Oh my God! (laughing) look at his back dude the scratches look at my hands good morning Jake Paulers (whispering) It is super early right now so lets wake up Team 10 Good Morning everybody wake up time to have a good day hey how ya doing over here, Chance that used to be me that used to be you but then you woke up *siren noise* come on, time to vlog bro How’s your foot, or is it your brother? I don’t know I can’t tell the difference between you two good it’s good Okay. I think so. Are you ready to kill it today? Yeah? Are you ready to kill it today. More than ready. Are you ready to kill it today? Yes Are you ready to kill it today? Is that a yes or no? Oh Yeah! Oh yeah, let’s go baby. Whoa? Nessa How was the gym? It was really good Ayyy Nick, how’s the house search coming along. Basically we’re gonna be homeless in about two weeks Okay, great. Yo people are asking if you guys are twins or if you guys are brothers. Fraternal twins. Right now we’re actually in the process We’re launching our first video. Of you faking the name. No. It’s just Chance and Anthony There’s no fake about that, but you’re going to tell people that your brothers. Yeah, see you’re lying. No. They’re so dumb. I want to play a prank on Tessa Tessa? Yeah, she’s going upstairs to shower. She just went to the gym I have ten thousand thumbtack. The things that like poke you, and I want to put it outside of her door so she can’t move Yeah, that’s good. Very good She just went upstairs Yo, fake brothers let’s go. I have 10,000 thumbtacks. Ten thousand? That’s not enough look look, look at theres so many I Got 200, I got 200 right there you got 200 right there yeah Theres 50 boxes that’s why do the math that’s why I said I have 10,000 I know the exact number Okay, alright lets go She’s popping She’s in the shower We’ll put them right here, and then ever come back here. Just so she can’t get out. Alright, ready set go This isn’t funny There’s so many thumbtacks. We’re out of breath. alright lets spread them out okay, we’re almost done guys And then she’s going to come out of the shower. Yo step on it, someone step on it Oh my God Oh my God, yo if someone steps in that they’re taking an L. I’m scared it’s going to go in my shoe right now Now we just wait Hey Tessa. Jake, what the heck!! Hey, how are you we put some thumbtacks outside of your door? Don’t step on it Jake! What am i supposed to do. I have to do stuff today Yeah. What am i supposed to do? Good morning. Good Morning. Yeah. I literally hate you so much right now. Have a good day No! You have to clean this up. I’m not You actually want in your foot Yeah, you’re good You’ve you try jumping just jump once and you’ll make it through Did you gotta do stuff? I thought you couldn’t jump it If you jump this in the prank just like fail You back to the water okay? Hey, Erica. Hey, good morning. Good morning I need to get night behold is like the maximum watch your feet. How is she supposed to get out here? That’s the point of my friend Jump it if I can jump it you could jump it, Ohio Suzl look Doc Dubois about my way up to tokyo 2040. I’m work with a long jump oh I like no running your face right here the corner dude. She can hit that right there. Oh No, no, silly all right. Well. I’m gonna done that and no you have to say you’re bad guys you see that oh my God, oh Yeah, who do you see? Are you mad at me Erica? She’s like testing it out grab another I’ll Grab a hold it right there, oh I don’t Yeah Yeah, 21 on you top buddy on you yep, yeah, your little buy the stuff online Hi guys, they’re awesome kitty least going it alone. Yeah, okay? We should do something else with these bomb tests, but I’m not only flow and sure that people That’s like really meaning to tripoli you also know I don’t wait wait. I can get you back by throwing the leaf blower I’m you know I It seems as if the martinez to him has not recovered from yesterday’s video and the Giant Jenga thing Flew onto his foot Are you good? Yeah? What is that my broken? Yeah? He broke his pend weeny. We told me be fine. Yeah. I mean, [he’s] gonna be fine, right Seems legit, and now it’s time [for] things you could do with some tax cereal Acupuncture it relieves stress your shirt is really get much game Putting them inside of nerve start let’s shoot him at people. Wow dangerous test fire on the water club. Oh Let’s shoot some people 32 You can even imagine you’re going to take all five. I’ll do it. I have to shoot it. Yeah So we’re gonna test the exact curacy and try to aim every single one. Oh Look is that’s one of the last one oh They’re all gonna turn red. Oh Athleticism a good subject trampoline oh Yeah, you’re doing it. Make sure to spread them all nice and why