Hey everybody its Doctor Jo and Kali and
Bear, and today we’re gonna show you the top ten neck stretches. So let’s get
started. So these 10 best neck stretches are in
my opinion the best. They’re not any kind of scientific research behind it, it’s
just my favorites the ones that I’ve found work best for me as well as my
patients, so let’s start out with a cervical rotation. So with cervical
rotation exercises, what we’re doing is we’re just stretching out the muscles
all around the neck here, so make sure that you keep your head in a neutral
position to do these rotational stretches, so let’s take a look. For
cervical rotation range of motion, you’re just going to turn your head to the side
almost like you’re looking over your shoulder and then back the other way. Number two is going to be a cervical
Sidebend or a neck sidebend, so those are just working the muscles on the side
to get those stretch out, so let’s take a look at that one. For a cervical side
bending range of motion, you’re going to bring your ear towards your shoulder, but
don’t bring your shoulder up to your ear. Number three is cervical extension where
you’re bringing your head back, and that’s gonna stretch those front muscles,
so let’s take a look at that. For a cervical extension range of motion,
you’re just going to be looking up towards the ceiling and then coming back
down. And number four is cervical flexion or
neck flexion, so then you’re going to be stretching those muscles in the back as
you bend forward, so let’s check that one. For a cervical flexion range of
motion, you’re just going to bring your chin towards your chest and then come
back up. Number five is a chin tuck. Chin tuck is
kind of a mix between a stretch and an exercise and is one of my favorite stretches
because it’s super easy to do and it really helps reset your neck if you’re
getting into bad posture, so you can do it several times a day. And when you work at a
computer a lot or when you’re focusing on something and you tend to get that
forward neck posture, doing some simple chin tucks are really effective to kind
of help reset those muscles. So let’s take a look at that one. For chin tucks
in sitting, you’re going to actually move your chin back, it’s not tucking it
forward, so place your finger on your chin and leave your finger in one spot,
and then tuck it in and hold it. Number six a chest stretch. The reason
it’s important to stretch out these chest muscles even though you don’t
always associate them with your neck, is they really are.
If these chest muscles are tight, it tends to pull us forward and then again
our head comes forward, and we get really really tight muscles, so when you stretch
out those chest muscles it helps open you up and get you back into better
posture, so let’s check out that one. For a corner chest stretch, place a hand on
each side of the corner, and one foot in the corner ,then push in and hold the
stretch. Number seven is an anterior scalene stretch.
The scalene muscles, especially the anterior ones, come through here right in
through here, and so when those are tight, it can put a lot of pressure here and
pull our head down and forward and that can cause a lot of pain, so let’s check
out that stretch. For a scaling stretch, place your hand above your collarbone on
the muscle, turn your head towards the side you want to stretch, and then look
up. Number eight upper trap stretch. The
upper traps are big-time ones that cause pain in our neck. They’re the ones up
here that go right all the way up into our neck here and then down into the
shoulder, sometimes they have trigger points, those muscles get really tight
often when we’re focused on something for a long time when we have a lot of
stress, so it’s really important to stretch those out, so let’s take a look.
For an upper trap stretch, take the arm of the side that you want to stretch and
either push it downwards or sit on it to hold that shoulder down, then take the
other hand on the side, and just pull it over towards your shoulder, holding that
stretch. Number nine a levator scapulae stretch.
The levator SCAP is again another one of those muscles. I sits right here, it
elevates or lifts our shoulder blades that scapula, and the reason that’s so
important with our neck is because it holds our stress the most. When we’re
stressed out, we get like this and it can cause a lot of tension and pain,
sometimes it gives people headaches because it gives you a lot of pain here
at the base of the skull down into the neck, and sometimes even out into the
shoulders, so that one’s really important to stretch, so let’s take a look. For a
levator scapulae stretch, the side that you want to stretch, you’re going to take
your arm and put it up over your shoulder and that’s to stabilize that
scapula, then you’re going to take your head down towards an angle almost like
you’re looking towards the opposite knee, take your other hand and put it behind
your head and give it a little extra stretch. Number ten is going to be a cervical
rotation or a neck rotation with a towel. Sometimes they’re called snags and the
reason the towel is so important is because it helps kind of stabilize the
spine, so if we want to rotate our neck but only rotate it at certain vertebrae,
you can use the towel to kind of stabilize one and then move the rest, so
it’s a really good way to kind of get some movement in the spine to help open up
those joints there. If the facets are kind of stuck, this is a great way to
loosen that up and stretch everything else, so let’s take a look at that. For a
neck rotation stretch with the towel, take the towel and put it behind your
neck, grab one side to anchor it down and keep it there, then take the opposite
hand put the towel up over your chin across your ear and you’re going to pull
upwards in a way when you rotate your neck to the side. So there you have it, those are your 10
best neck stretches. If you have any questions, leave in the comment section.
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muscles nice and stretched out), have fun, and I hope you feel better soon.

