– Hey everyone, it’s Dr. Chelsea
here with Sozo Chiropratic and today I wanna talk to
you guys about something that’s very common in today’s
society, and that’s neck pain. So a lot of times, people
suffering from neck pain also have other symptoms
like tension headaches, migraines, even trouble sleeping, and a lot times people don’t realize that neck pain is actually
the last thing to show up. So, when we have
degeneration and misalignment in our neck, what that does
is we get those misalignments and it puts pressure and
irritation on those nerves, or also, can cause a bulging disc and lead to all these other symptoms. So if you have neck
pain, what you wanna do is you wanna get to the
root cause of that problem so you can start treating
it because neck pain, again, is the last thing to show up. And you actually have a lot
of other important things that are being innervated
by the nerves in your neck. So if you look at this chart here, what you can see is there’s nerves that are actually going to your eyes, to your nose, to your
throat, to your ears, upper extremities, and
the list goes on and on. Our brains stem actually
sits right here as well. Our brain stem’s important
for a lot of different things including vital functions
such as heart beating, lungs breathing, food digesting, and hormone regulations,
sleep wake cycles. So the list, like I said, goes on and on. And what you wanna do,
is you wanna make sure you take care of, not only
just your neck’s spinal health, but your whole spinal
health so that your body can be functioning at 100%, which leaves zero room for dysfunction. Now, if you liked this video and you know of anyone that’s suffering from neck pain or you’re suffering
from neck pain yourself, you need to come out and get evaluated. We’re at Sozo Chiropractic
here in Castle Rock, which is right next to the
Douglas County Library, so like this video, comment,
share with your friends, and have a blessed day. (lighthearted music)

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