This video shows two techniques for planting hair. See lesson 1 for how to make a base Use merino wool First, poke in the center Take down from the root Do the other side in the same way Rugged finish Although it seems to be successful, Easily removed The reason is that the base is too soft Watch lesson 1 and make a solid base 3 planted in the same way Long haired animals are thus made when straightening hair Eyebrow brush is my recommended item Hair like an animal You can cut it to make it shorter The pattern is clearly visible How to make it finer Pick up a small amount Make a circle Thread the needle through the loop Poke in the base Reinforce Check if it does not come off Repeat next Leave a little space If you do this You can make a fine pattern

10 thoughts on “#06 植毛の仕方 How to plant hair”

  1. この動画は翻訳字幕付きです。 YouTubeの設定でオンとオフを切り替えることができます。This video has translation subtitles. You can turn it on and off in the YouTube settings.

  2. 本日のわくねこもイイネ!


  3. わくねこ先生、はじめまして。

    いつか我が家の保護愛猫4匹の肖像を 自分で作れるようになることが夢です。

    動画の編集にも表れていて とても穏やかな気持ちになります。


  4. Oh my god I see it and I marvel at the work so beautiful and dedicated that you do, I would like to do things as beautiful as you.

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