100 thoughts on “1 Year Incredible Body Transformation ( Calisthenics ) – 15 years old”

  1. How was the diet, well you seemed to have a lower bodyfat than me before, I'm trying to gain muscle and also lose fat, I recently started getting higher grams of protein but lower calories and now I do push/pull/leg so I can get more exercise per week

  2. Honestly it's more of body looks transformation for him. The moves he is doing isn't too difficult and his pullups forms aren't that good

  3. I've been wanting to work out since i was 12 years old, but could someone give me the program workout??? Because, no one wants to give me it :,(

  4. Nice growth, crazy transformation! Hard gainer no more!! Also enjoyed the editing with the speeches.

  5. Bruh am i the only one who doesn't have genea man. Working out for almost 2 years straight and i am not that ripped man. Proper nutrition with optimal workout and enough sleep and 14 percent bodyfat. Anyway, good work !

  6. Just some pro advice:- never change yourself if others think you are skinny or anything but as long as YOU don’t like it then sure…

  7. please tell me your work out program, how many sets and what kind of exercises, how many times a week? Thx Dude you re awesome

  8. I don't believe that he has done it in between the age of 14 to 15 . What about his school days at fifteen any boy would be in 10th class

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  10. The most important thing in workouts is : Healthy food. If you eat unhealthy , your workout will help less. Healthy food creates 80% of your workout.

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