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  1. Mam, kindly please make video about the how to make our hard work constantly throughout the preparation of any exam… Because this small thing makes a lot of difference…. So, kindly make the video for this…

  2. Tq u mam I had seen u r video is work and pls upload a video how to balance the education aswell as to prepare for competitive exams on other side

  3. I have seen some videos of your topics and it was very useful for me. After seeing your videos I have changed myself .It is very very very useful & powerful thank u mam

  4. Dear Madam,
    I have seen your speeches and its very inspirational thanks for the knowledge shared. i have a question.
    How to come out from inferiority complex, i feel fear when i speak to higher level people even i know the subject clearly but still i could not able to speak bold in front of others. please give me a suggestion to improve.

  5. mam if u know about hairfall solutions please advise me how to stop. bcoz i have that problem slightly boldness started front side of my head. even am taking treatment in dermatology but no use. so please help me

  6. Dear Viewers,
    Please follow the below playlists in my channel. It will be useful for you.
    Stay Inspired & Stay Blessed. Good Luck 🙂
    1. Study Techniques

    2. Personality Development

    3. Communication & Body Language

    4. Interview Skills

    5. Group Discussion

    6. Telugu Motivation Talks

  7. Hi mam I am from muscat ,I am watching the video since long ,all ur videos r superb & useful ,helpful in our day today life

  8. Ma'am I will speak with others after that I will think whatever I spoke is correct or not. But I don't know I waste most of my time to think about it. How to overcome this

  9. pregnancy kosam medicines vaduthunanu…apati nundi koncham lavu avuthunanu…meru chepina exercises cheya vocha mam

  10. As far my experience, these exercises are actually very very beneficial. Thanks for sharing wonderful information mam

  11. నమస్తే మేడం… నాకు 2టైమ్స్ ఆపరేషన్ C సెక్షన్ జరిగింది. తరువాత uterus operation అయ్యింది. నేను సన్నగా ఉన్న పొట్ట ఎక్కువుగా ఉంటుంది. నేను మీరుచెప్పిన ఈ 3 excessive చేయవచ్చా????? Pls., రిప్లై ఇవ్వండి.

  12. Hai mam namaste !
    Nenu resent ga mee videos chusanu chala usefull ga unnayi naku last year accident ayyi back bone slight ga break
    ayyindhi so 3 months bed rest sugest chesaru now Iam ok but stomach baga perigi poyindhi meeru chepina weight loss deight fallow avvuthuna. Ee video lo chupinchina exercises cheyyavachaa mam please give me suggestion.
    Thank you mam

  13. Hi ma'am… can we do this exercises after surgery …I have pot belly..I have under gone (2) c.section (2) times hernia my weight is 95…I want to lose 30kg….can u have any suggestion…plz

  14. Mam I'm very impressed by you.
    Mam please make video on to reduce sleepiness while studying and also for making concentration on study. Please mam

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    ప్రకృతి నీ కాపాడండి
    ప్లాస్టిక్ కవర్లు వాడకండి

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