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This is a new episode of New Thought I’m Dr. Kareem Ali Cancer! What causes cancer? And what is cancer? Why are people so afraid of it? Does it really have a cure? Or is the patient destined to die? If you live in an environment
filled with pollutants, Today, I’ll list 5 ingredients
in your kitchen that cause cancer directly! If there’s a history of cancer
in the family, and you want to know how to prevent it, watch this till the end Please like the video if you like it And I’m waiting for you to subscribe
and join the family of New Thought See you after the intro! Welcome everybody! What is cancer? Allah created a solution
for everything in our bodies a cure for every disease and prevention from everything So what is cancer?
It’s not a disease Every cell in your body has the ability
to reproduce 1 splits into 2, then into 4, then into 6
and so on But that’s according to certain rules cells don’t multiply into 2,4,6
as they please There’s a specific system And there are times where new cells
should replace damaged ones If muscles are growing for example, more cells split and so on This is a simple way to explain it,
not very scientific of course So what is cancer? It’s when the cells start to reproduce
without brakes The body can no longer control those cells 2 cells become 4, then 6 then 8 They keep increasing, forming a tumor a cancerous tumor which is a group of growing cells
that the body cannot control It cannot reduce them, or kill them What’s the problem with these cells? It’s that when they grow, they need food and need space So they destroy the neighboring cells,
and eat the body’s food That’s why cancer patients have cachexia They die from severe anemia, and weakness because cancer eats all the food There isn’t enough nutrients for
the brain, heart or kidneys Cancer is hungry cells that grow rapidly so they pressure the neighboring cells
in the brain for example causing pressure in the brain If they’re in the liver,
they cause pressure there or the kidneys, and so on As they grow, they eat so much and take blood vessels to be able
to get the food They need those blood vessels That’s why they’re filled with blood And that’s why removing tumors
is a bloody process because the cancerous cells
force the body to feed them provide them with blood vessels,
Oxygen and everything they want That’s simply what cancer is Cells that overgrow
and press the neighboring cells That’s simply what cancer is So what do we do about those cells? There’s something called apoptosis It’s a system in the body that
can sense any insurgencies any rebellion in the body If a group of 2,3, or 4 cells start
to gather It heads there and kills them right away There’s another defense line called
Natural Killer Cells the Killer Cells They move around and check for
irregular or strange cells or cells that split abnormally,
or a couple of cells stuck together and break them right away The apoptosis that God put in your body
to resist cancer kills 30 billion cancerous cells a day! In a healthy body,
30 billion cancerous cells emerge every day They just go crazy and become cancerous so the body breaks them immediately! Now let’s see the main causes of cancer
in our daily life While preparing this episode,
I was thinking I should just cancel it What am I going to tell them? After watching,
you’ll realize how bad things are Almost everything we do might cause cancer! Everything causes cancer?
