Hi guys! I’m Dr. Aliya and I’m here with three easy acupressure points that you can do right now. So, simply stated, acupressure is the application with your thumb or fingertips to specific points along the body that produce therapeutic effect. A lot of these points correspond to organs or organ systems and follow along with acupuncture points. And some of the symptomatic relief that they provide are things like headache relief, stress relief, relief of nausea, anxiety and just neck and shoulder pain in general. How to do it. Well, one of the easiest things you that can do is acupressure because you can do it to yourself and it’s non-invasive, meaning you don’t have to pop that extra-strength Advil. One of the things I love to do before we start acupressure is take a couple of deep breaths in and out by closing your eyes and breathing deeply into your belly. This helps to calm your nervous system. Also remember when you’re doing acupressure you want to start off with a little bit of light pressure and slowly, gradually increase the pressure as you start to hold that point. Again, remember to breathe deeply throughout the whole point holding. The first point in LI-4, so Large Intestine 4. You can find it – it’s actually really easy to find. It’s between the thumb and index finger, in the webbing. Right in here. One of the easiest things to do is use your opposite hand, and come over to your other hand, and find that webbing and then go a little bit deeper. So you’re actually pinching, both sides, the same on both sides and you’re pinching and just holding that pressure in the really meaty part of that muscle. Remember, close your eyes. Take a nice deep breath in and out and gradually increase the pressure as you go. Now this point is amazing because it helps with not only stress, but helps to relieve pain, any type of facial or tooth pain any type of anxiety, and is really just calming for the nervous system. The second point is what we call PC-6, or Pericardium 6. This is an easy point to find as well. It’s located in the inner forearm. To find it, bring up your hand and basically three finger breadths. You’re going to count three finger breadths below the wrist crease. The point’s actually sitting right between the two tendons that are located in the inner part of your wrist. So you can see mine if you can. You can look on yourself. You can see the two tendons and the point actually sits right between them. I sometimes use my index finger. You might get a little bit more pressure and a little bit more leverage if you’re using your thumb. And again, holding the pressure and taking nice deep breaths in and out. Now this point is amazing because it helps with motion sickness, it helps with nausea, it helps with morning sickness and if you’re suffering from any type of wrist pain or carpal tunnel, it also helps to relieve those symptoms as well. And the final point, guys, is called GB-21, or Gall Bladder-21. It’s really easy to find this one as well. To find it you’ll want to locate the base of your neck and the tip of your shoulder, and it’s in the nice meaty part of the upper trap muscle. Basically you come around, and you use your opposite hand here, and you just pinch in that halfway point between the base of your neck and the tip of your shoulder. So coming in and just giving your trap a little bit of a squeeze and then holding. And taking nice deep breaths in and out. Now this point is great for what you can guess – shoulder and neck pain, but it’s also a really good stress relief point as well. So guys, those are my three easy, essential acupressure points. Now remember if you’re pregnant, always check with your healthcare practitioner before doing any of these acupressure points. Well I hope you enjoyed that video If you did, “Like” it and don’t forget to comment below. Love to hear what you do for stress relief and if there’s a favourite acupressure point that you use. Until next time, live healthy, live happy.

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