Dr. Axe: Hi, Dr. Josh Axe here with Dr. Leigh
Erin Connealy. We’re so excited to be here with you today. And Dr. Leigh Erin is an expert when it comes
to fighting cancer naturally, in fact she has a great book as well, on how to break
through cancer, we’ll talk about here at the end. But we’re going to go through in 10 minutes,
10 ways to take 10 years off your life, and also we want to give you guys a shout out. I’ve got my Facebook Live I pulled up here. Let me know right now the city you’re from,
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Stacy Gray from Oregon, and David Johnson from Orange Park, Florida. David, hey, thanks for joining us here today. So we’re going to be talking about 10 ways
to take 10 years off your life, and Dr. Leigh Erin, I know that you’ve practiced integrative
medicine for how long? Dr. Connealy: Probably about as long as I’ve
been practicing medicine, for about 30 years. So I started out 30 years ago and I already
kind of, because I grew up in Texas, and my mother was like fanatic about how we ate and
how we lived and not about using medications or anything. So I already kind of had it then. But then when I started practicing medicine
patients would ask me like, “Okay, Dr. Connealy, do you know about this? Do you know about this?” Well, then that led to an odyssey of exploration
of all kinds of things and how we can take care of patients without hurting them. Dr. Axe: Yeah, and, you know, I’m a huge fan
obviously, that’s why I practice this integrative medicine and we love to hear from you right
now as well. If you’ve ever been under the care of an integrative
medical doctor or a holistic doctor of functional medicine, a doctor that practices these nutrition
and natural treatments and supplementation, we love to hear from you. In fact, maybe give your doctor a shout out
right now on Facebook Live as well and myself and Dr. Leigh Erin are going to jump into
10 ways to take 10 years off your life. And I’m always fascinated when I see somebody
who is in their 80s but they look like they’re in their 50s or on the other end I’ve seen
people in their 30s or 40s who look like they’re 80. So we’re going to talk about how to look like
the person who is older but is actually looking much younger. So number one here, talk about positive mental
attitude. Dr. Connealy: PMA, we can all start doing
that, embracing that, and living it. Because how you think is how you look in your
face. Think about it. You’re frowning, you’re sad, you’re depressed,
but we, every single day, we decide how we’re going to think. I decide what is the story I’m going to tell
to myself not just from the time we wake up but all throughout the day? And how we treat one another, let’s think
about it. We’ve got to have love and respect for other
human beings. And the more that you start programming your
thoughts you may wake up and go, “Oh, I just don’t feel good. I’m tired, and everything.” But what does that going to do? That’s going to tell yourselves negative things. Happy thoughts make happy chemicals. So we all have got to every single day. Wake up, we’re happy no matter how we feel,
we feel great, we’re happy to be alive and we’re happy to help someone in the world. Dr. Axe: Great advice. Practice that attitude of gratitude first
thing in the morning. It can help take 10 years off your life. Number two, get better sleep. Why is sleep so important for anti-aging? Dr. Connealy: Right. Sleep, well, people are not sleeping today. Ever since Edison invented electricity we
have not been sleeping. And what does sleep do? Sleep is magic. Sleep is medicine. Do you know, you’re supposed to sleep probably
eight to nine hours of sleep, and why? Because that’s when detox takes place, that’s
when healing takes place, that’s when your immune system is taking care of unwanted things
in your body. It’s where your mind is all repaired for the
next day to charge and work and be productive human beings. So just got to get a good night sleep. The magic that happens in sleep is unbelievable. So do whatever you have to do to get a good
night sleep, but not with sleeping pills. Sleeping pills will depress your immunity
and increase your risk for dying. But there are lots of different natural elements
to help you sleep. But please, make that your number one priority
after your positive mental attitude. Dr. Axe: I love it, great advice here. A few people have given their doctors of natural
medicine a shout out and their doctors of integrative medicine, Rusty Farrow wants to
give a shout out to Dr. Mary Traverse in Austin, Texas. And, let’s see, we’ve got a few more here
as well, Erin Cochran has given a shout out to their doctor, Dr. Wonder in Rockville,
Maryland. Great stuff guys. All right, number three here, hydration is
key to anti-aging. Why is that? Dr. Connealy: Yes. Hydration, because we were born 90% water
when we were born and now we’re about 75% water. So that means that every single one of our
cells bathe in this beautiful fluid of water. And when you drink water make sure that you’re
drinking purified alkaline energized water because that is what your cells or organs
bathe in, your digestive system, your brain, every single organ in your body will not work
if you are not properly hydrated. And we are not drinking enough water. When you wake up, the first thing you need
to do, you were fasting for eight to nine hours, think about it. The first thing you need to do is drink 20
ounces of water to get the whole engine of your body working. Dr. Axe: Great advice. So number four, foods for cellular function,
