Using a ribber opens so many
possibilities for machine knitters. Here are three tips that’ll help you
master using the double bed knitting machine. Hi, I’m Sue the voice and the hands behind
the Knit it Now videos and for 10 years we’ve been helping folks just like you
learn their knitting machines and have success. The most important thing when using your
ribber is to have even weight as you’re knitting. We use a ribber comb and it puts weight
on the stitches, so they all knit properly from the main bed to the ribber bed. And the key to having success is to
have that ribber comb hanging evenly. So one quick tip is to Mark that center
tooth with nail Polish or a marker somehow. So that when you insert that ribber comb
up between the beds, you can position it and see exactly where it is and make sure
that that ribber comb is right in the middle of the knitted piece. Speaking of even weight. Sometimes when you’re knitting, those edge
stitches won’t form properly or they may even drop. The key is using one of these little
weight hangers is just a wire weight hanger along with a
lightweight ribber weights. Insert that right between the beds when
you’re knitting, will help keep weight consistent weight on those edge
stitches and keep them from dropping. So as you’re knitting every few inches,
just let that weight hanger, put it back in between the beds, and you’ll have
beautiful edges no matter what needle arrangement you’re using
1×1, 2×2, whatever. Weight hangers. Now, if you’d like to learn even
more about your ribber, please visit We’ve got a whole classroom on the topic
that will help you learn more about your ribber and tempt you with some really cool
fabrics and things that you can do with it. Also, remember to subscribe to this
channel and watch our weekly videos, specifically on machine knitting. Our goal is to help you be
a better machine knitter. Now. Another tip is a little bit of a work
around, I don’t know about you, but I always tend to lose my double I needle
this double like needle is used for moving stitches back and forth between
the rib bed and the main bed. And these little things just tend to play
hide and seek, and sometimes you just can’t find it. For a quick alternative, you
can use your transfer tools. You just insert the tools in the opposite
direction and transfer the stithes between the beds. This takes a little practice, but it’s
good in a pitch when you can’t find your double eye needle and you just
need to transfer a few stitches. Are you ready to expand your machine
knitting skills and use your ribber? Just it off. Get it ready to go and do some
knitting and please come visit us We’ll see you there.

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