0:00- Hello everyone my name is Dr. Jacobs,
I’m a doctor of physical therapy and I’m also the inventor of advanced soft tissue
release, ASTR specialty, I am a cancer survivor and I used to suffer from chronic migraines,
headaches, pain and fatigue before I invented ASTR specialty. Alright Shauna tell me what’s going on with
your jaw and headache. So I had a root canal two weeks ago and I
had a bite block in and when they, it was for about an hour when they took the bite
block out I could, it took me a while to get my jaw to close and it was really painful. So you had muscle spasm after that, okay. That pain, that soreness in my jaw continued
over the next couple of weeks we thought it was maybe an infection in the tooth still. But this past week the endodontic that I work
for and my general dentist both figured out that there isn’t any more infection in the
tooth. 1:00- The tooth is doing fine, it’s actually
they think a TMJ issue, the pain is in my jaw, in my ear, rating up to my temple, my
neck my shoulder. How much pain from 0-10, 10 is emergency room. Probably 8 consistently. 8 consistently, okay. For this week. For this week like no relief. No relief. Before it was I would probably say at a 6
I was uncomfortable. After the root canal? Yea. Do you have any history of TMJ like pain in
your jaw before or. No but I have been grinding my teeth and clenching
my jaw for a really long time. I’ve had a night guard for probably a year
or two. Before that I didn’t, I just, but every
morning I wake up I’m biting down on that night guard so. Oh okay. So give me a brief history of your headaches,
what’s going on with that, how long is it? I’ve had headaches for about ten years. Ten years, okay. 2:00- They happen daily they’re almost always
on the left side of my head and sometimes I have a lot of pain right back here on the
right side. Um, and it’s either like all behind my eye,
and right here, it could be in my temple, it could be up here above my eye sometimes,
um. So you said it’s daily for the past ten
years. Mhmm. Okay and what time of the day you have your
worst headaches? Um, I would say in the morning I probably
have my worst headaches. I wake up every morning usually about 4 or
5 and take headache medicine. 4 in the morning, oh wow. And I’m usually up for 45 minutes or so
trying to get the medicine, cause if I lay down, it hurts worse and I’ve actually started
sleeping with my head propped up a little more which has helped a little bit, but I
sit up until I can feel that medicine helping a little but there’s no medicine that ever
completely takes it away. Completely relieves it. Yea. Not at all. 3:00- So how much the intensity of your headache? Daily do you mean, daily yea. Um. From 0-10, 10 is emergency room. Um, I would say up to an 8, um probably never
below a 4 or 5. So it’s a constant, all day long and night. So can you tell me what kind of treatments
you had for your headache for the last ten years? I’ve tried, I went to a neurologist, and
nothing was found, they told me they were tension headaches. I’ve had massage which helped temporarily,
I’ve had chiropractic treatment which didn’t help at all, acupuncture didn’t help at
all. I’ve been on multiple headache medicines
prescribed by the doctor that some of them actually made the headache worse, um none
of them helped, so that was very short lived. So you’ve tried everything in the menu? I feel like I have, I mean, essential oils,
I mean every suggestion anyone’s ever had, I’ve tried. Oh okay. 4:00- Nothing. It doesn’t seem like anything touches it,
the Excedrin helps temporarily. Temporarily. It takes the edge off. And you’ve been taking it for a while yea? I have yea. Wow okay. And I’ve, I’ve gone through periods of
time where I’ve completely not taken it and the headaches are still there and I end
up going back to it because it does something for me. Just a little bit, okay. So can you tell me now how much headaches
and symptoms you currently experiencing in your head? What do you mean? Headache symptoms right now or how 0-20 headaches
do you feel? 8. 8? And where do you feel it now? Um, mostly right here, um but again it’s
all in my jaw, my ear, my neck, my shoulder. Okay. Into my eye. Into your eye. And up here too, a little bit it just feels
like it’s radiating all out so. Alright so, make sure whatever we are doing
is not aggravating your symptoms okay? 5:00- Is it okay to mess up your makeup? Yea, first timer, next time I’ll wear a
tank top. So sometimes, I actually clean the makeup
and I forget to ask the patient. And they have to go to work after. And they have like, the patient usually most
