♪ Bob and Brad ♪ ♪ The two most famous
physical therapists ♪ ♪ On the internet ♪ (clapping) – Hi folks, I’m Bob
Schrupp, physical therapist. – Brad Heineck, physical therapist. – And we are the most
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– In our opinion of course, Bob. – Today, we’re going to
talk about the number one treatment for tailbone or sits bone pain. Plus, we’re doing a giveaway! – Say no more, Bob. – So, and this actually fits quite well with what we’re talking about today, because this actually would help you with tailbone pain or sits bone pain. – Sits bone? – Yeah, we’re going to talk about it. – Yeah, so we can clear
that up, so we’re all… – Yeah, we’re going to give
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– Instagram! – All right, let’s talk about what we’re trying to solve here. With tailbone pain, we’re
talking about the coccyx, here. And this often gets
injured from a fall maybe, or there’s a lot of ways
it can happen, actually. But generally it’s… – [Brad] People who snowboard
have a problem with this. – [Bob] Oh sure. – [Brad] Yeah, they
fall on that area a lot. – [Bob] It usually is an
injury, wouldn’t you say? From a fall, or something like that. – [Brad] Yeah, right, right. And they can take a long time to heal. – [Bob] Right.
– [Brad] Months. And while that’s happening, we need to take the pressure off that. That’s why,
– [Bob] Right. – [Brad] What we’re
going to show you today. – [Bob] But that’s called the coccyx, and when you have pain there
it’s called coccydynia. – [Brad] Okay.
– [Bob] -dynia means pain, right?
– [Brad] Yeah. – [Bob] The other area that you can actually take pressure off, by using these same cushions, or use the little technique
we’re going to show you, is the ischial tuberosities. These are the bones
that you’re sitting on, when you sit on a chair, you’ll feel it. – Right now, I can
literally feel my sit bones making contact there. Especially if you’re on a hard surface. – So, now there’s two things
that could be going on here. Actually, almost three things, really. One, you could have a bursitis, right at the tip of the bone, here. There’s a little fluid filled sac that is underneath the tendon
and the muscle, right here, and that helps the tendon
glide over the muscle. – [Brad] And that happens
to be the hamstring… – [Bob] The tendon glide over the bone. – [Brad] I knew what you meant, but that’s why I didn’t say anything. But that tendon happens to be attached to the hamstring muscles, which… – [Bob] This isn’t accurate, but this kind of gives you a depiction. – [Brad] It’s… that’s
where it… It’s there. – [Bob] So, you could
also have what we call a high tendinopathy of the hamstring. Which means that you’ve got
something going on here, in the tendon. One, it could be tendinitis, and two, it could be tendinosis. Tendinitis is inflammation, tendinosis is tears or deterioration. This is what my wife had, okay? – [Brad] Either way, it’s painful. – [Bob] Either way, it’s painful, so she, absolutely, did
the thing we’re going to, did the thing we recommended today. – Are we going to show them? – Yeah, we’re going to show them. – Alright!
– Let’s show them, right now. So, the first thing is, you’ve got to take pressure off that area when you’re sitting. I mean, it just, in order
for things to calm down, you just have to. And my wife, she actually
didn’t use this method, she used this method. I’m going to show you
the free method first. – Right, what you can do at home. – You want to do it, Brad? – Sure, just take the pillow off your bed, or wherever you can find a pillow. A throw pillow might work well. This is a bed pillow, obviously. Bundle it up, like I’m showing here. Put it here, at the