Everything wrong we do causes cancer? Even the air we breathe! Where should we go?! In the end,
I decided to explain everything to you and give you a clear image Then everyone should avoid the causes
as much as possible But you can’t imagine the amount of
cancerous substances in our daily life I’m not going to talk about cigarettes
and alcohol nor the hookah I won’t 1 cigarette contains 7000 chemical
substances 70 of which definitely cause cancer I won’t talk about something
everybody knows Alcohol destroys the liver and cigarettes destroy the whole body I won’t talk about them You take your kids out on a weekend “Let’s eat at McDonald’s or KFC… I’m taking you out to eat and have fun.” Now the food is served: Pepsi… fried chicken… french fries mayonnaise and ketchup All in front of you Bear with me The hydrogenated oil which isn’t natural It’s a vegetable oil with hydrogen
added to it Check the good and bad fats episode So hydrogenated oils are the first cause
of cancer here I’m talking about the things
that are agreed on to cause cancer There’s no doubt they cause cancer So the hydrogenated oils in which they fry
the chicken and fries And it’s also an ingredient in ketchup
and mustard The artificial oils under the name
‘hydrogenated oil’ This is 1 thing The second thing is Pepsi with its sugar Sugar is the biggest cause of cancer
around the world Sugar is the first cause of cancer
in any body I’ll explain in detail “Again, doctor? You’ve been talking about
it for the last 10 episodes!” Today is the day to talk about it I’ll expose sugar completely! So you understand what it does So the sugar in Pepsi The artificial colors it contains The oil in the fried food The preservatives like E22 in mustard
and ketchup So you gave your kids 6 cancerous
substances in one meal So imagine this going on for 6,7 or 8 years You’re living like that, but one day
the body can’t handle it anymore So the hydrogenated oil sugar artificial substances, colors, flavors Now something else in our lives Flour The GMO flour Now people who are health-conscious say
they eat non-GMO meaning not genetically modified GMO ruins the plants’ DNA so they grow faster, endure rain, wind
or worms Or for the crops to grow fast,
for tomatoes to be seedless for example This is genetic modification Genetic modification is 100%
a cause of cancer because they modify the plants’ DNA This results in…deformed plants
that can cause cancer That’s why in developed countries,
they have to state if this food is GMO This is clear. What’s hidden? Now all wheat and corn crops
around the world to be able to fight pests Starting 60,70 years ago,
in order to grow faster and be able to fight pests they’re all genetically modified Corn, soy, and wheat So all the wheat in the world, And they feed all animals with corn All soy too is definitely
genetically modified It’s rare to find a non-GMO soy What else, doctor? Anything that’s heated in
plastic containers Do you know the instant noodles, to which
we add water? Sold in plastic cups It causes cancer! That’s why we recommend using glass
containers in the microwave or any container we heat and always use glass containers for water,
not plastic to avoid the disasters caused by plastic,
and its impurities in the water Even worse, if you heat the plastic
containers they concentrate in your drinks and then you swallow them The coffee you drink in the morning
cannot be in plastic cups So this is plastic The next disaster is all the meat we eat all chicken, cows, buffalo, sheep, etc All farm animals are given antibiotics and growth hormones How do you want a calf to grow
into 200,300 kilos cow in 3,4 months? They give it growth hormone! You can go back to the Milk Episode A chick is supposed to grow in 60 days But in 3 weeks, you find it as big as that This is the effect of hormones, antibiotics
and estrogen They’re not even natural hormones,
they’re synthetic They’re in the meat we eat The liver is able to filter them
time after time Then it can’t keep up So the meat. So what do we do?
We eat organic products You might say that they’re expensive I mean.. what can I do?
There’s no other solution Here, I try to find animals raised at home I don’t know if you can find that in Egypt. But here I buy from farmers outside
the city I buy a couple of chickens
and slaughter them Or grass-fed sheep raised by farmers They raise them for milk and wool I buy these, and slaughter them In Egypt, I don’t know… Try to find trust-worthy people to buy
chicken and meat from There’s nothing more valuable than
your kids’ health I honestly can’t find another solution All of our meat is cancerous
because of the hormones and antibiotics I honestly don’t see another way out Everyone should seek a solution in their
environment Next is the preservatives Look at any food label any man-made food, or anything
in a conserve like tuna, noodles, or tomato paste There’s something called
mono-sodium glutamate which is a preservative It’s cancerous…First, it increases
insulin by 200% For example, I’m on a ketogenic diet
so I eat a tuna can or something that’s not supposed to
provoke insulin but it contains mono-sodium glutamate Check any food in your kitchen All canned food contains
mono-sodium glutamate They try to fool you by calling it E22 or E622 I’ll put the exact name here
as you find it on cans Yea, E622, a preservative It is a cancerous substance Do you remember how they said
Indomie causes cancer? Then the company wrote:
“It’s free from English salt” This is it! They figured it out, and removed it Of course other brands still use it Luncheon meat contains mono-sodium
glutamate as well as sausages and any pre-cooked meat even burgers Check the food label of any product,
