1 Minute Migraine Tips – Be Prepared
I wasn’t very organised when my migraines first started getting really bad and I would
quite often run out of food and then would be too ill to go to the supermarket or even
to leave my house. I would have to resort to eating whatever
I had left over, which was normally cereal and I wouldn’t even have any milk so I would
quite often eat rice krispies with water. ‘Ewwww, don’t eat that’
Not the most nutritious of meals and probably didn’t help how I felt during the migraine.
Now I know a lot of you may be thinking ‘why didn’t you order take-away?’
‘Oh yeah’ And I don’t know how to answer that really.
I think my brain was just so addled from the migraines that I wasn’t thinking straight.
I’m a lot more organised now and I keep emergency food in the freezer, which I can cook quickly
and easily when I’m not feeling very well. I also try and eat healthy food but this can
be hard. I’m fortunate in that I don’t vomit during a migraine but I do feel nauseous and
I’m normally craving carbohydrates. It has to be quite plain food. Here is a list of
some of the emergency food I keep. What sort of food do you eat during a migraine,
if you can eat?

1 thought on “1 Minute Migraine Tips – 6. Be Prepared”

  1. This videos, are great, I suffer from extremely bad migraines, and I find toast and jacket potatoes work well but I only have jackets at school, also go ask a doctor for medication and keep it on you at all times, are somewhere easy to get

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