they’re for chance. Let’s go for it Are you lying on your back? Yeah, jake pollard’s it’s lit at the team tent house every day, bro You already know this is the dumbest one so far right? We take bad ideas and then execute them in the worst way possible so bad, well beth Yeah Yo, niggas worth of the Taser you want to go if you go Yeah Like when you shop he’s going again cuz he missed the pile you gotta commit bro. Yeah This is good. You Gonna leave it like this oh my God my hands my butt Yeah, why would anyone want to do that for the tag? We’ve had this conversation when I put the little pop thing bag Yeah, I’m the vlog people blow up yo yeah, yeah Chill bro. Yeah does that dumb taxing them? know Six hours later whoa, what’s up big hoss? I am back sorry for the intermission I know there’s only three seconds on your end, but on my end It was six hours because I went to an audition and it was pouring rain out So I didn’t know where to sit kind of awkward Well, I think it went great. I’m super excited about it is for a movie. I’m an actor row and then We went to the gym what it feels like everything as long always end enough to feel right. I know what be gone But my dreams become a real-life the closer that I kid. I feel like it’s not even like shows around the nation but James James James James James James Gang Now we are flipping back at the teams that have it’s actually trying to lit in here right now Martinez wins, Ohio, Tessa Justin Erica, Erica hit a backflip form Did you what happened like A 1000? so jake Polar’s I have a problem when I jumped into the water the other day for helicopter trampoline a bunch of Cold salt water got in my ear, and I can’t hear out of my left ear right now I’m probably enough to go to the doctor. It’s like seriously becoming a problem and I Have to go to the doctor soon Nothing. I wasn’t saying anything. He’s [not] like you could hear me anyways Oh, yeah, another thing is my mom just started vlogging remember How we were talking about how she’s gonna start vlogging she uploaded our first vlog look at this clip. Yo Oh my gosh, your mom’s a blog yeah, that’s I’m saying both and then her blog is good really check it out for this So I’m just hanging out actually I really like this lighting, so I think I’m just going to stay here. Oh my God Like that goal what how is she a better blogger than you? But what I didn’t hear me because you’re here. Yeah, I know what you said nothing great Okay Also subscribe to Pimp that you know My mom actually texted me was like make sure you tell jake Pollard’s to watch my blog I was like okay Mom another thing I found out that some guy Got fine. Twenty thousand dollars for having helium balloons and flying with it So it’s a good thing that I didn’t touch off the ground I would have gotten find twenty thousand dollars apparently some guy did it and got fine specifically going away, or just anywhere yeah? Because it’s definitely an aircraft that you don’t have a license to fly no Yeah, so what else I got this tide to go pen after the case you I got a shock collars. Are you doing yeah [ready]? All you change pants. I look like you have white luke anything Japan You guys are necessary memory So we’re at the fucking store so I can eat ear drops my ear So I don’t die seems legit right so just so I think there’s a chance you might not God Rich oh my [God] my back Are you aged a Koala no? A hand is that my Youtube came up man. Are you a Jake Paula? Okay is anybody in here a jake parlor No, no, I bought you bought your uh oh. Yeah, are you jay paul, er. No, you’re not a jake waller I have no idea what evidence yo oh my God. I gotta step my game up son What are we doing? We gotta put more helicopters are more champions and stuff probably more balloons I think if you want to see dumb stuff, and that was a dumb now is just awesome We should just but like in convertible, but again. That’s like awesome, and not dumb picture the problem you do it You’re dropping Plan what what what was that card to go? I don’t even have a stain yeah Scissors, why [okay], [okay]. Yeah, it’s the future we’re gonna have to amputate no no no it’s really not Jake [ballers], I’ll see you tomorrow You’ll be ok because it’s every day, bro It might not be every day if he doesn’t make it good make sure you’re subscribed to keep up with my life on a daily Basis, and if you want to see more content check out yesterday’s vlog because it is super lit plus I have a second channel Jake Paul to which you guys can subscribe to right now And if you want to see more content from everyone in the house our group channel is called team Ten trick it See you guys tomorrow

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