front part of the chair, and if they got a soft, cushiony chair, it won’t work very well, you need to have a chair that’s firm. – [Bob] Solid chair. – And right now, my sit
bones here, are not… They’re airborne. The pressure is through my hamstrings, and, you know, I can rock
forward and back a little bit, and I’m clearly off that painful spot, particularly the coccyx. Right now, my coccyx
is very well protected. It has no force or pressure
on it from the chair, so that works out well. – I’ve even seen this recommended, Brad, for people with back pain, because sometimes it
puts you into the arch. – Yeah.
– You know what I mean, naturally.
– Right. So now, if I go forward like this, it really helps my
lordorsis, or my lower back. – Yeah, we had a subscriber that said this saved him on a plane, like he,
– Oh really? – He was like, “What am I going to do?” – Right.
– And he saw our video and he said he just
took the pillows and… – I can see that, you’re pretty
much stuck in that chair, – Yeah, you’re stuck in it. – Particularly if you’re right
in the middle of two people. – So my wife, and this is where we got… Ergonomic Innovations is
the name of the company. We’ll have a link below. It’s the Donut Pillow. It’s made out of memory foam and, as you can see, it’s got an area here for
the coccyx, or the tailbone, and also the sit bones,
to take the pressure off. – Right. Not only that, it has
it this way, as well. So it’s coming from two
different approaches. – Exactly. But, I actually, I use it like this, Brad. – Okay. – And that’s how I found it
to be the most comfortable. I don’t know if you’re
going to be able to see it, but my sit bones are sitting
right in that area now, and then the coccyx, because
of that little canal here. – Yeah.
– That’s free, too. My wife, she had to put up
with the jokes, of course, because it’s a haemorrhoid pillow, too. – Oh, sure, yeah. – But she has one at
work, she has one at home. I think she’s kind of
drifted away from it. – Yeah.
– It’s finally feeling better. She had to have it in
the car, too, I mean… – Just carry it with you. – Well, I mean, she did. When it gets painful, I mean.
– Right. – When you’re on a two hour trip, she was just being tortured. – And I, again, these are
slow healers, unfortunately. So you’re going to use it for… – They are very slow healing
– weeks. – A tendon can take a long time to heal, – Yeah.
– take up to a year. You know, it can get
reinjured, so it doesn’t heal, – Right.
– correctly. – Continues to be irritated,
slowing things down but… – We did do a video on
more of the treatment beyond doing this.
– Sure, yeah. – For that, you can look
for that under Bob and Brad. I think we put high tendinopathy, hamstring tendinopathy
is what the title was. – And I think we have it
under a coccyx injury. – Probably, too, yeah. The other thing is if,
you know, you’re going, “Well, I don’t really
have that kind of pain, I don’t want to sign up for the contest.” If you have a bony butt (chuckles) You know what. – Bony butt syn… – One of our office managers,
she has this in her chair, you notice that? – Yeah I did. – So, I had, I think that it, it just makes it more comfortable. It’s just going to give
you a more comfortable day. It actually might help even, position your back a little bit, too. – Right, that would be
like an ectomorph, right? – That’s…
– Technically speaking. – Endomorph? Would it? – Oh, now I’m going to
have to look that up. – I think the ecto- is larger, and endo- is smaller. – Well, I’m sure we’re going
to get someone who knows… I’m going to look it up. – Well, there’s to be ecto-,
endo- and meso-, right? That was always the middle. – I thought ecto- was a skinny person. The skinny butt syndrome. – Alright, we’ll find out. We’ll get back to you. Thanks!

