Hello everybody. I want to show you some exercises to start
strengthening the knee. Control your resistance with band tension,
keep you heels closer to the floor, slow it down. Slow it down, keep your feet flat. In case of poor ankle’s mobility place a small podium under the heels. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, straighten your back, do not bend over. Straighten your knee, slow it down. Feet are close to be on one line, upright
torso, body weight in the middle between legs. Lean with your back against the wall and
your feet about two feet away, your feet are flat on the floor and about shoulder width
apart, knees flexion 90 degrees. Your feet are shoulder width apart, keep
your feet flat or lift your toes. Keep your feet flat. Keep your pelvic, knees and shoulder on one
line. Slow down, don’t use to much tight band
to keep you pelvic on a ground. Try to keep the thigh of the active leg
in vertical position, slow it down. Start from 12 o’clock and go one way round. Make about 7 points. There are more difficult exercises ahead. Subscribe if you are interested.

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