Hi everybody it’s Doctor Blake from Doctors
Adolph and Kalkstein Chiropractic, your neck and back pain specialist and we’ve got John
with us in the office. John found us on YouTube, so thank you YouTube
for sending another patient over to see us. John how many chiropractors have you gone
to? I’ve been to two chiropractors over about
the last 12 years. And always for the same issue? Yes. Neck pain right? Or the same issue, the neck pain. Ya neck pain. And you saw us on YouTube you thought you
know I’d come over and see what they’re all about right? Right. A little alternative treatment is what they
were doing. Ya, and how’s your neck pain since starting
care in our office? After three visits it feels better than after
probably about you know eight to ten years of going to those chiropractors. There you have it. So even if you’ve been to another chiropractor,
you’ve had neck pain, you’ve had it worked on and you haven’t seen results, you know
they’re not, we’re doing some things that are cutting edge on the terms of taking care
of people when healing neck or back pain. You got a guy like John, he’s in neck pain
for ten to fifteen years, he’s been seeing chiropractors his whole life, he comes to
us for three visits, his pain is the best it’s felt in how long? About I’d say eight to ten years. Eight to ten years. So eight to ten years neck’s the best it’s
felt. So we’re going to show you the dry needling
technique that we use with John and we’re going to show you the adjustment that we do
with John and some soft tissue work on how we’re treating this area. Where’s the biggest complaint here? Is this, right through here? The biggest complaint would be right here
in, right there that lowest vertebrae in the neck and then it would radiate out through
my trap. And at its worst it would radiate out into
my shoulder and I would get numbness4 in the shoulder, bad. Ya and you haven’t had that since you started
coming over right? No, nothing, no. So
was that last time or the time before we had that really, it was two times ago right? Where we had, it was, I think we’re on John’s,
this is his fifth visit. So after… Actually I think this would be the fourth
visit. This is the fourth visit, so after the third
visit we had, I mean we needle some spots that were fantastic on him. Ya. And then we had a really really good adjustment
where we got some really good quality movement out of the joint there. And you came up you’re like oh my, that looks
pretty, it was pretty cool. After that second adjustment or the second
visit overall that was the big one. Ya. So he felt better after his first visit, you
know, and we expect him to be a little bit sore, you know we’re doing a new technique
on him. Right, it was a little sore, a little, a little
stiff, it wasn’t like groundbreaking but that second visit was just the biggest one. Ya. So a lot of people ask do we have to go again,
you know how many times you have to go? You know it depends on the case right? It depends on how long you’ve had problems
for and it can vary from time to time. You know typically you see someone who’s got
history of neck pain ten years, you’re thinking chronic case, scar tissue adhesions, it’s
going to take a while to get better. But look at John. Three visits, even two visits you felt seventy-five
percent better, fifty, sixty, seventy five percent better. So we’re dry needling at the base of his C-spine
and the top of his T-spine. SO here’s C6 right here and then C7’s right
here. Here’s T1, T2. And so the lung field starts kind of like
right here at T3. So as long as I’m above that I can go straight
down, I’m able to get in at C7, T1, T2. And then we adjust him, you’ll see that adjustment
too, and it’s just you get some really great movement out of it. Here’s a good spot John. A lot of people ask does it hurt? Does it hurt John? No. You can barely feel it going in. Ya. Maybe when we first started doing it on maybe
the first or second day there were some sore spots when we were in there. Ya the first the first time, first visit was
the worst. Ya, as far as pain is concerned with the needling. Ya, and when I say worst I use that very loosely. Ya. Even then you can barely feel it. And so what you’re going to feel it may be
a little bit of burning, a little bit of aching, a little bit of tingling. Right, and it’s only a few seconds worth. Ya a few seconds then it subsides pretty quick. Alright we’re going to do a couple in your
trap. Alright so we’ve got two more John, then we’re
going to pause the video and we’ll come back and show that adjustment on you okay? Okay. Do I hit that same button to pause? That’s a good spot, Alright we’ll see you
guys on a little bit for the adjustment. So here’s John and we’re doing some ultrasound
after the dry needling, and we’re combining it with stim. So the stim lead goes back to the machine
and it, ultrasound, the stim piggybacks along the ultrasound and it goes a little deeper. So it allows us to do ultrasound, which is
a deep heat tissue as well as a muscle stim, which is a muscle relaxer. Works great after dry needling. How does that feel John? It feels great. What’s the sensation you’re feeling? I feel a little bit of like tingling where
she has the device on the shoulder and everyone once in a, you know, every few seconds you
get like a little muscle jump in there. But it feels great. That’s nice. Alright so he’ll do this for another four
more minutes and then we’ll show you guys the adjustment. So we’re back and we’ve got John the table
here. We’re going to show you the adjustment than
we do for him, and here we go. There you have it, a really nice, that was
a great adjustment too. Ya there you saw it. Pain for ten years, other chiropractors saw
some relief but nothing permanent. Three treatment with us dry needling, ultrasound
and stim, adjustments, he’s felt in ten years. Yep. Ya, and thanks YouTube because you send him
over see us. So thanks for watching and we’ll see you guys
next time.

52 thoughts on “10+ years of Neck Pain Resolved in 3 Visits With This Kind Of Treatment”

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  2. It would be convenient if you could please always identify that dry needling is involved in the title. I'm somewhat needle-phobic and so avoid the dry needling videos, but this one kinda duped me into watching it with the clickbaity title. Love your chiropractic stuff, would just prefer to avoid seeing people getting needles put in them. Thanks!

  3. This guy is always professional, but still maintains that normal down to earth vibe that makes the whole adjustment go smooth. That along with the obvious knowledge that he has would make me pick them over Drs. who are closer to me. Keep up the good work

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  12. I had dry needling done for achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis. I found it to be very effective, but the recently banned it here in New Jersey.

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    thanks a ot for your videos! geetings from Argentina and srry for my english!

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  18. Hello Dr. Blake! I usually see your father for my treatments, but I was curious about a couple points in this video. What muscle are you inserting the dry needle into at 2:39? What is the filament diameter/length of the needles being used? Many practitioners manipulate the needle (move it around, dip it in and out, move it around in circles, etc), why don't you do this and why not? What muscle is the needle being inserted into at 5:44? What makes you say that it is a "good spot"? What are you feeling as the needler? Thank you!

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