of the patient they know they have their makeup bag when they come here so this way they know
it’s gonna be a mess. Let me know if it’s too much okay. You had any trauma here? No. No, okay. Your fascia is very tight. Make sure this is not painful okay. So it’s around that eye is that correct? Mhmm. Okay. 6:00- You feel the tightness in your head? Yes. Okay so this is normal fascia mobility for
the tear, this is not movement at all. Fascia is like wraps around the entire body
it’s like a Spiderman suit, it has a superficial layer, and there are other layers. But when you have tightness it’s a very
thin layer under the skin. It’s like you wearing a t-shirt two or three
sizes too tight, so it compress on everything underneath. Yes, that’s how I feel. Yes. Compressed. That’s correct. That’s why medication is not going to work
for that you know any, if the treatments not geared to release that it’s not going to
be released by doing something else. Does that make sense? Yes. And that’s interesting because sometimes
what I’ll tell Shawn is if I can make some type of contraption like a belt that I can
tighten on my head. 7:05- I feel like that would feel good. Or I’ll have him push on my head really
hard or underneath my eyes. Don’t do that at home okay. Yea, no I’m just talking about that’s
what I feel like would help. So I’ll tell you a story actually, I had
a dentist that had tension headache for 16 years. So she went to the neurologist, she had an
MRI like cat scan everything and actually the neurologist came to tell her and she was
telling her she feels a band of pressure, headache. And the neurologist told her, there’s nothing
wrong with you there’s something wrong with your head. And she told him yes, that’s why I’m here,
it’s my headache. She said I know. 8:00- Yea that’s why I’m here. Because everything was negative so. Yea. He’s not going to see the tension in the
brain scan. I discharged her after two treatments. Wow. Sorry, I forgot to say, I’m messing up your
hair too. That’s okay, it’s all fixable. I’m going to work now on breaking the scar
tissue. Make sure it’s not painful. Do you feel the bumps here? Mhmm. That’s the scar tissue. So you probably because you’re clenching
a lot you had a micro tear in your temporal. 9:05- You start to have scar tissue. Over the time scar tissue is building around
this area. The problem with scar tissue. Our muscle should act like a rubber band. Does this when it contracts when you have
a scar tissue it’s like you have a knot in the rubber band so when your muscle contracts,
it doesn’t stretch. Let’s compress on the tissue underneath
it and increase blood flow it could also cause headaches. Do you feel those bumps? Mhmm. Do you want my hair undone or is it fine? No it’s fine. Make sure this is not painful okay? It’s not. You feel that more scar tissue in here. You feel that? Yes. Typically if there’s no scar tissue it should
feel like this, nice and smooth. Oh. 10:00- It doesn’t feel like that. Yea so that’s and I’m not surprised from
clenching it’s very typically to have scar tissue. So you’ve been clenching for how long? At least ten years. Ten years, okay, that’s when you’ve been
having those headaches. And it’s very common with the TMJ with patients
that have been clenching. Okay, so you said it’s in this spot too? Mhmm. Is that painful what I’m doing or is that
okay? It’s fine. How this feel. It feels good. It’s like the headaches honestly its a little
painful right here but where you’re doing it actually feels good. Okay so you feel it in your eyes now? Uh-huh. Okay, alright. 11:00- So I want you to lie on your back head
here. Head here? Yea. So now your headaches is only in your eyes
behind your eyes? Mostly yea, yea. Okay, and everything is cleared now? I think so; it still feels a little sore here. Okay so make sure this is not painful. It that too much? No. Okay, you feel it in both eyes or in the left
one. There we go, you feel that fascia? Yea. Let me move you. Make sure this is not painful okay? Okay. 12:00- Did anyone work around your nose and
your eyes? No, never. Fascia release. Can you get some water here for me? I’m starting with the headache now because
you’ve been having it for ten years; um I want to see how you’re doing with that. Because I hate to see you with a headache
for ten years without relief so. No tightness there. Is that too much or. It’s fine. 13:00- Okay, yea. You feel that scar tissue there? You feel that? Mhmm. Okay. Make sure it’s not painful okay. Here you go. Try not to move your head okay. Okay. Let me work on this while we’re here. So you feel it here, going down into your
shoulder? Yea.