you’ll find mono-sodium glutamate or E622 or E621 E followed by any number is a preservative meant to preserve the meat for 4,5 or
6 weeks God didn’t make it that way This is absolutely cancerous
apart from provoking insulin Next is all unnatural oils They’re different from hydrogenated oils Industrial oils There’s a general rule God made
for the human body Anything God made for you to eat
is good for you But if you interfere and change it by GMO: genetic modification or like skimmed milk from which you remove the enzymes, proteins
and vitamins or by making a synthetic butter from
vegetable oils or from palm oil that’s not created
to be butter That’s how we challenged God
and created the catastrophe of cancer These are the causes Now the microwavable popcorn When you open it, you can see a sticky
substance on the sides so that it doesn’t stick to the bag This is 100% cancerous This is the microwavable popcorn In addition to all corn being
genetically modified If genetic modification is a disaster, this is a double disaster because of that oily substance that
prevents the corn from sticking and preserves it and protects it from the air That’s why they add this cancerous
wax substance If you’re really craving popcorn eat the regular popcorn cooked on the stove That’s better But please avoid the microwavable corn It’s undoubtedly cancerous Shampoos! Shampoos, soap, creams, after-shaving
body spray All of these irritate the skin and
cause cancer I told you, everything Creams, perfumes… I always spray the perfume on my clothes Don’t let it touch your body Always use natural creams When I found out those things, while
preparing this episode I understood why… I live in Europe in an environment much cleaner… “Doctor, you tell me to breathe clean air
in the morning to clear my lungs, but I’m struck with black fumes from
the bus.” I know it happens in our country Here, although the air is clearer,
GMO is banned I swear every couple of days,
we discover cancer in a patient But in elderly people, not the youth not the youth, unlike our countries Here, it’s above 60 years old Almost 80% of patients die from cancer although they live in a clean environment It must be the food, the shampoos,
I don’t know! But the whole world is struggling with this
disaster because the air and water are polluted, Shampoos, creams, food, meat, I honestly don’t know what to do That’s why I wasn’t going to post
this episode but then I decided to give you
the full picture “So now after you scared us,
I’m going to subscribe and go back to watching talk shows you saddened me. What can I do?” Wait! Come back. I’ll explain What should I do? If I can’t avoid all the causes then I should strengthen the immune system
God gave me If my work bag is heavy and I can’t find another job I should strengthen my muscles This is the logical solution To strengthen my muscles Strengthening my immune system Now write down The iron wall we build to avoid cancer If your family has a history of cancer
or you’re afraid of it If you don’t want to go through this
horrible experience at the middle or end of your life Hear me out The defense wall The first thing about cancer is that it only feeds on glucose You know to what extent? There’s a cancer scan called PET To find out where the cancer is,
they inject the body with glucose radioactive It travels in the blood The cancerous cells absorb more of it You know how much more sugar they absorb? 12 times! So cancer only feeds on sugar but absorbs 12 times more sugar
than healthy cells So a healthy cell needs 1 unit,
the cancerous needs 12 times more And there are millions of them So they see where the radioactive
sugar collects and that’s where the cancer is So you understand how they find the
cancerous cells? This is one of the tests: PET They see where the sugar collects So now we know it depends on sugar It needs 12 times more sugar Its only food is sugar So now you know why I’ve been talking
about sugar for the last 10 episodes? First stage cancer patients… I have a friend -may God heal him- Without chemotherapy or anything I swear… 4 months ago his cancer shrank by 1/4 its size All he did was restore his body’s
original immunity He strengthened the muscles God gave him We’re given solutions for everything
in our bodies Just follow the rules Don’t buy a Mercedes, and fuel it
with water then wonder why it stops The car’s creator told you to fuel it with
good gas with high octane and it’ll work properly Why add water? So treat your body the way God created it Give it clean unmodified products and it’ll automatically resist any diseases So first, when you stop consuming sugar,
90% of cancers automatically die even if they were there already Because sugar is its only food You realize now why I’m a ketogenic diet
enthusiast? Check the ketogenic diet episode You know why I love the ketogenic diet? Because it prevents cancer and diabetes I don’t need… We need sugar when our insulin drops but I don’t need insulin Cancer feeds on sugar
and I don’t consume sugar So first, stop consuming sugar Secondly, avoid all the products
I mentioned as much as possible Third, the antioxidants What are they? They’re secreted in the body to… For the cells that are starting to inflame There’s something called free radicals Without getting too technical When you eat a heavy fatty meal, when your immunity is weakened, when you catch a cold, when you take a lot of antibiotics, when you’re exposed to the sun
from 10 to 4 p.m without protection That’s very dangerous Only before 10 a.m and after 4 p.m. Even for kids to avoid rickets or vitamin D deficiency Sit under the sun before 10 a.m.
