Cancer, it’s a word that if I say it to somebody
you have cancer this is like hitting you on the head with a club. It’s a life-changing
event no matter how you look at it. My goal is not to be aggressive as possible and kill
everything, my job is to make cancer a livable manageable condition so that you live with
cancer rather than dying with cancer. And this really is or are the lucky years with
regard to cancer. I want to talk about two kinds of fundamental shifts that are happening
now. The first is what we call immunotherapy. When cancer cells happen they have a don’t
eat me signal on the surface. Well, we now have the ability, and there are drugs that
are approved that block that don’t eat meat signal and allow the immune system to come
in and basically eat the cancer. We’ve seen this work with a remarkable 90+
year individual named Jimmy Carter, our former president. And we’ve seen it work with many
other patients. So cancers like skin cancer melanoma, like kidney cancer, some types of
lung cancer and others have had some pretty dramatic results with this immunotherapy and
it’s only getting better. We’re learning how to harness the power of our own immune system
to attack cancer literally more on a daily basis. Number two is what we call precision
or personalized medicine. And they mean the same thing. And there’s a lot of confusion
out there some call it precision medicine or personalize, they’re the same thing. And
what it means is that I can now, for example if you have cancer, I can take a piece of
your cancer and sequence the DNA and look at what genes are turned on and what genes
are turned off and hopefully develop a way to turn off the driving genes. And it works.
And it works in many of the patients, not all. In many of the patients we don’t yet
know the drivers. We don’t have drugs to turn off every gene, but I can sequence the DNA
of the cancer and develop a personalized therapy of that patient. So there may be a drug that
was FDA approved for breast cancer, that gene is driving lung cancer and I can use it in
that patient. You know, in the 1800s in Europe they started
to classify cancer by body part. You have breast cancer, you have prostate cancer or
lung cancer. The next generation of students of doctors are going to classify cancer by
what are the on switches and the off switches and it doesn’t matter what body part it originated.
At the same time, there’s another way of thinking about cancer. Because historically we would
say we have got to target that cancer cell and kill it. Well, to me cancer is a verb
and not a noun. You’re canering, something the body does and not that the body gets.
And so that philosophy needs a very different way of approaching disease and it means changing
the system in addition to trying to target the cancer. So, for example, there was a trial
done about a decade ago where they took women with premenopausal breast cancer and normally
we treat them and then wait for the cancer to reoccur and we treat again. In this group
of women after treatment we divided them into two. Half got a drug that builds bone that
was meant for osteoporosis and half got a placebo. And the cancer recurrence was reduced
by about 40 percent. Why? Because breast cancer metastasizes to bone. So if I change the soil
the seed doesn’t grow. So one of the most remarkable advances in
cancer was from a drug that didn’t even touch the cancer. Just this week we announced a
trial where patients with advanced prostate cancer who are on aspirin do better because
aspirin blocks inflammation. There is data out of there that across the board with every
cancer people who are on a statin, as the Lipitor/Crestor’s of the world, that those
patients do better than patients who were not. Why? Again, because those drugs block
inflammation and inflammation allows cancers to change more over time. So if we can block
that change we can get a better outcome no matter what cancer no matter what treatment.
So we’re learning a lot, new ways to target the cancer and treat it, immunotherapy, molecular
targeted therapy, and at the same time looking to change that system so the cancer doesn’t
want to grow. Because remember, if you drop a match after it rains, nothing happens. If
you drop a match in Los Angeles it goes up in flames. I want you, as an individual, to
be much more like after it rains than to be like that sunny Southern California.

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  1. 4 minute video: 3 minutes after upload already one downvote 😀 although to be fair, there's an upvote as well

  2. Do you really think Jimmy Carter had cancer? Jimmy Carter is a 33 degree Freemason. He's in on the 600 BILLION Dollar a YEAR Cancer Treatment business in the United States…Do you think any of these people are making money? My nephew…my mother and my sister ALL died from Cancer They ALL took that horrid treatment…and ALL died . horribly within six months. Do you think I'll take that treatment?

  3. "Live with Cancer instead if dying with cancer"
    Screw CURING cancer right? There's no money in that. Just keep them alive so we can bill them for as long as possible.

  4. hmmm. I think that the best way to cure cancer will come in about 10 years, and it will completely get rid of the cancer after a few treatments. Basically, you need to genetically modify a virus so that it only attacks specific cells. You would take a sample of the cancer cells from a patient, and then you would create a customized virus, and then you would quarantine the patient until the virus and the cancer is dead. We wouldn't want that virus to escape, just in case it could do harm to other people. Yes, your immune system would be fighting the virus, and you would get a fever from your overactive immune system, but that's still better than our current cancer treatments.

  5. Im glad drugs are illegal cuz dumb peopple like this pay shit tons of money
    To die faster
    While the true cures are supressed to the public
    Keep Giving Money To Who Cares Not About You
    Youre On the rigth path

  6. Big Pharma taking care of business, the business of making money off of new "band aides" while avoiding and, often times, purposefully hiding the truth about it's causes…what a surprise. Because they know all to well that there is no money to be made from a healthy society. Don't cure anything, just produce something to sell them that will allow them to "live" with their disease. That's the way of the western ill-healthcare system.