14:00- Okay, wow you’re really tight here. Is that painful here? Mhmm. Here? Umm. More here. Yea it’s on the left. That’s tight too but this is the uncomfortable
side. Is it painful what I’m doing here? Yes, no? I can’t hear you. Is it painful what I’m doing here? No. Okay. Sorry. Okay. So most of your pain on that spot? Is it okay to work inside? Inside my mouth? Yea, do whatever you need to do. So, do not bite me okay? 15:00- Open your mouth, close. Thumb up if you feel pain okay? Okay. So you had the root canal down here low, okay. Okay let me work on this area down here; thumb
up if you feel pain. So this is the worst area yea? Mhmm. Tell me if it’s too much okay? That’s painful, you feel the tightness here? Mhmm. Yea, that’s a lot of fascia tightness here. So I’m trying to release the internal fascia. 16:00- Make sure it’s not too much okay? Mhmm. Too much or it’s okay? I can do it. No make sure it’s not painful okay. You feel now the fascia start to loosen up. That’s tight make sure this is not too much
okay? You feel that band here? Mhmm. Don’t blame it on me. Yea, they blame their sickness on me because
I was sick. Never blame it on a doctor, that’s not a
good idea. Is that too much? You feel this band here? 17:00- That’s from a lot of clenching actually. We’re gonna do more work on it next time. It’s starting to loosen up. Good morning. Okay, you feel that, everything is starting
to loosen up. Okay, let’s sit up for me and tell me how
you feel, we’ll get you some water. Do you feel light headed or do you okay? I’m okay. Okay. It’s like a release of pressure. Mhmm, yea. That’s because the fascia, tension headache
is typically fascia restrictions, scar tissue, trigger points could be involved with that
muscle spasm. So that’s why if the therapist or doctor
is not trained to release them, they will ever be able to treat it properly because
that’s the source of the problem. So do you feel headache or is it gone? Umm I feel this is hurting still, right here. 18:00- How much 0-10? Probably like 5. Oh okay so it went down to 5. And you feel it right here, but behind the
eyes and this area, everything’s cleared? It’s a lot better. What about here and here? This is still hurting, so it’s like here
and here. But everything feels a lot looser. I’m not sure how much we can get release
for this if you have inflammation. Whatever we do is not going to, until we get
inflammation down. So let’s work on this and try to release
it. Okay. Because you had the root canal like two weeks
ago. Mhmm. So it’s still. Like two and half weeks. Yea you might have some inflammation there. As long as you don’t feel the pain here
and it’s localized here that’s what I care about. Because I don’t expect this to totally resolve
if you have localized inflammation. 19:00- But you feel it right in here yea. And right here too. Right deep in there, are you wearing contacts? No. Okay. Close your eyes. You’re scaring me. I am? A little bit. It’s okay. Don’t do that at home. Thumb up if you feel any discomfort. Okay. The tightness in those areas. Am I in the right spot of the tightness? Mhmm. 20:00- You see with ASTR we work on entire
body. Everywhere, even the eyebrow, around the eyes
and that’s what I give training to doctors how to use ASTR treatment to treat patients. Okay, do you still feel it in that spot? Umm, no. Okay, and here you said around this area? Mhmm. Okay, you feel that scar tissue here? Like this area. The temple. Okay, um let me see if I can do this without
lotion. But you feel that scar tissue here? Yea. It feels like you feel it huh? Yes. 21:00- The right answer is yes. Hello, hi. That’s our lotion. I know. This lotion is the best lotion ever. So you like our chocolate and our lotion. Everything here is better. I feel healthier already. Alright, awesome. Really, okay. It’s a moisturizer, it’s nothing else. Okay um, I’m going to put some lotion here. Sorry if I make a mess with that. It’s okay, it’s fine, do whatever you