and after 4 p.m. Other times are dangerous So being overly exposed to the sun
causes the body to have free radicals What are they? They’re sticky hydrogen atoms They stick to the cells and irritate them Over time, the cells’ response to
free radicals can cause them to go crazy
and turn into cancer So what do we do? That’s why God created antioxidants They catch the free radicals and kill them This is the first irritation to the cells
before they become cancerous This is even before the natural killer
cells And it’s not the apoptosis that kills
the cancerous cells It happens when the cell is irritated irritation that can drive the cell crazy Antioxidants kill those radicals
before that happens Where are the antioxidants? In all berries Blackberries, cranberries, strawberries The berry family is full of antioxidants and vitamins And they’re sugar-free You can eat them in a ketogenic diet This is the first defense line to increase
the antioxidants to break the free radicals and clean your
body from them Secondly, there’s selenium It’s a mineral like magnesium and potassium It’s selenium It’s not in a lot of food.
just nuts and some vegetables It’s not in a lot of food So buy it form the pharmacy Some people have phobia of cancer Her mother died from cancer,
or someone in the family So I prescribe selenium for them I personally take selenium and zinc like any multivitamins like Centrum,
Vitamax or Thergran It’s something like them called selenium Ask for a multivitamin with selenium It’s a main defense line in the
face of cancer How? By breaking the free radicals through
the antioxidants So berries and selenium are very important The next defense line is vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus spinach, rocca, parsley …What else? All greens Spring onions too All of them clean the body and increase its
immunity and decrease stress All of these are defense walls against
cancer Vegetables in general Moving to the next point: stress A lot of diseases are caused by stress As I said before…
I’ll put the first weight-loss episode here Stress is the missing loop in everything.
Why? Because stress increases cortisol And when it increases, it damages the insulin levels decreases the immunity cells damages the white blood cells and you lose focus and the body consumes more glucose Everything goes wrong when
cortisol increases and what causes it to increase and
damage the immunity system and cause all these diseases? Stress! So how do I reduce stress? I take magnesium before bed I pray 5 times a day I wake up early, I walk in fresh air Walking in the fresh air for 20 minutes
every day reduces breast cancer by 30% This is proven by studies Yes! Proven studies Just from walking in fresh air Because it reduces stress gives you clean oxygen
in the morning moves your body so you get rid of dead cells Then comes exercising God didn’t mean for your body to have
a massive stomach Or to sit in front of the TV all day Or to use the elevator to get to
the first floor Your body is not created for that It’s created to burn the glucose God gave you muscles for you to move Movement is… You know how they say
“Moving is a blessing”? It’s actually a cure Exercising is not optional My next 2 episodes will be about exercising Exercising increases intelligence
and immunity prevents diabetes and increases insulin
sensitivity It prevents cancers significantly It reduces stress and boosts your
self-confidence gives you a better body shape that helps you achieve your goals because you look better than if you have
belly fat and You know what I mean… let’s not go there Please exercise If your knees or joints hurt I’m not asking you to lift weights or become Al-Shahat Mabrouk (a bodybuilder) Just walk every day. Don’t run Just walk for 20 minutes before breakfast Don’t say you don’t have time Then you have time
for hospitals when you’re old or for carrying a huge bag full of
medications all the time Exercising is extremely important The next 2 episodes will be about it So now I talked about berries
that increase the antioxidants the amazing greens and exercising and stress These are the most important defense lines
against cancers Now let’s go back to God’s nature scientifically-proven anti-cancer
properties First, garlic Number 1 anti-cancer food It kills the cancerous cells What do I do with it? Unfortunately, heat ruins it It ruins the enzymes So what do I do? Some people swallow the whole clove This doesn’t work So what do I do? You have to crush it with a spoon
