One minute migraine tips: Number 2 – Research
and the right doctor I had no clue that my really bad headaches
that lasted for two or three days and made me feel really sick were migraines. Also,
as I said in my first video, I just tried to ignore them.
Until I was about 27 and one of my flatmates happened to be a neurologist. And he said
to me, ‘It’s not normal that you’re getting headaches
that put you in bed for days, Fiona. I think you’re actually getting migraines’
‘Oh! Really?’ ‘Yes, so you should go and see a specialist’
So I did, and I was officially diagnosed with migraine and I started getting access to all
the information and the right medication for this condition. I’ve now done lots of research
and know a lot about migraine. Two great websites listed in the description below, migraine
dot com from the States and the UK charity, The Migraine Trust, check them out.

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  1. If you're in the UK and need to find a good migraine specialist, check out this charity which accepts self- referrals 

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