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Now this one’s spooky. I don’t know
if you can handle it. I don’t want to give you
nightmares at night. I got a hundred percent
on all my tests today, and I’m like five. You serious?
>>Yeah, and I rarely studied last night. Yes. Let’s go mom. Yes, I’m so excited. Let’s go! Oh my God! Eve, you do exactly
what Shari says. Exactly word for word,
whatever she says, you say Yes. [inaudible]. Do you want to stay home
and have that candy? Yeah. There’s nothing
really out to do. Evie, come sing with me. I’m trying to wake her up by having her listen
to music in the morning. I pulled her out of bed,
and put her on the couch. Come sing with me. All right, it’s working. Eve’s up now, and she’s excited. We found a Halloween
song for today. No more Christmas stuff. Christmas, not for
two more months. And right now, it’s Halloween. We’re so excited, huh? Look at that scary picture. That is so cute. Now, this one’s spooky. I don’t know
if you can handle it. I don’t wanna give you
nightmares at night. No, I don’t want… Is that too scary for you? It’s minor chord. Do you know what minor means? It’s scary. I’m afraid you’re going
to lose your job going to work like this. So for Halloween, Kevin is going as one
of his students, And that student is going as me. We both look like each other so… And he wears socks and shoes like that? Is he going to feel bad
that I think it looks funny? I hope he doesn’t see
this video and then get like all hurt. We’re from a different age, hon. This is what kids were today. Okay. Apparently. Don’t forget your presents. You guys have to see
what I got Kevin. This was a late
birthday present, very late. It’s… you can’t maybe tell but it’s metal. I just ordered
it through Walmart, and they printed it
on this metal, and it’s really heavy,
actually, very heavy. but there… I love that
there’s no frame on it because your new office
is kind of modern. Yes, it is. Okay I’ll take–
>>It’s going to look so good. What about your candle? Because every office needs
to apple and cinnamon smell. So are you gonna be home
like what time today? You gonna be able to see
the kids go trick-or-treating? Absolutely. Shari has a volleyball tournament
that I gotta go pick her up at, so…
>>Okay. Well, I don’t– Maybe that’s good luck that Shari’s having a volleyball
tournament on Halloween. Good luck, bad luck. Bye.
Love you. Oh, I kinda look like a boy. Boys have curly hair like this. But not girls. You officially have angel hair. No, that’s fairy hair. Fairy hair. That’s what I said. You officially have fairy hair. And fairy lipstick. Are you can talk like this
now the rest of the day? No.>>Hello.
>>Hello. How was school? Good. Do you like my baby pumpkin? Oh my gosh, that is so cute. Let me see. Yes. Guess what?
>>What? [inaudible].>>Is that a pumpkin?
>>Yes, why? [inaudible] pie. [inaudible] ? Hey Mom, guess what? [inaudible] here, and I was invited to a birthday party. Oh my gosh, she fell asleep. Eve never sleeps
in the car seat. I got a hundred percent
on all my tests today, and I’m like five. You serious? Yeah, I rarely studied last night. I’m proud of myself. I memorized that one [inaudible] . Mom? Guess what? [inaudible] It is time. After nine months, you don’t want to do this, but you have to, you know why? No, I want to, I always wanted you too. Okay…
>>And… And we did a little,
video on on this. Yes.
>>[inaudible] Let’s go mom Yes. I am so excited. Let’s go! Okay, so if you guys
haven’t seen the videos, in February, like right after my birthday, um, my grades were awful, and my attitude wasn’t that great, and mom took the Xbox away
and it was very… a sad moment for me, and I realized, man,
I have to have a really good attitude. So I had a good attitude
until like the month ago, and I got really
really impatient, and I had a bad attitude again, but I’m improving. This week has been really really good for me, and um, my parents said that on Halloween,
I can get it out and play it so I haven’t played
any games for nine months. And now Mom, I’m gonna, I’m gonna watch
you open that safe, and I’m going to be like, yes. Okay. So I’m gonna keep
filming until you got that safe… And your attitude
needs to stay good after you play the game.
>>I… Yes.>>>That’s very true.
>>That’s a trigger for you. Right. But your grades are good. And your attitudes good, and it’s Halloween, so… And we’re walking, and we’re walking, and we’re walking. I’m like trying to get you,
let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. I’m so excited. Mom. Mom. She even put it at the very
very bottom of the house so… You’re more excited about this than it being Halloween. I know. Get out of here, Beautiful girls all
over the world [singing] I could be chasing
but my time would be wasted. They got nothing on you… You guys like my new shoes? They are awesome. [inaudible] is this– Oh, okay [inaudible]. Oh, by the way Mom, my teacher wanted me to
download a piano game on this. Although iPads are in there. I forgot we even had that. I want my iPod. iPods and iPads are all coming out. Oh my godness.
