100 thoughts on “10 min Full Body HIIT Workout – FAT BURNING No Equipment | 10分鐘超燃脂全身間歇訓練 – 無需器材訓練”

  1. I also post what I eat everyday on my instagram stories – hope that would give you some meals ideas and tips!

  2. Me:hmmm!!! I go to the gym and lift weights , this can't be that hard.

    45 seconds later!

    Me:FUCK , am I going to die

    2 minutes later!

    Me:Soo!!this is what hell feels like

    (PS:love this workout , I really did not expect this to be hard and fun at the same time,
    My cousin recommend this workout and i love it😁)

  3. WARNING!! If you are a beginner, do NOT try this, you will hurt yourself! 😄 these are a bit to extreme for beginners so I suggest you don’t rush take it easy with easy workouts like sit ups crunches and legs/arm lifts first so your body is use to working out 🙂

  4. Cool…! I would like to try.I have a very fat belly and extra weight too.I stopped at your video and watched two of it. So-so awesome~!

  5. It's working for me i have lost 9kg in 1 month following this workout 3 times a week plus the intermittent fasting and eating healthy 6days a week. Thank you Emi for sharing ❤

  6. I Just do 1 set…is this a problem?
    But of course i do other exercises, like for abs, arms, thigh or even another cardio/hiit workout

  7. I’m really hoping this works but by reviews it sure does! Gonna set a goal by doing this for one month and if it shows results I’ll continue! I’m also trying to eat more fruit and veggies and cut down on the sugary stuff. I’ve already slowed down on my sugary drinks now it’s mis the food. Wish me luck!

  8. I’m 15 and a little bit over weight, I’m 60 kg and 1 m 60. I need to lose weight for myself and because we have swimming soon. I love sport with all my heart that’s why I took sport AP for the past 3 years of my school live, I will try to do everything to lose those layer of fat I have. Ps: I’m healthy and don’t feel sick, except I always want to throw up after eating.

  9. I loved this workout because it was simple, yet made me sweaty. I modified the burpees to low impact, I didn't do half burpees either (I live in an apartment, so I can't jump), and I did regular squats, but I'm still sweaty and feel like I got a good workout in. Thank you Emi!

  10. Im sad I can't do this cause I physically can't exercise cause I broke my lower back so I'm struggling to lose belly fat 😥

  11. Hi Emi, thanks for this killing 10mins exercise… My heart beats so fast now! It's dying after burpees, I followed thru but some exercise I didn't managed thru 55 secs but 30 secs, will try follow all again, have been on HIIT exercise recently but its at least 20-30mins… yours short n sweat! Loves it, thanks for your vids! Looking forward to my once upon a time beautiful body n confident me again! U look great!

  12. am i the only one that loves burpees? and am i the only one that can't even manage to do one push up in any shape or form?

  13. Sadly I couldn't do any exercises where I needed to rest on my hand due to health problems in my right hand but this workout still helped me very much. Thank youuuu ☺️🙆‍♀️

  14. You didn't lie at all with feeling pain 😂 I'm legit sweating so much right now. I plan to do this for a week, eat less sugary and oily foods too! ^^ Hope I lose weight

  15. Loooove this! Just did it and I have. Reccomendation, maybe you can give some examples of how many reps like. Goal? Maybe have like 3 different goals like beginner intermediate and advanced

  16. yeah! am super proud of myself.. made it today 10/19/2019
    can't believe the some much sweat excreted in 10smins exercise, marathon race couldn't have done any better and my heart beat ponds so rapidly.. #no 4: commando almost got me sucked.

  17. watching this while my cat massages my belly.
    Enjoying just listening to the video, its background music and the girl's unique and relaxing accent 🙂

  18. Every time i do this i only continue to the middle then stop this time i complter it 💫💖 thanks emi💜💜

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