  7. i wonder who the assholes who disliked this video are this is literary a video talking about a new hope for cancer patients

  8. just avoid pesticides 80% of foods in your grocery is from intensive farming AKA ogm and pesticides
    40% of cancers comes from bad nutrition
    boycott Monsanto eat organic

  9. Sorry big think, love your channel to death, but be real here, curing cancer has no future until it stops being a multi-billion dollar a year business. Funny how you didn't mention the amount made off of cancer drugs every year. Also, the government can go ahead and legalize marijuana anytime here. Anybody denouncing the cancer inhibiting effects of that wonderful herb are a cancer to society. It's the same as anything else in this world, money > the value of a single human life. Especially when the big pharmaceutical companies can just siphon as much money as possible out of you for "cancer treatment," to ultimately still have you die of cancer.

  10. Wow. There are so many doctors in this comment section who clearly have medical degrees and know more about cancer than this doc. They defs aren't people who read an article on the Internet once. That would be silly.

  11. Suffering with an unknown outcome, my guess is most everyone has some type of relation to this issue. I suppose the use of Cannabis will help in some ways from my observations during the illness, although, the lucky days will be the eradication of it someday.

  12. I live in Canada with socialized medicine. That of course means entrenched bureaucracies and lengthy processes of bureaucratic approval, budgetary changes, new 'approved' methods, etc.. I can pretty much expect that if I get cancer now, I'll be treated with the treatment regime of twenty to thirty years ago. Assuming I get treatment at all, of course, as waiting lists to see specialists can be six months or more, during which your cancer isn't getting treated at all.

  13. Wow. Look at cancer as a verb, something the body does, not something the body has. Thank you Mr. Angus, I learned a cool lesson on perspective today.

  14. But what about Stanislaw Burzynski, Max Gerson, or William Li? Please look up those names if you don't know who they are.

  15. This cancer cure thing is a joke. It's been done many times before but shut down by big pharma because there's no money in the cure. You might call me a conspiracy theorist but that's not my problem. Marijuana oil DOES cure it and is PROVEN. This video irritates me.

  16. We have to be more active in cancer and other disease treatment rather than spending money to search for life in another planets!!

  17. Cancer is a scam, we know the cure for cancer. At its core it has to do with oxidation rates. If you drink and smoke you are de oxidizing your cells on quantum levels. we have had the ability to calculate the genes with something called bioinformatics. We can simly dehydrate the area with superconductors and other materials. You are being scammed. These people have had this knowledge for over 10 years. Now that people are catching up and doctors arent being trusted and tons of money is being lost in pharma they are slowly letting each but slip and will try to pull it off as a big accomplishment. The main perpetrator is jhons hokpins university. Look up bionformatics and bayesian models.

  18. Im interested to know why they never speak about the reverse affects of a Raw Vegan Diet has on Cancer.

  19. Cancer is a symptom of a sick body. Instead of trying to kill cancer, you need to get the whole body in a healthy state. Only a healthy body can get rid of a symptom. To get the body in healthy state you need to provide it with proper tools and remove the poisons that caused it. Do a youtube search for Kangen cancer testimonials and Reliv cancer testimonials.

  20. Or you can stop eating inflammatory foods like meats and animal products and eat more anti-inflammatory foods like fruits and vegetables for the same anti-cancer effect but without the dangerous and harmful side-effects. Also, healthy food is a fraction of the cost of these drugs.

  21. Not to downplay any of this because it all sounds great if we can take a pill and cure cancer.. But what about the simplest and proven cure of just changing your diet? Cut out meat and dairy from your diet, eat a healthy, raw plant-based diet and this is proven to stop the growth of cancer and even reverse the effects.

  22. I'm only a 15 year old girl from india & My strong dezire is to invent medicines for cancer. This video had inspired me the most!!!!!I'm pretty sure i will achieve my goal . My name is ridhika from kerala

  23. please help me educate the world about this, change the FDA, and beat my own cancer (which is used as evidence, I've refused chemo and radiation) while I do it. I really do need help or the cancer will kill me. thank you.
    I'm using vitamin C (which I'd like to afford to have injected into the tumors, I did it myself to the only tumor I can reach and it is gone). I take CBD oil, provided free because I'm now poor.

  24. Two state of the art treatments which are in use. Thanks, this will give hope to my friend who has bladder cancer.

  25. People in the comments are so stupid. He's saying that doctors are moving away from the "attack! attack!" mentality against cancer which has always been harmful even to healthy cells but necessary because there were no other options. He's just saying, it's better to change the way the body works to control cancer than trying to destroy the cancer and the body along with it.
    This isn't a new feeling. Doctors have been depressed for decades about the only available option being pretty much like farm weed control- cut, burn, poison (surgery, radiation, chemo) which often does nothing if it's already spread. With these new breakthroughs some doctors are now starting to dare to use the other C word (cure) where before there was only the hope of remission.
    But yeah, people in youtube comments are anti intellectual and conspiracy minded.

  26. Gold Nanoparticles
    Infrared Light & Lasers
    Lasers and Infrared light are one of the most common methods researchers use to kill cancer cells with gold nanoparticles.
    In this research, a test subject (mouse) has a cancerous tumor; the mouse is injected with gold nanoparticles treated with Antibodies to seek out the cancer cells.
    Once the researchers make sure that the gold nanoparticles have reached the cancerous cells, by taking x-rays of the treated subject, they direct the light in the direction of the Tumor filled with the Gold NanoParticles.
    Through Surface Plasmon Resonance the light heats the gold nanoparticles, killing cancer cells, and destroying the tumor.
    This happens with little or no damage done to healthy tissue.
    The 3-minute video below offers you an example of one way this is done.


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