Today… I am being stupid..(breathes in) yeah, I Am being absolutely retarded. I don’t know why the hell I’m doing this We got three bags of warhead candies 50 in each bag. It’s the 150 warhead challenge Guys asked me to do this for a very long time. So I’m gonna do this right now I’ve seen videos online and people going through half of it and their mouths bleeding. So I Am NOT excited about this at all I don’t know really why I’m doing this kind of poured myself a glass of milk just in case I Don’t know if that’s really even gonna help or anything But I got it Let’s do this right now. Let’s get started a Little cut a few of these in my days but Not that many don’t be Joe Some time to unwrap each one This is this is the worst part. It’s getting all these ready Then last one to unwrap greens always the worst is stickiest, uh-huh There you have it 150 orchids finally unwrapped all the wrappers and then the actual warheads I’m not gonna eat any colors one at a time or whatever. I’m just gonna eat whatever one I pick next I don’t know which ones more sour but here we go. This is only 1,500 calories So it’s not really how many calories but it’s the sourness that really gets to you. Will they sit here for the entire challenge? Probably not probably not Maybe I’ll need more milk. Who knows who knows but uh Let’s get started Hmm Hmm there’s one The green ones were the hardest to get how did the rappers something is new most our Hoes are sour Five at a time Hmm sharp Let’s do another five got a green one in there The tongue is feeling different already. I like the five out of time idea The roof of my mouth is starting to hurt, huh It really is We’ll try a yellow man this way oh I can see ideal White people run into problems I’m about halfway through right now with these candies, uh That’s blood That’s actual blood coming out of my tongue right now That’s why it’s hurting so I decided to stand just Because I don’t know kiss anything spot when I’m in paid It really hurts End of three Will under Sisson will five out of time should at six Anyone just Huh, would you just take a huge handful to ten huge let’s do this Let’s do this right ready Pete no, I’m not ready Sure, you’re not ready. Yeah, I don’t think I’m ready hurts retard for doing this. Yeah. I know. I’m pretty stupid All right. Here we go. We got like Nine in my hand nine So much right now, oh I dropped one Doing a bunch at a time This this is 10 10 by hand, right? No, this is 9 in my hand right now 9, all right 9 Pete you’re a retard. Yes. Yes. I am. I’m furious Pete the retard. Let’s go I hurt so much. I hurts right now Oh Oh Aah Oh my god Hmm oh my god Oh that really hurts it really hurts Yeah The roof of my mouth hurt besides I might melt the cut went undiscovered Rhop that goes in hurts It hurts bad. It was really really bad 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 32 34 36 36 left that means I’ve done 114 I don’t know if anyone else has done 114 yet My mouth is just horrible right now in a horrible state and it hurts so much. Oh my god stress six more Just to see if we can do it. That’s six right here How So you saw I divided them They’re not really divided anymore. The word divided at the tents, right? I’m 120 in It hurts think like I’m fine right now Yeah, I was not fine when I touch my tongue or anything touches it especially when a warrior taught his editors. The pain is excruciating but the only way I’m gonna finish this is if I do 10 out of time for three rounds and Then I did not hundred fifteen be like, I think the first person to ever do 150 I’m not giving up No, sir not giving up pull man, this is so stupid one two three four five six seven a Time to my hand right here Religious Pearls of death pearls of death Death heads that’s what you recall not war heads death heads Every time our warhead touches it And it’s a pureblood gash. Hey, I Got 10 more to go When this one missing warhead history, we’re doing warhead history right here 150 warheads this ever been completed by anyone I don’t think so Not that I know of at least Not that I know of Tennessee Two four six eight ten drop good. Yeah 150 250 total Who’s shaking thinking about this right now? Okay Easily the most painful challenge ever I’m just happy I finished it. I cannot describe the way my mouth feels Hi huggy shot Huh, oh no, I did it boys. We did it The spurious peak completing the warhead challenge hundred fifty warheads challenge as always guys Click that like button favorite share it By my shirts and stay sexy stay hungry of course, yeah

100 thoughts on “150 Warheads Challenge – Completed (WARNING: Blood and Pain Ahead) | Furious Pete”

  1. I used to do this all the time when I was younger. Went I wanna say 6 years without eating a warhead, and i forgot what they tasted like, so i bought a bag yesterday.

    0/10couldnt even eat one, idek how i ate them until my tongue bled when i was like 11

  2. Oh my God I really hope he got a lot of money for this. I had like 6 in one day my mouth was sore and I had ulcers.

  3. I hate how it makes your mouth so sore. Even the wrapper say it will hurt your mouth. Can only eat about 4 or 5 before your mouth hurts. Bad candy in my opinion. I like sour stuff but dang war heads HURT.

  4. Why do I get so annoyed when I see people chewing like toxic waste or something as soon as they put it in there mouth

  5. My mouth started doing that watering thing when I saw them unwrapped in the bowl, after you’ve only one lol. Am I the only one that happens too 😂🤷🏽‍♀️

  6. According to the Knightline Legal advertisement, the FDA banned all warheads from candy stores due to causing permanent damage to your health, last month, Felicity Fox's parents filed a clain against the sour candy manufacturer for a sour taste.

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