Hey everybody it’s Doctor Blake from Doctors
Adolph and Kalkstein Chiropractic. We’re showing some dry needling technique
for 17.1 recovery. So got a CrossFit athlete in with us and feel
a little tightness push to your shoulder, filing 17.1. And had some tightness in his front of his
shoulder and his hip flexor. We’ve already needled that. We flipped him over. You can see he’s already got some cupping
down on his low back, but we’re going to show you the dry needling for the posterior shoulder
and the posterior spine, upper spine through here. So we’re going to start things off, he’s got
some tightness back in his infraspinatus right through here. So if you guys, 17.1 was snatches? Dumbbell snatches. Dumbbell snatches and? Burpee box flex jumps. So there’s a good one right there, all the
way down to the bone. So that snatch, that pull is biceps, tendon,
anterior mid delt, and then on the back side you’re going to get infraspinatus, his seratis
interior, his seratis posterior, his rhomboids, his erector spinae group. And then you’re going to come down here and
you’re going to get lumbar spine and hip flexor stuff going on. So we’re going to need all this athlete, we
did his anterior shoulder and we did his hip flexor over here, and then we’re going to
needle those posterior capsule, ultrasound through here, I’m doing some ART on his psoas,
gently adjust as low back, his upper back, his neck and his first rib. And that would be, he’ll be feeling pretty
great after that. And then we’ll probably see him next week
too. Ya. As we do, figure out what 17.2 comes out tonight
right? Yep. Ya, and so we’re just showing the treatment
before, so we got his arm kinked up like this so we can get in underneath his sub scap here. I’m gonna come in, let me just move this down
a little bit on your Dave. Okay now relax that shoulder for me. Now I can definitely get right underneath
his shoulder blade. So underneath the shoulder blade, and we’ve
got to an alignment with the rib here. So I’m gonna go, ya there there’s a good one
Dave right there. So I like this position because it’s really
unique. You can get right up underneath the shoulder
blade here and get into that sub scap muscle. Just a couple there. Relaxing. And then here’s the spine where I come right
off his spine and his erector spinae group. Good. And we do a couple more. We got another one up here on his erector
group and they were, any other areas getting tight on you? No, that’s pretty much them all. Ya. It’s a good one, we’ll do one more right there
Dave. So as a CrossFit athlete Dave usually comes
in once every couple weeks, gets tuned up, makes sure his body stays in peak condition. We adjust him, we dry needle, we do stim and
ultrasound, we do ART, he kind of gets the works. The cupping that you’re seeing here, this
is leftover effects from cupping. He’s got a PT that he works with as well that
does the cupping and does some myofascial work as well. And go right along this rhomboid group. Good. One more along that rhomboid. Okay so we got the erector spinae, we got
the rhomboid group. These right here sub scap, they’re kinda coming
out like this but when we inserted them they were that way. They’re probably, when I pull now they’re
going to be bent, and we got a couple in his infraspinatea at the trigger point right there. So that’s it for now guys. If you guys have any questions about dry needling,
about recovery tips for the CrossFit open, leave a comment to this video and we’ll see
you guys in the next one. Bye.

62 thoughts on “17.1 CrossFit Dry Needling Recovery Treatment”

  1. Is there ant risk at all that the needles might break off if you don't pull them correctly? Plus how do you decide whether to adjust someone or push needles into them?

  2. Hi I'm at 17 year old junior in high school and when I get older I want to be a chiropractor. Thank u for all the info you put out. Just subbed and will continue to watch in the future for sure

  3. First of all Thank You for the video! Second of all I want to do some Dry Needling but I am somehow afraid of it, and I'd like to know if it is dangerous? Thank you in advanced!

  4. I spend a lot of my time sitting on a chair and my laptop is pretty heavy too.. I used to feel a lot of pain in n around my shoulder blade and upper back (the kind you feel in your legs when u sprint) sort of a burning sensation.. I tried various things from sleeping on the floor to not carrying a back pack.. It had become a new normal.. Now I feel there is hope.. Too bad I just moved out from Greenbelt,MD.. I ll definitely take an appointment with you next time I visit maryland…
    Thanks Doc.. I hope you get a million subscribers..!! Peace

  5. can you recommend someone in New Orleans, Louisiana? I need someone to fix my constant need to attempt to crack my upper back by pinching my scaps together.

  6. Dry needling is almost impossible to find in Seattle because the courts banned PT's and Chiros 3 years ago. I've tried acupuncture but they seem to be into aligning my chi and not going right to the sore muscles. I desperately need unwinding; mid back to neck is one block now.

  7. Whats the difference between dry needling with no electric stim and dry needling with electric stim? My PT says that The electric stim can show the contractions and the signals within the muscles as well as show which muscles are not signaling as well.

  8. Your channel appears to receive many comments. I hope that I am not bothering you with a question that a quick Google search may suffice but can dry needling help with symptoms associated ulnar neuropathy, or to help repair muscle and nerve damage?

  9. When I first saw this video I was shocked. I've been treated for severe upper back pain here in Paris for the last couple weeks now using DN therapy, however my therapist only stings me a couple times per session max (I have rather strong reactions to the treatment) and I feel like the results are slow to come. Are there any advantages to one approach versus the other? The more stings the better?

  10. The first time I had this done I was a little sore afterwards. Trust me, If can get this done, then anyone can get this done. The procedure itself didn't hurt. Keep in mind when you're in pain, added pain to relieve that pain doesn't matter…you just want that quick relief, anyway you can get it.

  11. I have a question because I attended a level 1 Dry Needling training: it saids that you need to elicit a twitch response by doing a rotating and pistoning action for each needle. Why didnt you do it?

  12. Friday is going to be my first time dry needling, i am so scared 😂 scared of needles and this looks creepy haha! Wish me luck

  13. I had a very bad shoulder injury for years and I tried everything, just got dry needling done today and oh my god my shoulder feels like it did in high school.

  14. I'm a physical therapist student. And i'm so excited to take the dry needling course on friday. Could you give some info on the science / experience you got with the health effects of dry needling?

  15. Just got back from having this done and it’s life changing. Doctors couldn’t figure out why I was having neck pain. They just gave me tons of muscle relaxers and pain pills. This provided instant relief. Cant wait to have a second session!

  16. My sister in law SWEARS by dry needling for her shoulders. She is a hair stylist with bad shoulders (something about her muscle is too large for the bone???) Anyway, she has a lot of shoulder pain, and she said this alleviates mostly all of the pain

  17. I hate getting a needle shot in real life, but for some reason these dry needling videos are quite relaxing. And I'm learning at the same time, it's great.

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