One minute migraine tips
Number three – Keep a diary Dear diary, I really fancy this boy but…
No, not like that Keep a record of when your migraines happen,
like this. This is my migraine diary from May. The red
crosses are the days I have a migraine and the black circles are when I’m on my period.
Most doctors will want to see a migraine diary because it is a really useful tool to work
out if there is a pattern to your migraines. For example, if they are linked to your period.
I have this scrappy bit of paper actually showing my migraines for the whole year. You
can also have a more detailed migraine diary, you say time attack starts, if you felt nauseous,
how severe, and the type of medication etc. There are also various migraine diary apps,
details in the description below.

1 thought on “1 Minute Migraine tips – 3. Keep a diary”

  1. This is my favourite one so far! So important to keep a track of problems that have been going on for a while, whether that be migraine or any other chronic pain or illness. 

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