Do you also feel that language is as deceptive
as it can get? Congrats you are not alone but that’s not
the catch here! Ever wondered about the wonders of understanding
body language? For starters, it shows a person’s interest
and if you wanna know more, go on watch the full video! Number 10. Eye Contact
Eyes talk a lot even when the lips are silent! Let’s reveal a secret here; you can crack
an interview with just your eyes. We see some interest rising! Well, it’s a good eye contact that reflects
your confidence and honesty, so bam… you get the job! But social psychology professor, Aldert Vrij
contradicts this. As per him pathological liars would look you
in the eye because they are copying a behavior that people associate with truthfulness. They are smart, the least we can say! Number 9. Eye Direction
You didn’t think that the direction you look can reveal what you are thinking? The next time you will be able to catch people
when their attention wavers, cool! People have a tendency to switch their gaze
to the right when they are thinking about a sound and towards left while remembering
a visual element. If you don’t want to send signals to others
that they are hell boring, avoid looking up or right. That’s a giveaway of how very bored you
are so steer clear! Number 8. Touching Nose
Do you consider yourself good at lying? You have no idea you might have been spilling
the truth yourself! It has been found that many people would scratch
their nose while lying and when this secret is out, you might be in a lot of trouble! Though it is also said that if you are touching
your nose subconsciously, then it may be an indicator of stress. Either ways, it’s not good for your image! Number 7. Lip Movements
Lips are an excellent source of communication, both verbally and non-verbally. Did that confuse you? We are talking about lip biting here, so do
you indulge in this flirtatious act? It might interest you to know that biting
your lips is regarded as a sign of anxiety and fear or that you are uncomfortable in
the situation. And what about pursing lips? You might regard it as an indication to a
kiss but it also means that you are withholding information. Seems like lips have a tale to tell of their
own! Number 6. Smile
Did you know that there are 18 kinds of smiles from which happiness is reflected by just
one? Talking about the fake smile, let’s face
it we have all been there. At some point or the other we have all graced
others with a very fake smile. You probably had no idea that deciphering
a fake smile is one of the easiest things! A true smile engages the whole face and creates
wrinkles near the eye but since a fake smile involves only the lips, you won’t find any
lines! You got caught, sorry! Number 5. Direction
The angle that you are making with the person bears a reflection of your interest level
in conversing with him. If your face is towards the person but your
chest is at an angle, it may be taken as disinterest or disagreement. If you turn completely towards the speaker,
it is evident that you are open to listening. Point noted! Number 4. Hand Shake
A hand shake has a lot to say about a person’s thoughts. We all hate weak handshakes because it implies
that the person lacks determination and commitment. But what if we say that the other ‘free’
hand also plays a role in fathoming his thoughts? If the person cups his hand from below, he
is showing sincerity whereas if he does it from above, he is seeking dominance. Next time you are signing a deal, pay attention
to the hand shake, it’ll help! Number 3. Posture
This came as no surprise, did it? Have you ever been told to maintain straight
back, angular shoulders and a V-shaped posture? Nobody is deriving some sadistic pleasure
from changing your posture, it just makes you look dominant and you have a better chance
to influence people. An open posture oozes confidence whereas closed
arms look like a threat. It may also mean that you are cold. Context matters! Number 2. Touching Hair
Not many men would indulge in playing with their hair, it’s mostly associated with
females but that’s not a rule! You may look flirtatious and open while running
your fingers through your hair but if you are holding your locks for too long, warning! It indicates that you don’t know what to
do with your hands and depicts a nervous state of mind. Not very flattering, is it? Number 1. Drumming Fingers
You often do this, believe it or not. It’s something that we might not do consciously
but do it anyway. Drumming fingers screams, “I am frustrated
and impatient beyond control” and that surely is not a good sign. It may also show nervousness as you don’t
know what to do with your hands. Doesn’t sound like a good habit! What do you think about these secrets you
are giving away through your body language?Tell us in the comment section. And while you’re here, check out our other
videos and tell us what you think of them. And do subscribe to our channel if you liked
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