(upbeat music) – My neck is always cracking. – Cracking? – Yeah. – Okay. – I feel like pressure. – Pressure? – In this area. – Okay. – So I start feeling like dissis…dissis? – Dizzy. – Yeah dizzy. Well I start feeling like
that, so what I do is I do a massage this area
and it start relax me but at the same time I feel something like a pull or push
something working inside me in this area. – Okay. – So when I feel a little better so when this feeling goes away what I do is this. – Oh, I see, okay. – But I feel better. – Do you feel that part down here? Or do you feel it up here? – Yeah right here, in this area. – Is that so? – It is so tight right here. The pain is still in my shoulders. – So, for the neck, so what do you so you mainly feel it down here? Like you don’t feel it much up here? – It’s all this area. – The whole thing? – The whole thing. – Where is it the most? Do you feel it the most
up here, down here? – Right here. – Right up here? – Oi. – Then the pressure that
you feel, the dizziness do you feel that pressure, you
feel the pressure over here? – Yah. – But massaging this helps a little bit? – Pressure right here helps
me with pain right here but is so relaxing, it goes away. – Okay. – When I sleep all night, so I am over this and this, this side also sometimes on this and this side, so. It start feeling right here, pain. – In the front side? – Yeah on this side. So my arm started slipping, so when I do this, it start relaxing. So I move over to this
side and say the same. Its more this area than this one. Feel more the pain in this side. But it still, you know,
I start feeling feeling. So right here, almost at my hand, all this area round here. – So from here to here,
feel all the way down? – I feel like a board. – Bird? – Board in this area. – Okay. – When I am walking, or sometimes at night so doesn’t matter, sometimes forget I feel board. – From here to here. – Yeah. What I do sometimes when I feel that so I go maybe in the living room and go like this, push
back, crack, it goes away. – It goes away? Where do you feel it, where
do you feel that crack? That crack do you feel
it down here, do you – Right here. – Right here, this area? And you said it goes away after that? – It goes away. And this pain is the most,
inside here, right here. I feel like someone stab me. – Someone is stabbing you? – Yes. – On this side? – Right here. – Okay. – In this area is the most. During the night when I’m sleeping, so I start feeling that pain. So I get up yeah, So I put my feet like
this, I try to go to get up I feel in this leg, from
these fingers to right here. – Ah all the way so it
goes all the way like that? – All the way, on my back. So, like needles. – Like needles? Okay. – Yeah like something, can’t
explain it, so pain, not good so what I do is, do this pace,
tap with my fingers like this with my shoes obviously,
and that helps a little. – So doing that helps a little bit? – Yeah. – Okay, so how long have you had that for? – This one, on the side? – Yeah well this going all the way up, how long have you had that for? – Uh, maybe a month? – A month, okay.=The worst pain is starting like three, three or four months ago, in this area. But for many years I have this pain. – So when do you mainly get
this pain down both legs? Is it when you’re sitting? – When I’m sitting, and when I stand up. – When you stand up, okay. And now when do you mainly feel this? Every day? – Every day. All the time. all the time. Right now, I don’t feel too much, but it still, it still, all the time. Even when I walk, like this,
I feel a lot like this. – When you’re walking? – Like this, yeah, because. – Because of right here? – Yeah. – On the right side? – Or working I feel like my
body more leaning on this – On the right side? Okay. So we have some nerve pressure
down at the bottom here but as soon as you get
all the way to the top – Right there – It switches over, yeah
and you can feel that it goes all the way to the right side. Yep right there. Okay. So if I poke down here, is that painful? – A little. – So does it hurt more if I
push up here or more down here? – There, there. – Right here? – There, yes, where I feel more. – Still, this is the most? – Yeah, yeah. – You feel pain like from
here all the way down there. So if I press right here Not too bad? – Not too bad. – That right there? – Right there. – So we’re gonna adjust up here, we’re gonna adjust that middle lower back and we’re gonna adjust
your lower back there. We need to focus on that while we’re here because you feel a lot of that pressure in the back of your head too and you said you feel like this pretty much, you feel most
of the pain over here? – In my brain. – Like yeah, in your brain, yeah. – On the brain. – So, we’re gonna focus
on that while we’re here so also, your hip right here it’s basically twisted in like this so what we need to do is we basically need to bring that outwards. – Yeah. – That over here, that’s
also where you feel a lot – At that point. – Exactly right there, yeah. That’s where you feel from here pretty much all the way down, right? So we need to focus on there a bit too. So we’re gonna do those readjustments. So what I’m gonna do here is I’m not gonna twist you
round like this, okay? So I’m gonna push in
with my thumb this way and basically pointing over here. – Okay. – Okay so that’s a lot better. Not too bad right? – Not too bad. – There we go. That was good, coming
up, you felt that right? You all right? – Yeah I’m okay. – What I’m gonna do is
when you breathe out, I’m gonna give this a push
going down like that, okay? So big breath in, and the way out. Good. That was good, you okay? – Yeah I’m okay. – Cool. – Good adjustment man. – Yeah was great. – Good. Alright, so walk around a little bit. – I can feel my pain here,
but I don’t feel too much. – That’s good. – More up here. – What about the hip, over here? – Much better. – It’s better, good! I don’t know if you had pressure before we adjusted your head but how does your neck feel now? – Now is feeling better. – Good. So, if I poke right here again does that hurt as much as it did before? No? – No. – Good. Does it hurt as much if I push here? – No. – Good. – Still I feel it you know, but normal. – Right so now, so go from, I want you to try to stand up let me know if its still as
painful when you stand up. – No. – No? Not bad right? – Here in my fingers. – Yeah in the sartorial. Pretty good? – That’s why, I was hearing the telephone no time to get in here or
just sitting in my house and I need to pick up or get up and I go like this – Yeah yeah yeah right. But its not doing that right now? – No no no. – Hey, its good! – I was losing a lot of something here. – Right, yeah. – When I do this, my knees, this area but is now not painful. – Good, that’s awesome. It’s not painful. – I can walk away. – Not too bad right first customer! – Yeah… – For the first month,
we’re gonna make sure we get you out of pain and just keep letting us know how you feel every time that you come in because those are some really
big pains that you have, you’re already feeling
like a lot better but yeah make sure you are telling
us how things are going. – All right, bye then. – Well any questions for me? – No. – We’re all set, all right. – Thankyou. – Not too bad first visit right? (laughter)

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