about these two products. I haven’t opened this one yet, but thisworks reached out to me and
asked if I wanted to test some of their items. I thought that this sleep power recharge mask is applicable because it is to apply on to your skin while you
nap. it just looks so scientific all of the packaging.. it says ‘make the most out of your 24 hours. 97% natural kaolin clay gel with resurfacing multi fruit extracts, prickly pear to exfoliate, purify, and brighten your skin. -ohhhh ohhh ohhh so there’s a nozzle- I’m sorry in hindsight I should have tried this out first, and then talked about it I brought in this brand because I’ve been using the sleep spray and it works so well. ThisWorks, works! this is the sleep power nap spray and
it’s a fast-acting natural sleep aid to boost well-being, and maximize
performance. for months- okay maybe that’s dramatic. for like, a whole month I would wake up in the middle of the night at least once, and I would toss and turn
early morning but the first night I used this, and then every consecutive night that I spray this on my pillow, I’m just dead. the whole night.. and I wake up in
the morning. it definitely smells floral, but it’s an essential oil blend can’t name everything on the top of my head but it also smells very similar to the body wash that they sent me as well and the last thing I have is an unboxing of a facetory box! if you’ve never heard of facetory before, they are a brand where you can subscribe monthly to receive a pack of skincare, notably face masks, I think that’s the focus. or..whatever is in this box I’m not sure of yet because I haven’t opened or read about it but this is the lux-plus, so thank you so much for sending this to me, facetory. I reached out to them again because last
year, they gifted me a set and I- I was really slow at going through them, then I finally finished it and I just got really hooked on face masks. so I asked them if they wanted to collaborate again. it explains every single thing that’s in here very thoroughly, along with some skin care advice. so I’m gonna read through this after the unboxing . I got some cute stickers. the first thing, eyepatch by … pyeung pyeung? I don’t know how to pronounce! three heart eye patches, so it’s an eye mask just for your eye area next up we have a pore mask by aperire smells like… a clay mask.. I mean it is a clay mask it’s a cooling mask that you use after a
long hot day, your skin detox is from the oil, sweat and.. ‘just everything you know?’ whoever wrote this.. very cool ! gotta try this with my sister she’s always
complaining about her pores. then we have calming essence from Soroci. the packaging is so adorable I don’t want to throw it out. if I’m correct, you apply since after serum and before your moisturizer- at least that’s what I read somewhere so that’s great because I don’t have essence at all. it’s water-type essence containing optimum formula of plant-based concentrates and natural moisturizing factors to hydrate the skin and improves skin vitality and elasticity… i like the frosted glass *rub rub rub* and the last of the boxy items.. centella multi lotion natural aromatherapy. okay, so it looks like it pumps out. it’s really cool because I’ve never heard of these brands. a skin smoothing and healing moisturizer that will help clear any blemishes and give you bright even skin. the moisturizer is packed with skin saving properties so I believe this is just a moisturizer which is great because I just ran out of mine. it feels very gel based so I’m gonna read more and hope that there’s no alcohol in it
because any moisturizer that has a tiny bit of alcohol makes me burn.. it smells ..so soothing it smells almost like smells kind of tea like. that might be the willow bark extract I’m picking up. or it might be the Centella Asiatica oh! I was wrong, there’s one more box in here and it is a mist! so it’s an ultrafine mist that sprays on under or over makeup, and I was asking about what this really does, and essentially it keeps your skin moisturized, you can spray it under or over makeup, basically anti-aging is just trying to slow down the process of your skin oxidizing.. so just try to keep it moisturized as much as possible so you use it whenever you want
morning afternoon, my sister has one from Kiehl’s and I also have been eyeing one from Mario Badescu.. i could be saying his last name wrong, but the spray speaks for itself and everything else.. left are face masks! this is a 24k modeling mask. must be metallic. and then… the beautiful factor water shield barrier mask. aqua rush pearl mask has hyaluronic acid, ceramide and 3 peptide. and then 2-step jelly mask, these are always so fancy seeming.. so all the instructions are, again, in Korean but that’s why they gave you that booklet to help you out. I almost say calend-oola every time but it’s calendula. flower base is very soothing and moisturizing cute. vitamin powder cleansing teabag.. what you do is you soak the teabag in water and then you rub with your hands to make a lather then
you massage the lather onto your skin and then wash it off- so I think it’s
just powder to thoroughly cleanse with looks like that’s the last of it, so this is everything that I had in my haul to show you. still finding my favorite skincare routine before I share it with you and also just a big thank you to you for watching! I really appreciate the fact that I get a lot of products gifted to me, I either reach out to this company for example, or when when brands reach out to me I’m very receptive because as a youtuber when I make content it’s nice to have enough resources to share. I almost forgot! I have a little tiny giveaway for the end of this video. I always like to give away little glossier things because they don’t ship to a lot of places. so this is open internationally. this is a serum, and then a rose balm dotcom so this serum that I’m giving away is the vitamin C I still have this one- it’s the super glow it has vitamin C and magnesium inside and then this is the Rose balm dotcom which is essentially a lip balm but you can
really use it on any dry patches of your skin. they call it the universal skin salve. and how to enter, you can look down in the description in case you forget, but you want to give this video a thumbs up and go to my Instagram and comment in the.. in any of the most recent nine photos a rose emoji. I’m gonna pick one
winner, and basically randomize which photo from, and then randomize a comment in that photo. I will contact them via Instagram DM because that’s been really easy. so hard to get in touch with my youtube winners because I don’t know how to find you but, in two weeks I will direct message
you if you’re the winner and then we can correspond and I will find a way to ship out your parcel to you. so that’s that, thank you so much for watching I hope
that you are doing well, that you’ve been taking care of yourself. thanks so much for the time that you take to watch this video and to comment and even though I don’t have the time to respond to every single one of you, I always always appreciate your presence and I think.. you, and the community over here is
single-handedly the most.. meaningful and the most significant thing in my entire youtube existence, so I’m sending you my love and I’ll see you very soon. bye! *bloopers* !!! *reading* that was the spanish that I was reading! embarrasing. *cant talk* wow.. packaging is so adorable I don’t want to throw it out *blalala* *cant just cant*

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