what are maybe three to five of your favorite foods to support cellular function? Dr. Connealy: Well, my favorite foods, probably
my single category of food is fats. Fats are energy. They make you have fuel, actually, people
think that all women are struggling with their weight and they think, that they thought they’re
going to be fat, but that makes you thin. So good fats, though, nature-produced fats
like coconut oil and olive oil and avocados and good nuts. Then the other thing is you got to eat the
vegetables. I mean some of the top vegetables, the broccoli
family, cruciferous family, so that would be broccoli, Brussels sprout, cauliflower,
and cabbage. The other things that are amazing fighters,
garlic, lots of garlic, and now they have raw garlic in spreads, I mean, it’s amazing. Let’s say you don’t want to eat garlic. You can take garlic. You can take garlic pills. Onions, onions have so many fighting nutrients. A lot of the spices, turmeric is one of the
big wonderful spices that we could make with coconut. You can put it on your eggs in the morning. So there’s lots of foods that have amazing
power. Dr. Axe: Love it. All right, number five here, and we’re getting
some great comments here. Nancy says, “First thing in the morning, H20. And Barbie Seabolt gives a shout out to their
doctor who practices integrative medicine, Dr. Corwin Petty in Lowell, Arkansas. Our number five here, talk about the power
of exercise? Dr. Connealy: Exercise, you’ve got to move. You’ve got to move every day. It’s not like you have to go run marathon
or be an iron man but you got to move your body. You have 800 muscles because your body has
to get toxins out of the body. You’ve got to sweat because sweating is a
way of detoxification. You’ve got to increase the endorphins in your
brain with exercise and then exercise also allows us to relax and be mindful of our body. So exercise is just a powerful . . . and even
if you only have a fast in 10 to 20 minutes, it’s amazing what it will do to your metabolism
and the cellular regeneration of our body. Dr. Axe: Great advice. All right, number six, detoxification. Dr. Connealy: Detox, okay, gosh, everybody
looks at that word detox and they go, “Oh, my god.” They get scared. And I’m like, “No, detox is not scary.” It’s one of probably the single most important
thing that you can do and any form of detox is good. And if you want to do relaxing things like
infrared sauna, you can detox. But first of all, you’ve got to stop the ingestions
of toxins in the air that we breathe, the water we drink, and the foods that we eat. So that means you’ve got to really embrace
the farmers that are making organic foods and foods that they care about, the outcome
of them. And then you’ve got to drink water that’s
purifying. You’ve got to drink water that has been purified
no matter what you do, invest in a water purification system because every single one of your cells
is bathing in this water. And then there’s simple little detox things
that you can do. You can do, as I said, infrared sauna, baths
with Epsom salts, baking soda, and clay. You can do a lymphatic drainage but just jumping
on a rebound or you can do skin brushing, of course then you could do that in the comfort
of your home. So these are things that you can easily do. They really don’t take that long because now
you can multitask everything. Dr. Axe: Yeah. Okay, so let’s specifically talk about liver
detoxification or liver cleansing. What are some of your favorite, let’s say
maybe foods and herbs or protocols that really support the liver detox? Dr. Connealy: Right. Well, why do we want to clean our liver. Our liver sits right up here. It’s a beautiful organ with a beautiful capsule
and it is our filter organ. And now, it’s amazing how many people, people
come in for abdominal bloating and I do an abdominal ultrasound, and what do they have? They have fatty liver. That means they’re not even drinking alcohol
and they have fatty liver. That’s because we’re bombarded with a myriad
of toxins and overloading our liver. You can’t even think straight. You get cloudy, foggy thinking if your liver
is toxic. So one of the things I tell people is I have
a CBC cocktail, carrot, beet, cucumber. And then I add garlic. Patients don’t want to do a liver cleansing. I have them do that little drink, carrot,
beet, cucumbers with garlic, blend it all and drink it. The other thing that I have patients do is
to do oral liver cleanse. You start on a Friday night, you start drinking
Epsom salts, vitamin C, and then right before you go to bed you do organic grapefruit juice
with olive oil then you wake up and follow that Epsom salt, vitamin C, and you’re done
by nine. So that means it’s not some complicated weeklong
thing. And then some of the foods that you can eat,
okay, radishes are powerfully detoxifying. Dr. Axe: Oh, yeah. Dr. Connealy: People don’t realize how powerful
radishes are in detox. You can just snack on those in the day. The other liver cleanser is a coffee enema. It’s very actually becoming extremely popular
now. Every single one of my staff is doing coffee
enemas because one started and they all said how incredible they feel. And I have patients that say, “Okay, okay,
I’ll do it.” And then they put it off for months and then
they finally decide, they see their kit and they go, “Oh, gosh, I’m going to do that coffee
enema.” And you wouldn’t believe that people come
