Introducing how to make a gradation using wool felt. See lesson 1 for how to make a base. Use beige and black merino wool This color is a mixture of these two colors. In this way, 5 to 6 colors are created in advance. When you don’t know how to mix colors, you can learn from the links in the summary column Make the base hard Mark with a pen The line drawn on the outside is a measure of hair length. Planting hair from the center See Lesson 6 for techniques for planting hair. One row completed Then plant the brightest color At this time, be careful to be parallel to the black line. Repeat these steps Refer to the line for the poking position If it is too long, cut it roughly Cut the outside of the circle drawn as a guide Cut it little by little, carefully And it stabilizes by supporting with fingers Separate from the root Do you already look like an animal?

11 thoughts on “#07 『植毛』でグラデーションを作ってみよう How to make gradation”

  1. ※『立ち上げ刺し』『輪っか刺し』の名称はわくねこオリジナルです。


  2. upお疲れ様でござい!🐱💡

  3. 毛玉の生き物みたいでこれだけでカワイイ☺

  4. ジャンガリアンハムスターの丸まった背中のようでなんて可愛い✨

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