41 thoughts on “#1 Treatment for Tail Bone or Sits Bone Pain + GIVEAWAY!”

  1. I'll just go ahead and say it, if you're on the fence about whether to buy one of these pillows, get off the fence. Find a good quality one that doesn't crush into nothing (if you're heavy you may want to search for bariatric version of these pillows). Do they work? YES. I just recently started to have coccyx pain and I didn't want to spend the $42 on amazon for a good cushion but the day I got it and sat down on it I knew it was worth every penny. There are no words for the feeling of relief I had when I could finally sit down and get up without the pain. If you've been watching these videos you owe it to yourself to get the pillow. I don't have this particular one that they mention but they all are mainly doing the same function which is to take pressure off the tailbone area. This pillow seems like it would also help with the sits bone pain they mention in the video. Ok, rant over, just figured I'd give my testimony that YES, they work. And you'll likely want at least two of them, one at home and one for the car or at work.

  2. Good video. The good old coccyx. Not really needed by people, but can cause a great deal of discomfort for various reasons. Nice cushion pillow also. I use one all the time in my chair, along with my lumbar pillow/pad. Bony butt syndrome for us ectomorph (thin) people (Brad got it right!) can be a tender butt. PS: Happy Easter.

  3. I think my coccyx is misaligned. I can really feel more of a bony lump on the left side than the right. Wonder how I fix that without a doctor or pt.

  4. Hey, Bob and Brad! I love your videos. I am a city bus driver and there are times when I can't get out of my seat. I get this sharp pain in my hip and causes shooting pain down my leg and my feet go numb. I'm using 2 memory foam pillows with no help. Could it be I have them positioned wrong? I'm thinking about trying this pillow and sitting the pillow more forward as described. Thank you.

  5. I used to have some really bad pain and sciatica nerve pain. I started using the backjoy cushion and that thing is marvelous !! It seriously stopped my pain and my hips are more aligned.

  6. While I was watching this on my memory foam cushion, I listened to what these guys said about taking the pressure of the sitz bones by shifting the pillow forward a bit and letting the bones go down a bit. Wow, it worked like magic, and it was also drug-free. I've never quite decided if the problem is high hamstring tendonopathy or an irritation of the pirifomis muscle attachment, but it does tend to hurt a lot sometimes, and I did have pain that lasted for so long while those tendons had a chance to heal that now I try to rest my upper legs and coccyx areas whenever they start to bother me, because it will only get worse if I insist on continuing to work out. I also keep a pillow on the kitchen chair that I use a lot, or try to find a cushioned place to sit wherever I go. Depending what time of the year it is and how much I have been working out, I can be either an ectomorph , a mesomorph, or somewhere on the spectrum between the two.

  7. Lord I wish I'd known about this pillow at beginning of semester. I haven't had a coccyx injury but I do have the bony butt syndrome and the art benches we have to sit on are super-duper painful for people with bony butts! 😎 Even some office chairs lack sufficient cushion. Thanks for the tip. I'm going to look into this.

  8. I want one of those things so so bad because I end up in such bad pain that it hurts to walk , bend over , breathe 😭😭 BUT I think it might be embarrassing to carry around the pillow at school 😭😭

  9. I have a bony butt, LOL always hurts sometimes even makes my legs numb all the way down to my toes, and my neurologist calls it Parkinson's disease, because my muscles are so tight also all the way down my legs. But I just feel like I don't believe it is Parkinson's. I think they really don't know! I think it's probably something as simple as getting an adjustment from a chiropractor, but I'm a little afraid to since I had a real bad fall in the shower almost a month ago and broke my ankle and fractured my shoulder and broke a rib, and now my whole left side of my body is incapacitated for the next month or so apparently or more and now I have to be bedridden for a while. Ugh. I Keep praying to God to please heal me, because I just hate being like this. I need a good bed for Parkinson's patients that anyone could recommend for Parkinson's Disease because both beds that we have just hurts my lower back all the time. We've had a Sleep Number bed probably 10 years now and I've never been able to find my sleep number, LOL, and I think the other ones are Sealy Posturepedic adjustable bed, but the middle part going across in the middle kills my lower back also. There's I think those one of those things that up out of the bed I think they are coils or something. Anybody recommend a good bed for Parkinson's people?

  10. Yep! Use to sit on a hemorrhoid donut till it popped then would rotate hips. Now have trochanteric (sp?) in both hips and can’t sleep but 30 mins or less each hip. I have a pillow with the back end cut out but could never find a donut pillow and never thought to cut one out. DUH!!!! I’m talking 1992 and a blowup donut pillow.

  11. I really hope I win this pillow. I broke my tailbone in 2 places almost 20 years ago and I am still suffering with pain because of it. Hips and tailbone would greatly appreciate this. 🤗 Thank you for all of your content.