back, “Dr. Connealy, I’m addicted to this coffee enema. I feel so much better.” So you’ve got to love your liver and detoxify
it. Dr. Axe: Love it. Great advice. Number eight here, balancing hormones for
anti-aging. Dr. Connealy: Well, right, because you have
to have hormones in order to live. Hormones are the drugs of our body, believe
it. They’re natural drugs to your body. But now almost everyone today has hormone
problems. Why? Because we’re living in a chemical, laden-stressed
environment and we don’t have as nature tended to be. So we’ve got to go to a doctor who looks at
the panoramic view of our body, looking at our kidney, our liver, our blood sugar, our
vitamin levels, and our hormone levels. And because our hormones because they dictate
to the cell what to do and they turn it off depending on what it is. So if your thyroid, you’re going to feel tired
and sluggish and you’re going to be a little swollen in your body and you may put on weight
really easy, so you got to fix that. If you have high sugar you also, you’re going
to have a bloated barrel around your tummy. If you have low adrenals, you cannot get through
the day, you wake up exhausted and you’re feeling tired and you can’t get through the
day and you’re very emotional. And then if you don’t have your female hormones,
your estrogen, progesterone, your brain feels like caught between the ears, and you have
aches and pains all over the body. And if you have low progesterone then you
have thyroid hormones, your circulation is good, your mood is not as good. And then if you don’t have testosterone whether
it’s male or female, people think testosterone, muscle building and all of that kind of stuff,
but no, testosterone helps your state of mind, your sense of wellbeing. It helps your energy. It helps your muscles. It helps your immune system. It helps your blood sugar. So all these things that people just underestimate
the power. But you got to check them all. Then there’s pregnenolone. Pregnenolone people haven’t even heard of. But pregnenolone is your memory hormone and
it’s the hormone that cascades into lots of other hormones. And so I think 20-year olds, 25-year olds,
30-year olds, very young people who should have optimal hormones have hormone imbalances. Dr. Axe: Yeah. Hormones are key as Dr. Connealy is talking
about. You know, getting more healthy fats, working
on reducing stress, getting out and exercising, some key tips there. Number nine, hyaluronic acid for anti-aging. Talk about this. Dr. Connealy: Yes. Hyaluronic acid is depleted as we age. And so hyaluronic acid helps plump up the
skin, the eyes, the joints, everything in your body. And you start drinking it and/or . . . you
have to drink it because you’re all that your cells need this stuff. Yes, you can put on topical things but you
want to always nourish the body from the inside out. Dr. Axe: Yes, so what food is highest in hyaluronic
acid that you recommend? Dr. Connealy: Oh, I don’t even really know. Do you know? I don’t even know. Dr. Axe: I think bone broth. Dr. Connealy: Bone broth, well, bone broth
yeah, maybe. Dr. Axe: There you go. So bone broth animal skin and things like
that. So hyaluronic acid, drink your bone broth,
I did a bone broth smoothie this morning with some bone broth powdered protein. It was great. Number 10, topical vitamin C.
Dr. Connealy: Yeah. Well, topical vitamin C because let’s face
it, all you girls out there and women out there we’re all concerned about every single
little wrinkle that comes on our face. I have a 22-year old and she’s like, “Mom,
I’m starting to get wrinkles under my eyes,” because we stop the production of collagen
at the age of 21. And so yes, like I said before, all those
things I said before help the skin. But topical vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant. It’s a powerful rejuvenated for everything,
detoxifier of the body, microorganisms, and it actually rejuvenates the skin. So it is amazing. And you want to try to use . . .
Dr. Axe: Good advice. Dr. Connealy: . . . vitamin C, everything
you try to do, you want to try to do it as close to nature as possible. Dr. Axe: Love it. Great advice here. So remember these 10 tips. Number one, have a positive mental attitude. Number two, get better sleep. Number three, hydrate your body. Number four, eat more foods that support cellular
function as Dr. Connealy talked about, fats like avocados, lots of the coconut oil, the
healthy fats and lots of those cruciferous green vegetables, exercise, get out and move,
detox, liver cleanse. Remember her juice, she talked about the CBC,
the cucumber, carrot, and beets was great. Balance your hormones. Use hyaluronic acid. Get that from bone broth, and then topical
vitamin C for your skin. And then check out her book, this book is
incredible. It’s called “The Cancer Revolution.” You can check out this book and more information
on Dr. Connealy on her website, connealymd.com or you can find her book on Amazon. Simply go to amazon.com and checkout “The
Cancer Revolution,” it’s a groundbreaking program and book that goes over how to reverse
and prevent cancer there in her book. Well, Dr. Connealy, I want to say thanks for
being part of the program today. I want to thank you guys for sharing this
video. Again, hey, if you haven’t done this yet,
help us spread the message of how to age slower, take a minute, punch that Share button, click
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myself, Dr. Josh Axe, and I hope you’ve enjoyed this top 10 tips to age more slowly.

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