I don’t think ancient humans were complaining
about pains from how they “slept funny,” so if we’re the same species, what’s wrong with
us? Aches and pains are just part of life, but
do you think our cave, tree or grassland dwelling ancestors gave a crap about little aches?
Maybe they just didn’t get them as much. A story making the rounds this week claims to
have an answer — our posture is bad; like, really bad. A California acupuncturist with
chronic back pain travelled the world exploring cultures where chronic back pain wasn’t common
and attempted to reverse engineer their lifestyle choices. She observed cultures where women
and men spent their days working in fields, carrying heavy objects on their heads, or
quote “hunched over weaving, for hours,” and noted that none of them had back pain, even
though many were very old. Her explanation? Posture. Based on her observations, the spine shouldn’t
form an S, but a J. Looking at these people, late 19th century medical texts, and statues
from ancient cultures, all told her we were messing with our spines! This is a totally
plausible reason for pain, evolution guided us to the proper posture — and our social
culture has altered it — but this wasn’t a scientific study, just a number of case
studies. That being said, there are a number of studies saying we Americans (and many others)
probably ARE doing things wrong. There’s a TON of talk around the office about
how we sit in hairs, and my mom used to yell at me about slouching. If the acupuncturist
I mentioned is right, then sitting up straight COULD help, but if non-science isn’t enough,
studies from San Francisco State University have found keeping up straight when seated
correlates with generating more positive memories, whereas walking slumped decreases your energy
levels. So listen to my mother, and fix your posture!
You’d think something you do once a day (or maybe more!) you’d be good at, but you might
want to sit down for this one: you’re pooping wrong. Evolution didn’t involve toilets. Not
even once. Instead, humans would, like other animals, squat! Our human anatomy isn’t made
to push out a half-pound (120g) of waste while sitting down, instead, we’re supposed to
be squatting with the thighs running parallel to the abdomen! A 2003 study in Digestive
Diseases and Sciences found people who squatted pooped faster, and with less effort than those
on a toilet! A separate study from 2010 x-rayed people while they pooped out a fluid that
had been put INTO their colons and they found abdominal strain was way lower for squatting
than sitting! I love science. You don’t have to rip the porcelain throne out of the bathroom
though, just get a shorter one, or even put a stool underfoot to help align your legs
and abs! Since the late 1500s when the flush toilet
swirled into our midst, we’ve been pooping wrong — and now we’re having problems with
our our bowels. Pooping wrong creates all sorts of problems with constipation and, more
seriously, the abdominal strain causes painful swelling and bleeding of the veins around
your anus — that is hemorrhoids! In the US, eighty percent of the population
will have a sleep-related back problem at some point in our lives, and yet… we treat
the symptom not the disease. We spend one third of our lives asleep, but we’re terrible
at that too. Sleeping on our stomachs is bad for the spine, the fetal position hunches
the back and leads to neck AND back pain. Sleeping on medium-firm to firm mattresses
FAR better for the alignment of the back than too soft or too hard. And if you don’t want
to swap mattresses, at least switch to sleeping on your back; it’s supposed to be the best
for a natural spine position. Again, think about our evolution, we didn’t evolve to sleep
on a pillowtop, but on a thinly cushioned patch of grass or dirt. Today, about one-third of Americans in their
50s have some kind of chronic pain in their neck or back; another quarter have pain in
their knees or legs, and another 18 percent reported more general pain. According to a
Gallup poll, chronic pain increases from age 25 to 60 before it levels out. There are a
number of correlations to obesity, lower income, but overall — enjoy your early 20s, because
after that you start FALLING APART. Regardless, with a few simple tweaks, we can all sleep,
walk, sit and poop better. Thanks science.

100 thoughts on “3 Scientific Reasons Why Your Back Hurts”

  1. So Indians like me poop naturally? Amazing.

    Although majority of Indians now use toilet seat and paper.

  2. Whenever I sleep, I feel so wierd in my back, it feels so wierd and different, it dosnt hurt but it feels like someone is gonna grab and squish my back, Am I the only one feels like that!!! I am so scared 😳 😥😥

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  4. Back pain is cause by weak spinae erector muscles. Weak muscles cause lower back pain because they are prone to spasm. These muscles are under constant load at all times even while sleeping. Lower back muscles are some of the most important for your physical well being. This video didn't even go into the details but proper exercises to strengthen the muscle of the lower back (spinae erector) is effective at relieving and preventing back pain. Of course with exercise, make sure you use proper form, know your limits and no cheating to avoid injury.

