100 thoughts on “20 Minute Full Body Flexibility Routine! (FOLLOW ALONG)”

  1. For those of you finding this routine too challenging, there is now a 15 Minute Beginner Routine available here: https://youtu.be/L_xrDAtykMI Don't forget you can download a PDF of the full routine in the description. Happy stretching 🙂

  2. Didn't realize how unflexible I was until I tried this! going to be doing this daily for the next few months, I'll keep you up to date with how it's going! thank you!

  3. Hi Tom,

    Great videos. Been using these techniques and definitely starting to notice a difference after about 2 weeks. I really liked the suggestion to use a block or something for the pancake, I wasn't really feeling it or able to do it at all until I added a block and I immediately saw a difference.

    Appreciate the time and effort.

  4. Just started stretching for flexibility as when I used to run or cycle my hamstrings get tight for already 2 days especially after long run… Can you please come up with stretching for that as well…

  5. Do this every every weekend, preceding a weight routine. Built up enough strength over the last few months to start more difficult bodyweight/calisthenics routines

  6. that's a terrible idea to do downward dog without any warmup, pushed the ankles so bad! sorry for the thumb down.

  7. I had back surgery when I was 15 and I never followed through with the physical therapy.. I've done this for the first time today and it got me sweating pretty hard because I have very little flexibility in my lower back because of the fusion, my hamstrings are very tight and my hips are tilted forward. I'm going to be doing this every morning and I already know I will gain a lot back if I do this everyday! Really easy and I just followed along and stretched as hard as I could. Thanks dude.

  8. I'm wondering about the correct position of the pose at 10:38. Should both glutes be in contact with the ground? Because in my case one is not! I guess it is compensation.

  9. I didn't do this because there is an incredibly attractive British boy on my computer screen for me to drool over making me wish I was living in the UK right now, I did it for the stretching. BAHAHA <3

  10. I can keep up through sheer force of will through most of this, however my knee bothers the heck out of me during the lunge segment. Is there anything to be done about that? Your mat is much less padded than mine, my legs aren't quite as big as yours so my knee is probably digging a bit more, but how much muscle could you have on your joint? Is it just an unaccustomed thing or will I hurt myself from forcing through the pain? It doesn't stop me from breathing or causes me any other issue outside of the annoyance.

  11. This kneeling pose you are in at the beginning…I can't even get to that. I can knee like an L, but I can't get my butt anywhere near my feet. It just won't go. What can I do to improve that? I can sit cross legged all day, but I can't get into a kneel.

  12. Hi
    Please guide me, I want to get as flexible as I can and I am right now barely overweight (had lost 10 kgs already and planning for 10 more) just wanted to know if this routine is all I need or I should add more to it?
    I want to learn martial arts starting next year after I get settled with a consistent job, as of now I am 22 yrs old.

    Please advice me for this.

    Martial arts preference : JKD

  13. This looks really good mate. Just started doing flexibility this month and will try doing this routine every day. Had problems with rotator cuff and bicep and need ice, hoping that’ll sort itself out.

  14. I wake up in the morning and my body is insanely stiff especially if I worked out the day before. These stretches really helped me out. Thank u so much. I can actually touch my toes without bending my knees. Lol I've been thru so many flexibility videos and this one is the first to give me actual results.

  15. great, great routine, been using daily to start getting my flexibility back! Actually build up a little bit of a sweat. Thank youu ??

  16. Many of these stretches assume that I have ground to stand on. Any alternatives for floating through an empty vacuum in space?

  17. I really enjoyed that routine. I'm adding it to my daily routine. I have bit of flexibility but have a huge way to go. Thank you for all the great content.

  18. Hey there! Love flexibility workouts – however I am finding touching my toes in standing pike pose is hard without bending my knees. What is the best workout to make that easier? it seems my feet hate being in dorsiflexion

  19. Thanks to you, I was able to start practicing this routine. I am used to do this arount 4 monts straight now. And Tom you literally save my life. Back then I Was sou tight and I have lot of back pain to. Now feel amazing and start adding more exercises. 🙂

  20. Great routine. The bursitis in my left hip has been flaring up lately and my left IT band is flaring up as well (old sports injuries). This routine really focused in on it. Now I'm off to foam roll as a finisher. Really do prefer the follow along routines. Much easier given my time constraints. Thanks for this one sir!

  21. Second day and loving this 20 min routine i do the 15 minute routine 1st and then into this one. Great fun and this work well for me. I will look at some of your other routines also.

  22. This is nice that birds are chirping your area is good for exercising all the best your videos are good be sporty?????????

  23. I would love a follow along for a little longer routine (maybe like 30min) to do in the morning. Always a bit disappointed when it’s over and having the feeling that I could use another 10min to get really activated.

  24. Found you yesterday! Thank you for offering follow along videos. Working on fixing my piriformis and ql . Over a year with herniated disks and useless drs. I am going through your channel and adding your routines to the end of my morning workouts. Thank you so much.

  25. I love this routine. I’ve been doing it about every day for the last and my flexibility has definitely improved. Thanks for this video!!

  26. Him: "hold onto your feet, or even your shins"
    Me: "my hamstrings are on fire, and my hands are on my knees!!"
    I think it is safe to say I will be following this routine for a while ?

  27. That was a great routine, I am just starting but hopefully 6 months of this and I will feel a real difference. This will be a painful journey..

  28. Didn’t think I’d have a pretty nice stretched out muscles but that last stretch where you have to spread your legs out is really tight for me, and I also didn’t know what you meant by something about the pelvis. I’m still not as flexible as I would like and have trouble touching my back and I still have to stretch my neck more as well as my hamstrings and lose more fat

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