need to do. Keep your eyes closed okay. 22:14 Your doctor would know that you had
treatment. Well I don’t have to go to work today so
that’s fine. Oh, okay that’s good. With water it should be fine. I should just put some lotion over here because
I don’t want irritate your skin. I can feel scar tissue here. You feel al these bumps? Feel that here? Yeah. You can see that actually in the camera how
it’s not going smoothly. It’s just jumping here. Is that painful here? It’s uncomfortable, it’s not painful. So we’re not going to do this area, you
might have inflammation. 23:17 Okay. And don’t look in the mirror after this. I did not make a big mess. Sometimes I go home and I find some lotion
in my hair. And I wonder how did this happen? Yeah, so I just blame it on someone else. Okay, so let’s give her some more water. Okay sit up for me. I looked in the mirror. Sorry, we have a mirror here. Okay, so headache from zero to ten? Probably a two. 24:02 Where do you feel it? Both sides? Mmhm. Deep inside, behind your eyes? Yeah, it’s so much better. Here, drink water and see afterwards. Because after I release fascia restrictions
and scar tissues, that brings toxins and byproducts. And if we don’t flush those out quickly,
you might feel soreness from those toxins. Not the headache. So, zero to ten? Um, I still feel it behind my eyes and right
here. How much? Probably a four or a three. Three, the whole eyes? Like here, and here yeah. 24:53 Okay, lie on your back. Close your eyes. Is that too much what I’m doing? No. Okay, so it’s like surrounding your eyes? Yeah. Okay, tell me if it’s too much okay? Can you feel yourself breathing better now? Yeah. 25:43 Let me know if it’s too much okay? Okay. And really do not try this at home because
you can cause a flareup. I get that feedback from some people who try
to copy this. If you don’t know what you’re doing it
can just make it worse. Yeah. You feel the fascia restrictions? Mmhm. You squint your eyes a lot? I think so. Yeah, that’s why your fascia is really tight
here, especially when you’re stress out. Okay, so that’s what’s causing your fascia
restrictions here. 26:57 Alright, so tell me how you are feeling
after your treatment. A lot better. How’s the headache from zero to ten? Probably.., I don’t even think I have a
headache right now. Alright, awesome. So what do you think about ASTR treatment? Great. Can you tell a difference from the stuff that
you had before? Yeah. I just felt like a total pressure relief in
my head. And you had it for ten years, yeah? Yeah. Thank you so much. No, thank you. 27:26 Feel free to subscribe to my channel,
you will get updated on helpful information and tips and tricks on how to relieve pain
and your patient pain. Also, there is over 170 videos on ASTR treatment
and you can the results I get with my patients. If you are a healthcare provider who is interested
in being an ASTR licensed provider, feel free to click the link below to register for the
next class to learn how to actually treat your patient. In ASTR class, I utilize over 400 studies
that actually use as part of the treatment and that’s what I go over with health practitioners,
to learn how to practice effectively based on researched studies. See you soon!

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  38. To become a patient of Dr. Jacobs, please contact ASTR Institute for additional information! https://advancedsofttissuerelease.com/contact-page/
    Treat your pain from home by taking one of ASTR’s online specialized treatment programs! For a list of current programs with specialized tool kits, please visit: https://advancedsofttissuerelease.com/product-category/online-treatment-programs-for-patients/
    Feel free to leave a comment and questions below!

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