or a knife It has to be crushed Crushing activates the enzymes Then you swallow it So 3,4 or 5 cloves every day… My grandfather -God bless his soul- He lived for 80 years and never had any health issue Never heard of cancer in the family He would pray all night, then prayFajr
at 70 years old Now you find a forty-year old praying
on a chair So I remember him swallowing 5 or 6
crushed garlic cloves So garlic Second is the turmeric acid The curcuma Not the curry condiment you add to rice
or chicken I’ll tell you the recipe one day I mean the yellow turmeric, not curry This one… I’ll tell you about my favorite
drinks I’m addicted to golden milk You can’t imagine its properties Every day, I call my parents in Egypt
to check if they had turmeric They wonder if I have a turmeric product
that I’m trying to sell No, this is how great turmeric properties
are Turmeric is the no. 1 anti-infectious
condiment anti-inflammatory If you have arthritis, eat turmeric If you’re coughing or have bronchitis,
eat turmeric If you’re afraid of cancer, eat turmeric You know why?
Because like I said.. Free radicals cause cell inflammation
then they become cancerous Turmeric is anti-infectious
and anti-inflammatory It stops the free radicals from irritating
the cells Turmeric is very powerful It’s anti-viral and… To the extent that in Indian medicine they use it to treat the liver
and the new HIV strains That’s in India, the Indian Health Ministry It’s anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and
anti-fungi Turmeric does it all Turmeric increases the immunity by over
40% It cleans the liver If you want a detox, eat turmeric How do I eat it? I’ll tell you 2 secrets about using
turmeric properly First, the body cannot digest turmeric “Seriously doctor? After all that talking
about turmeric?” Yes. That’s the secret You have to add a pinch of black pepper It increases its absorption by 2000% from 200-2000% according to the studies If you just add a pinch of black pepper It activates the enzymes that can
absorb the turmeric So the first thing: add a pinch of pepper How to consume it? You add it to the rice after cooking it You can heat it, unlike garlic You can heat turmeric So what’s the magical golden milk? I’ll upload the recipe for you What is it? Milk… I don’t drink cow milk I drink coconut milk or almond milk If you want to use cow milk, it’s up to you So I heat the milk in the microwave then add 2 teaspoons of turmeric then add a teaspoon of butter or coconut
butter I mix it and add a little bit of pepper The first time I tasted it, it reminded me of the Egyptian drink
MoughatIf you know howMoughatis made
let me know It tasted similar to it Maybe that’s the ancient Egyptian
golden milk? So this golden milk has turmeric
which is filled with antioxidants and is anti-inflammatory Coconut oil contains lauric acid which increases the immunity against
viruses, microbes and all inflammations The lauric acid in coconut oil Almond milk has calcium It’s high in protein and has no sugar
unlike cow milk It has no hormones, unlike cow milk because it’s made of nuts And is high in antioxidants So drink this golden milk if
you’re coughing It goes away immediately If you’re about to catch a cold
it goes away Your knees or joints hurt, or
you have rheumatism They all go away in a week thanks to the golden milk It’s popular around the world Just look for it on YouTube
Golden Milk You’ll find the recipe I gave you and all these health properties containing vitamin C and selenium filled with vitamin D antioxidants and anti-inflammatory and the whole list I talked about So garlic and turmeric The third… I’m not sure you have it
in Egypt But it has been scientifically proven
as a defense line against cancer Broccoli… You know when you leave
the broccoli seeds… Do you remember the fenugreek seeds
we used to plant as kids? We would plant the seeds until they spring
into green sprouts Broccoli sprouts are anti-cancer They kill all cancerous cells All of them They’re sold here. I’ll show you
the next episode I don’t know the name in Arabic The small sprouts The first production of the seeds is
green sprouts Eat 2 spoons of them every day
and they’ll kill all cancerous cells These are natural So to summarize, I told you all
the disastrous causes of cancer and told you about the kitchen products
that cause cancer and told you how to strengthen
the immunity system God gave us Strengthen the natural killer cells, and
have more antioxidants and eat natural anti-cancer food from
God’s nature So this is the whole image Now the last thing is that if any of you
dears have cancer stop consuming sugar!