42 thoughts on “10 Best Neck Pain Relief Stretches – Ask Doctor Jo”

  1. Hey Dr. JO! I've been a fan and user of your videos for quite some time. They're well explained and easy to follow (kudos to yor brother for the quality). I'm a virtually bedridden 38 year old man with some very "Parkinson's like" symptoms. You have saved my bacon when it comes to staying off pain meds. I showed your channel to my PT's and they were impressed and assigned me certain videos to utilize so I don't wither away and stiffen up. I can't thank you enough. Also, my fluffy pooch has a crush on one of your furry kiddos. He sniffs the screen when he sees her. One last thing, I can't help but notice that your right shoulder appears slightly lower than your left. Is that from your surgery? Just curious. Thanks sooo much and please keep up the good work!

  2. thank you Dr. Jo. You are the best! top shelf. And very entertaining. I find these exercises a total drag, except when I do them along with Dr.. Jo. She is the Queen of neck Doctors. I love you. john.

  3. Neck stretches video from 2012 take me here and tadaaa you look even younger :O rename to AskDoctorVamp 😀 Beautiful girl. And with celtic roots I guess <3

  4. How many repetitions per exercise? (Did I miss it?) Anyway, I just discovered your site. Your exercises are better than my physical therapist’s. Thank you!

  5. heyy doc. wonderful exercises 👌
    but,can you please upload a video of some new techniques for rapid relief in cervical spondylosis.😇

  6. I've had constant pain in my neck, back, running down my thigh and tingling in my feet. My doctor wanted to prescribe nerve medication but since I'm against medication and use it as a last resort, I refused. So she suggested that I do stretching exercises. I watch this video and the sciatic nerve video and I've been stretching with them for about 3 weeks, 4 times a week and all my pain is gone. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Thank you so much! This really helped. Woke up this morning with a terrible stiff and sore neck. Worked with it all day, and though I don't remember the name of the stretch, but #9 helped right away! I feel so much better already!

  8. Purchase a printable worksheet with the neck stretches in this video here: https://www.askdoctorjo.com/purchase-neck-stretches-worksheet
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  9. I hurt my neck while lifting weights 3 months ago, I called a neck and spine Doctor this morning but decided to Google for help before getting medical treatment… stretch #9 just relieved me of ALL pain. It's GONE. Thank you!!!

  10. Found out I have biceps tendonitis and a shoulder impimngement in my right shoulder and I can feel it starting in my left now very friggin frustrating not being able to bench press or do direct delt work now. Seeing a physio-therapist about it and hopefully she can do something to help me recover from this.Tired of this chronic pain every day especially after suffering for a year or more from it.

  11. THANK YOU!
    I'm almost 70 and have suffered from neck/shoulder pain for a decade which I assumed was from old age and couldn't be helped. It became so severe I couldn't stand it anymore. After just four days of doing these exercises the pain was greatly diminished.
    After just two weeks the pain is almost gone and I have a much better range of motion..

  12. Oooh. Where did you get the muscular mannequin? That would be perfect for my girls and their homeschooling Adventure. Thank you for the good video

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