I will show you how to plant hair beautifully See lesson 1 for the work so far Let’s mark it first Straightens the flow of hair Cut into manageable lengths Plant at marked point Detailed techniques can be learned in lesson 6 videos One place completed Repeat the same action My cat is watching……….. Cutting hair tips Eyebrow comb is a recommended item The first stage is completed Plant at regular intervals Does not look beautiful if planted randomly Has expanded Use marking pin Easier to poke It’s getting smaller Change poke Cut roughly Remove hair with eyebrow comb One color completed Change color and repeat Add black Plant brown with the same process Carefully remove unwanted hair Once you have planted the whole, roughly align the length If the hair tips are not even, it does not look beautiful It becomes beautiful fur by cutting more carefully Do you use scissors that cut well? Scissors that are difficult to cut will not give a good finish. Choose good tools Cutting is difficult, but it always improves It is important to practice without giving up! What kind of animal do you want to make?

18 thoughts on “#08 美しい毛並みを作ってみよう Tips for beautifully planting hair”

  1. モチベの上がる動画、いつも楽しく観させていただいております☺

  2. Thank you! I noticed that there’s space between the implanted hairs. I think, I would have implanted the wool tighter. Is there a reason why you left space?☺️
    BTW, I bought a brush (I asked you about it) and it’s great. I live to needle felt dogs, horses and guinea pigs☺️

  3. 🐻< oh! my piece of wool felt is mokemoke…

    OK! This how to video is not-mokemoke! >🐱


  4. Muchísimas gracias por enseñarnos y compartir tu técnica, es una labor maravillosa, estoy practicando con la técnica de las orejas gracias a tu vídeo. De todo corazón muchas gracias por tu tiempo. Te deseo todo lo mejor para el próximo año. Seguiré muy atenta a todo lo que publiques. Un abrazo de María.

  5. 本当に凄い!✨私も練習して作れるようになりたい。動画、参考になります(*ov.v)oありがとうございます。

  6. thank you for your helpful tutorial! oh, you are using german scissors..zwilling has very great and sharp scissors and knifes. greetings from germany!

  7. I love these videos, they are so inspiring. You put so much love and care into your art ❤️ Thank you for sharing this with us!

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