  12. My daughter broke her tailbone in the early 80's while skateboarding. She's 45 now suffers still. Pillows do help.

  13. My hip was moving backwards every time I took a step instead of moving forward and after seven years it was corrected by a very good chiropractor. However, now my knees hurt so bad and I have pain in my lower leg on the inside below the knee and he works on me weekly but I can’t get rid of the pain is it from walking wrong all these years and what can I do he doesn’t seem to be able to get it and I can’t get up from the chair and put my leg down and start walking I have to stand for at least 30 or 40 seconds before can take a step forward. Had a massage therapist at a big hotel give me a massage that corrected this and I was fine for two weeks and then bingo it came right back I thought I was cured! She got right into my SI joint and my sciatica I don’t know how she did it but she moved my legs in ways that I have never known them to move, can you help me?

  14. Is there a way of conacting you guys privatley i had a discrepancy in my leg after a hip replacement(wrong vidio) i could use some advice i now have a 5cm leg in size leg diffrence and have to wear bulid ups in my shoe . Any vidios to help with leg lenth difrence would be amazing. Not to mention they bruised my siatic nerve oh and i also have scoliosis. Life sucks currently

  15. Hey Bob!
    Nice fitting of your shirt. Looking much better with that. Great tips BTW thanks! Greetings from physio here at philippines.

  16. Takes soooo long to heal. Hurt mine twice and I'm still taking my coccyx pillow to work and in the car. Soft sofas make the pain even worse. 😢

  17. Got hit by a car running red light while I was walking (thankfully he stopped suddenly) and fell right on my tailbone. Took the impact. It's been hurting for years and I never even thought to get checked out. Hmmm. Maybe I should? I thought it was just bruised when it first happened, so I didn't think to get looked at.

  18. I’ve had CRAZY pain here ever since I had spinal fusion (T8-L5) and am so excited to try these techniques – I’m hoping they help!! ❤️

  19. my coccyx is fractured and I could not get to the link to enter.  I fell 3 times on it last year.  I have MS and neuro problems throughout my spine – the 4 "s". and now this.  Please can you enter me or tell me how much it costs?  Thank you and may God bless you for your kindness.

  20. I have degenerative disc disease, and I have had severe coccyx pain for over 10 years. I was injected many times with no improvement, and I am now under the care of a pain management doc. Luckily, my pain has simply improved on it's own lately, and I am pretty much off opioids at this point. I am very afraid that the pain will return because there has been no explanation for why the pain disappeared in the first place. Tailbone pain is the worst, most miserable pain I've ever had, and I was incapacitated for several years. I guess I am posting this comment to let people know that tailbone pain is not always the result of an injury. I am living proof. Thanks guys!

  21. I recommended to someone today to sit on a pillow or elevate their hips thanx for confirming my thoughts Bob & Brad
    Ps: I am going to sneak into your clinic and swap the cheesehead for a SeaHawk🤪🤪😆😆

  22. I have a fun story. I was 13 years old. I was laying on my side in somewhat a loose fetal position when I sneezed, something made the loudest pop I’ve ever heard in my entire life. I felt the vibration go through my whole body but I couldn’t pinpoint where it came from. I don’t remember feeling anything immediately and I moved to sit in my desk chair. I’m not sure when it started to hurt but I know that as soon as I attempted to get up from my chair, I couldn’t. From my tailbone, radiated excruciating pain and I couldn’t move. Naturally, being a child that age, my parents, coaches, and even my doctors called bs. I had to tough it out. I could no longer sit in a chair longer than 30 minutes nor could I really bend at the waist for about three months. 5 years later, the pain over time had gradually faded, but still effected my ability to sit for long periods of time. I think my limit was 3 hours at that time. I told one of my teachers one day and she said the same thing happened to her many years prior to my incident and she had been bent over when she sneezed. She told me that the pain never really goes away and so far that holds true. I’m an adult now and went to get an x-ray am few months ago but apparently everything is fine but I still can’t sit for more than 4 hours but I guess that’s better than nothing.

  23. Okay, so I don't even know anything about bone pain, or even if I have one but yesterday I hit my butt on a pretty hard corner, after a few minutes the pain went away but when I was about to lay in my bed it started to hurt again, and everytime I try to move it keeps hurting 😢

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