That’s 1 Secondly, try to keep your body in
an alkaline state not acidic Cancer thrives in acidic environment It loves acidity But alkaline environments kill it Try to drink a cup of lemon water every
morning It highly increases the blood’s alkalinity It’s very difficult for cancer to thrive or
start in alkaline environment “So doctor, you’re saying lemon… Some people asked me this…
and I don’t know what to say “How does citric acid (lemon) make the
blood alkaline?!” Are you fooling us? Or you don’t really
know? I’ll explain this… Sorry for your time It doesn’t matter if it’s acidic or
alkaline outside the body What’s important is what reaches the blood
after digestion For example, milk is very acidic Remember when I warned you against it
because it increases the blood’s acidity then it dries the calcium in your bones
causing osteoporosis Check the milk episode.
It’s a poison Same here What reaches the blood from lemon
is potassium and calcium They’re minerals that decrease…
the acidity of the blood Sorry… I mean make it a little more
alkaline increasing the body’s alkalinity Because what reaches the blood from it
makes it more alkaline unlike milk, meat and coffee They increase the body’s acidity So please sister, stop the sugar
I want zero sugar, zero fructose Zero fruit… Zero Some cancer doctors recommend eating
plenty of fruit for the antioxidants No, I only recommend berries
not fruits with sugar So stop eating sugar Try to keep your blood a little alkaline Drink alkaline water… I don’t know
if you have it in Egypt I only drink alkaline water of 9.8 PH And squeeze a lemon on a large cup
of water every morning That’d be enough! Thirdly, stop consuming grains Bread.Gluten is genetically modified and
will increase the cancerous cells and so will corn and soy Fourthly, please avoid stress We can all get sick I might die from a stroke right now while a cancer patient lives for 4 years Death doesn’t have to do with sickness Death is another story Don’t worry about it We’re all going to die,
whether healthy and fit Haven’t you seen a bodybuilder die
on stage? A bodybuilder!
How healthy can he be? And he died! And someone might be 80 or 90
and unable to lift the cigarette but he’s alive So death is another story So increased stress, 90% if you stress… or if you have depression your immunity is weakened
and the vicious circle starts and the cancer spreads even more Just rely on Allah Our fates are in his hand But He ordered us to adopt the means to eat well, stay away from pollutants make my blood more alkaline to stay away from cancerous substances Rely on Allah. Pray
Recite Qur’an Walk and breathe fresh air Take magnesium to sleep deeper
and more comfortably To laugh… Laughing is very important It’s an anti-stress Watch old comic movies or anything you want Just relax… Relaxation is medicine Not stressing is medicine If just 1 person in a billion people
survived cancer anyone else can There are countless cancer survivors I finished.. I hope it wasn’t too long I’m waiting for your suggestions
and questions Your suggestions let me know if I’m on the
right track Whether the episode is too long, or if there are topics you want me to
discuss This is what guides me while preparing
the episodes Please subscribe and join the New Thought
family Thanks for watching, and liking my videos and for your questions and suggestions This is Kareem Ali from New Thought See you next time and God bless you all Salam alikum!

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