(Elise screaming) (Jeremy laughs) – [Jeremy] Get him, get him. – It’s snowing. – [Caleb] Trick-or-treat,
daddy it’s to heavy. (spooky music) – Happy Halloween. – [Jeremy] Gotta carve the pumpkin. – Yeah, wow, can I try some? – [Jeremy] Yeah. (upbeat music) – Well we got the pumpkin all cleaned out so now I’m just making dinner and putting it inside the
pumpkin so that it can bake. So what do you say when
you trick-or-treat? – I say, trick-or-treat it’s Halloween. – [Kendra] And then what happens after you say trick-or-treat? – You get candy. – [Kendra] Wait what? – You get candy. – [Kendra] You get candy
and then what happens? They give you the candy
and then what do you do? – Say thank you. – [Kendra] Yeah and then what happens? – And eat, one piece of candy. – Good plan, Laura’s been asking me all day long is it time to get on my costume yet mom, is it time to get on my costume yet mom. I’m like not yet, not yet. She finally has on just
a piece of the skirt. (peppy music) Here’s the chili, so now
we just put the dinner in the pumpkin and then we
bake it, uh oh is right. – Oh got guts in there,
that will get it dirty. – [Kendra] It’s done. – It’s a big pumpkin. – [Jeremy] It is huge
have you seen inside? – Dinner? – [Jeremy] Yep, in the pumpkin, yeah. – Dinner in a pumpkin. – [Jeremy] Every year, you hungry? – Yeah. – [Jeremy] ‘Kay. (upbeat music) – Got some on my fingers. – [Jeremy] Did you spill some? – Yeah. – [Jeremy] That’s why we don’t have you in your costume yet. (upbeat music) (Jeremy laughing) – [Kendra] Let’s go get your hair done. – (mumbles) getting my hair curled. – [Jeremy] Why are you curling your hair? – Because I’m gonna be
Moana for Halloween. – [Jeremy] She has curly hair. – I’m way different since I have my hair curled like this. – [Kendra] Does it look different? – Yeah. – And should we put
some makeup on you too? – Sure. (peppy music) – [Kendra] (mumbles) think? – Good. Heart of Te Fiti. – [Jeremy] Jenae likes
the heart of Te Fiti. (Laura laughing) – She loves it so much. – I did it totally wrong. (upbeat music) I like it. – [Jeremy] So you’ve been working on your english accent right? – Of course I have. – [Jeremy] And what’s your name? – Of course Harry. – [Jeremy] And where did you go to school? – Hogwarts. (Jeremy laughing) Wingardium Leviosa, do
you know what that means? – [Jeremy] It means that you
turned me into a hamburger. – No it means that your float. – [Jeremy] Oh, great,
alright there you go buddy. – [Kendra] Caleb you look awesome. (soft music) – [Jeremy] I love your
Wonder Woman costume Elise. – Thanks. – Wonder Woman. – [Jeremy] Elise wanted to be a strong character for Halloween. (Elise laughing) – I’m gonna be Moana for Halloween. – [Jeremy] Ooh nice dance moves. Introducing Harry Potter. – [Kendra] Okay so now stand up. – [Jeremy] The constipated Harry Potter. Introducing Wonder Woman. – I’m so glad to be here. – [Jeremy] Oh we’re glad to
have you here to save the day. – Yes I am here to save the day. – [Kendra] One, two, three, nice. So we can remember that awesome grin. – [Jeremy] She looks very serious. I don’t even think she could smile. (horn music) – [Kendra] Stairs are a little awkward. (Jeremy laughing) Thumbs up from the T-Rex,
there we go I love that one. (Jeremy laughing) (Caleb laughing) – I’m here to save the day, is there any dinosaurs or monsters
