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  1. Hey Bob and Brad! You guys are the best! I've been sharing your channel as much as I could.
    Keep it up you legends, your doing trully positive work.
    And I hope I get that Bob and Brad Mug!!! (Not the strong like bull, I want your ugly mugs)

  2. Very good, ´´Better to be an optimist who gets disappointed that a pessimist who has no hope. – Robin Sharma´´

  3. I suffered for years with extreme lower back pain, hip pain, and knee pain. I was told by multiple chiropractors and physical therapists that the cause of my pain was from my lower back. Turns out, I had a large tear in my hip as well as a bad bone spur. I had hip surgery 3 months ago, and I still can’t believe how much my lower back pain has subsided. I can’t believe how much the pain in my lower back was from the hip. Surgery has been a blessing; and after years of suffering, I’m finally getting my life back. Thanks 🙏🏻

  4. I have really bad pain under my shoulder, mid back, rhomboid
    Can you please make a video on exercises pleaaase

  5. What do you do when the act of putting your left foot on your right knee causes excruciating pain in your left hip? I need an exercise so I can do the exercise!

  6. Much of what you say works great, how's mine is more so a bulging disk at the sciatic nerve. 18 months of this and I still cannot find a way to work it away. It is cannot be bad enough for surgery, shirley I can fix it with the right tools.
    It would be great to learn those tools to fix it.

  7. Thank Y’all 🥰 My daughter had to pop her hip back yesterday- hopefully she will Benefit from these!! Just shared this to her. Y’all LoveZ your Videos 🤩💫💯

  8. I've tried the hip stretches in the chair.. the one where you put one foot over the opposite knee and press the leg thats crossed gently down. I did them lying down, actually. I now have weakness in the hip joint, like I don't have enough strength to lift my leg without slight discomfort.. like my leg could fall off but not quite that bad. Any suggestions on how to strengthen that joint?

  9. Thank you!!!
    Starting these today!!!!!
    Who knew we were about
    the same age🤷🏼‍♀️
    I figured myself several years older😳
    Anywho, love your vids, love you guys & grateful you share your knowledge💙

  10. After years of playing golf I have problems with my right hip. The two things that give me relief more than anything are laying on the floor and squeezing a kick ball between my knees or going to the gym and using the inner thigh machine. Both give me instant relief. If I neglect doing these exercises for more than 3 days the ache returns.

  11. I love you guys. I would love to see a video of all of the exercises and stretches you do every day. It would be great to put together a routine for general health.

  12. People who are in the grass😂
    I’ve heard “people who are deep in the weeds” but I guess the meaning of that has changed !

  13. I sure wish you would discuss which muscles are involved when you cross your legs because that is where I am having trouble. Unable to cross one leg now and that leg has great pain in the inner thigh. Thanks guys – you are great!

  14. Don't put your foot in that position, Bob (#1), you're stressing your plantar fascia! (You told us not to do that in your plantar fasciitis video) – more confusing than politics! 😒

  15. Hey, hey, HEY! 59? Old? Gimme a break! Just wait 'til you get "old". I'm still very limber, but the aches and pains… Oy! All of your exercises (if followed by your instructions) work! To all you youngsters out there. Do your exercises every day. If you want to keep moving, you've got to keep moving! Ah cha cha cha!

  16. well, i watched this early this morning. i've done the first stretch shown 4 times today and i feel an incredible relief of pain. wow, thanks Bob!

  17. You have any exercises for pinched nerve in c5, C6 causing burning achy hand pain? Also how about exercises for a Dancer's Hip?

  18. I've always done the second and third step out of common sense without realizing it can actually be a technique 😊 thank you for the info! You guys are great!

  19. If you have knee pain, a pillow ain't gonna cut it for kneeling for the hip flexor stretch. I highly recommend investing in an Arex pad (the large rectangular blue cushion you see in a lot of their videos–lots of companies sell them). That's the only thing that makes the hip flexor stretch doable.

  20. Thank you for the demonstration! I'll try these because I'm 71 and been experiencing a lot of hip pain this past year. I'll let you know if it helps. Again, thank you!

  21. None of these would apply to me because I do have hip and leg pain because of a series of falls. I went to a chiropractor and that helped. The pain went away. But recently as I get older I notice the pain returning.

  22. Thx for posting this!!! Trainer used to have doing the 3rd one. There was also another one, looked like hip rotation but cant remember it. Thx!

  23. 62, did all 3 of these Hip ex. today, found an immediate improvement. I was supposed to have a left knee replacement 2 years ago, decided to exercise instead, knee pain is now minimal. I will never let em cut on me.

  24. If my knee has some pain when I do the sit down leg cross over stretch like you are showing…what could be the issue with the knee joint?

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