>>Why? Oh, it’s a Halloween frenzy! Take them, take them out.
Go! Go! Go! Abby, don’t forgot about this one.
Take this, run! Thank you. Bye, and you’re never
gonna see me again. Oh my gosh! I totally forgot I had iPads in them. Whatever those are, the little, whatever. You would think, I have deprived my kids of electronics. But it has been nine months. But, I’m hoping, that they love butterbeer more
than they like electronics. I make this every Halloween… This is… I just found
the recipe online. This is the little candy part, and you mix this half,
with the cream soda, and then you top it
with whipping cream. And my kids love it. So I’m hoping
they come up running when I tell them it’s ready. Hey, everybody,
butterbeer’s ready! I’m gonna be really bummed if they don’t do
what I want them to. I’m hoping that they’re excited,
but I don’t know. I hear them. Oh, you came! I didn’t know if you would. Okay, you guys, I don’t care how much candy
you eat tonight, but you do need to eat a bowl of soup. [inaudible]. Yeah, this is good. Trust me. Mom, I’m so sorry.>>Sorry for what?
>>I did it mean to shrink those clothes. I was trying to be nice, but I guess I just won’t try
to be nice anymore. If you’re wondering
what you’re referring to, I sent her a text message today saying, did you put the clothes in the dryer? See? And if they know me, I’ve said it multiple videos, I hate putting other people’s
clothes in the dryer, and you did, and she shrunk about
$200 worth of clothes. Sorry. Did you win? There wasn’t a game today.>>I thought you were at a game.
>>No. It’s tomorrow. Oh, tomorrow’s the game.>>Yeah.
>>Your practice today. Oh, well, that’s… I’m sitting here wondering
if you won or not. Okay? Let’s go to Brevin’s house. You need to color something. Okay. Okay. Brevin and Sherry
are going to take Eve, and his little sister Ella, Trick-or-treating. Oh my gosh! I’m getting pissed. I’m really tired. I’m gonna get candy. You better believe I am. First, you’re going to have a bowl
of soup and butterbeer. Oh, I won’t– Okay. Okay. Okay, now I’m okay,
now, I will. Anyone say anything
about your shorts, lack of pants? Ah, oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. That totally looks like you. Kevin’s definitely
the better looking of the two. He’s handsome. You’re more handsome. Okay, 1, 2, 3… Gonna see you
two getting ready to go. Okay, Eve, you do exactly what Shari says,
exactly word for word, whatever she says you say yes. And Brevin! You be good, okay. We have a dinosaur. Oh cute! [music] The funnest part for me on Halloween is to see
the leaves in my yard, and to see all my neighbors. It was so fun
and to give them candy. Like how fun is that? You see the lights on our house. That is crazy. So here’s the breakdown. Julie ran off with her friend
to go watch a scary movie. Chad would rather sit downstairs
and play video games with his friends. Shari’s off with Brevin
and Eve, trick or treating. Abby would rather just hand out
candy and play on her iPod. Well, I didn’t
volunteer for that but it was the last one. So… I asked you if you wanted
to go trick-or-treating. Well…>>She want to…
>>Do you want to go trick or treating? No. You can go. Do you want to? No. Do you want to stay home
and hand out candy? Yeah, there’s nothing
really else to do. Don’t let her fool you. She is as happy as can
be sitting there doing what she’s doing. She seriously is. Okay. So that leaves…>>One.
>>You know what? Never mind. I’ll go with Julie. But should we
just leave this out on the floor? No, because I left
the last backup. Did you see two bags that Kevin brought down? Kevin brought down two big bags. I accidentally came
in the house to go to the bathroom
and left one bag out. Now, it’s gone. Two minutes, someone took
that bag of candy. What? Yeah. So this is all we have? And I know who it was, but I’m not going
to say who it was, I’ll tell you when they
turn off the camera. Okay, that’s awful. So that leaves Russell. Russell. You’re going to go
trick-or-treating with you. Wait, what? Whatare you doing here? Oh, that was freaky. That was– That freaked me out. I did not see Julie until
you saw her on the camera. My heart just jumped a beat. That was so scary. I thought you were going
to your scary movie, and then you show up…
>>I couldn’t find her. Do you want to go with us? Do you want to go
trick-or-treating with Russell? Which way are you going? We can going anywhere you want. We going anywhere you want to go. I just want to find her. Let’s go trick-or-treating. Okay. Look, who it is? It’s another unicorn! Trick or Treat! What do you call a flock of unicorns? I have no idea
and think about that in time. We have to like come up… Guys, comment down below. What is a flock
of unicorns called? It’s got to be something great.

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