or things like that? (Isaac roars) – [Jeremy] Uh oh sounds like there is a dinosaur, go get him. (Caleb yells) (Jeremy laughs) Get him, get him, get him, get him. Introducing pumpkin, hey. – There’s a smile. – [Jeremy] There’s a pumpkin. – She’s like I don’t know
what’s going on this is weird. – [Jeremy] Welcome to Halloween. – The pumpkin. – [Jeremy and Kendra] Yay. – [Jeremy] Introducing Moana of Motunui. (tribal music) – [Kendra] Okay strike a pose. – [Jeremy] Smile. – It’s snowing, do you guys see that? – [Jeremy] That is snow. – That is snow, the first snowflakes of the year, Halloween night. It almost looks just like little dustings. But it is flurries it is
actually snow, did you see it? – Yeah I see it. – Snow. – Snow you snow. – [Both] Snow, snow, snow. – It won’t be long before
we’ll all be there with snow. Name that movie, in the comments
and I’ll love you forever. – I felt one. – [Kendra] Did you feel one? – I see them. – [Jeremy] It’s snowing. – [Kendra] It is, it’s snowing. – Snowing. – [Kendra] Did you see it Laura? – Yeah. – [Kendra] Is it cold out? – Yeah. – [Kendra] Can I get you to
wear your jacket now, okay good. – What? – I love these costumes, this is awesome. – [Jeremy] I know it is so funny. – [Caleb] Isaac yours
is covered with leaves. – [Jeremy] So every year our community does a downtown trick-or-treating
it’s a lot of fun. – [Kids] Trick-or-treat. – [Elise] Thank you. – [Caleb] Thank you. – [Woman] You’re welcome,
you are so welcome. (Laura laughing) – Happy Halloween. – [Kids] Thank you. – [Laura] Trick-or-treat. – Thank you. – [Woman] You are so welcome,
Wonder Woman love it. (people talking) – [Woman] Hi there you may pick one. – [Kids] Trick-or-treat. – Thank you so much. – You are so welcome, there you go. – [Laura] Thank you. – If you dig long enough they’ll come out. (spooky music) – [Kendra] It’s just smoke sweetheart. – [Man] (mumbles) okay. – How are you doing? – Hey, how are you. – [Kid] Trick or ah, hello. (peppy music) – These are for you. – [Jeremy] Is that for me? (Jeremy laughing) You wanna be done? – Yeah. – [Jeremy] You to cold? (Laura mumbles) (kids laughing) – [Man] Bye. – [Kids] Trick-or-treat. – Trick-or-treat to you guys. – [Kid] Happy Halloween. – [Woman] Well thank you, Happy
Halloween to you guys too. – [Elise] And thank you so much. (Jeremy laughing) – I love how trick-or-treating opens up the community to each other. People open their homes up and as a community it’s just a fun time together. – [Man] Hey. – Hi. – Thank you so much. – Trick-or-treat, thank you. – Isaac’s costume brings
joy to all who see. (people laughing) These people are actually
filming Isaac running away because of how funny
that is, it’s awesome. – [Isaac] Aw I don’t fit. – [Jeremy] Come around Isaac. – Oh daddy. – [Jeremy] Yeah. – You can have the Skittles. – [Jeremy] Oh, thank you. (Elise screams) – [Elise] This is so creepy. – [Kid] This is awesome, oh my. – [Kid] Daddy we got Pringles. – [Man] Run around like
you’re completely insane. – [Woman] Oh hey. (upbeat music) (peppy music) – Daddy it’s to heavy. – [Jeremy] You ready to be done buddy? Caleb found a friend
to just carry him home. – Can you walk across? – [Man] Trick-or-treat. – [Jeremy] We’re back to the party. (people talking) – Hi. – [Kendra] (mumbles) all
lined up all orderly. – Mama what is this? – [Isaac] Here we’ll give you these. (Laura mumbles) – [Caleb] Goodnight, J House out. You could be a firework. – [Jeremy] It is so ready to come out. (Kendra gasping) – What if mama lama’s gone? (kids yelling) (upbeat music)

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