  5. I've hardly seen any scientific proof in this video.. There is no good evidence that there is a correlation between posture and back pain :/ sorry

  6. listening to millenials speak is very irritating. I'm a millenial but grew up the youngest of much older siblings. Listening to him ramble on with quirky little face gestures and cheesy punch lines isn't easy. I just don't find many of the people younger than me, 32 and lower, to be very cool or unique. They are all the same and act and talk just like this guy. Our Internet age of people is tasteless and graceless.

  7. I'm impossible to fix age 10 fell of my couch hit my back now I have back pain I'm such and idiot for playing the floor is lava on movable couches

  8. ive been squating when going poo my whole life ive never sat down and went poo its impossible for me

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  10. Crap I need to change a lot of things that I've done for my whole life!😣I've always had back pain…I'm tall,not gonna Change that,but for some reason I like to sleep on my stomach with covers over my head with a little breathing hole which I'm now going to change.

  11. science made a research about that pooping with squatting and shit? Damn. i've known that for a long time since i was young based on my own experience, everytime i take a shit and i struggle, i squat lmao otherwise if it comes out easy, i just sit down lol

  12. I totally agree with you that a lot of back pain problems are caused by your posture. People seem to be getting lazier and tend to slouch more which can cause back problems. You need to learn to sit upright again. One of the easiest ways to help improve poor posture is to use a back pain cushion. It will educate your body to sit in the correct position and relieve your back pain. You can read more about back pain cushions at http://backpaincushion.com/ I am sure it will help relieve back pain problems.

  13. Your shoes are literally f*cking up your body. Not only your alignment and posture but your entire movement as well. Many muscles that you could be using that will help you stand straighter or provide more support are being disengaged or atrophied because of the change of your shoes.

    You could even do this experiment to prove it. Try doing something rigorous for a while. Something like exercise or yard work and try it without wearing any shoes.

    You'll find that you'll be much more stable and balanced you will even stand straighter and stronger

  14. Boi it don't take no science it's common sense my back hurts idk I think a mildly fractured it Scientific reason:I show cattle and one pushed me up against the fence and smushed me..today. Xd I screamed so loud

  15. Enjoy your everything before 25 after that you're screwed! Stupid age… your brain forgets more, your body aches so much and that's without any sort of obesity in my life. Oh always waiting for a new age pain is a bitch and there's no way of stopping it!

  16. When I was between 6-8 I jumped from my bunked bed to a mattress that I putted down me and my cousin always do it one day we jumped my back cracked and I couldn’t breathe and after that when I jump hard it happens I really want know why

  17. My question is…. if humans are told to stand straight how come the apes positions were hunched, Like how are the Humans different form the apes?

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  19. I'm 20 and I get a heck of back pain on my right side. Probably because I had a bad posture and overweight when I was younger.

  20. You’re working hard for the sake of comfort and stability. You earn so that you could spend quality time with family and friends. You persevere to gain a sense of accomplishment from your professional achievements. However, would you really be able to appreciate all those if you’re constantly battling back pain?The answer’s obvious. You need to take better care of your back starting today—it’s time to learn what causes pain and know how to avoid it.

    Anyways, read the below. This might help.

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  21. 1. Improper foot wear.
    2. Low Magnesium (80% + of world population estimated to be deficit)
    3. Acidic diet.
    4. General Posture.
    5. Stress (specifically: high cortisol)
    6. Poor Sleeping Posture.
    7. Past or Present opiate useabuse.
    8. Obesity.
    9. Lack of useimproper use of posterior chain muscles.
    10. Physical incident (such as injury)
    11. Uncorrected Genetic deformityabnormality (Scoliosis)
    12. Poor Hydration.

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  30. Buddy!!, the nourishment is the key to it!!,the posture is like 15% for the cause. The evolution part you mentioned its just a falacy

  31. My back hurts like and sometimes make me stop breathing for like 1-3 seconds 🙁 or 1-12 seconded idk man I think I'm dying

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  35. I'm 13 and have a general pain it's literally everywhere jaw, ears, neck, spine, tailbone, eyes, knees, feet, hands, shoulders it's just a lot way worse with my parents ignoring what I tell them "you're just trying to skip school" or stupid things like that can't they tell I'm in pain

  36. Actually I believe you should change your posture as much as you can during the day and keep an active style of life. The secret is moving, the more you move during the day the less pain you feel.

  37. Evolution is not true evolution is just a theory there is a God God's name is Jesus Christ if your body just randomly are made up of chemicals and cells how could you trust your own thoughts

  38. I’m 11 and I have TERRIBLE BACK PAIN AND PAIN IN MY HANDS OMG!!!! I’m going through weird things!!!!😡😡😡😭😭😭😢😢😢

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