Yo, what’s up? Eric here from
Precision Movement and in this video we’re going to go through three
techniques for de quervain’s tenosynovitis that’s also known
as texting thumb because a lot of people these days playing on the phones
too much developing pain in this area of the thumb here okay so where the pain is
localized is in these tendons on the thumb
it’s the extensor tendon and the abductors tendon that lifts the thumb up
and lifts the thumb away from the hand okay so that’s extension and then that’s
abduction away from the hand extension is up like that okay so those tendons
because of all this stuff are getting inflamed and causing pain so if you have
that pain what do you do about first of all very first thing you do before you
try any techniques is you stop whatever it is that’s causing the pain you got to
eliminate the root cause if your head is sore because somebody’s hitting it with
the hammer you got to stop that person from hitting you in the head with a
hammer okay so if it’s from mousing that’s another common root cause of this
pain switch the other hands just for a little while it’s good for your brain as
well working that other side of the brain in that movement but that’s
another conversation for another day so switch hands for mousing or if you’re on
the phone too much just drop it take it easy use voice dictation use your other
thumb for scrolling things like that little things you got to eliminate the
root cause that’s number one next the three techniques so this is what you
want to do the first is just like the test for Deker veins it’s called the
Finkelstein test you basically grab your thumb and you just gently honor
deviation so you bend the pinky finger towards the forearm just like that you
don’t have to go too hard if that causes a lot of pain there then that’s a
positive sign for dequervain’s that test is also one of the techniques it’s to
stretch but with this stretch you don’t want to go to aggress if you want to go
very gentle and just hold for ten seconds open it up and then relax and
you do three times ten seconds and you can do
that two to three times daily okay so that’s technique number one technique
number two you’re gonna do some transverse friction massage
okay so transverse means a cross and we’re gonna friction across these
tendons okay so it’s basically anywhere in that area
you can do you want to do this for two to three minutes basically you’re just
rubbing medium to medium strong pressure just like that okay you can do a minute
in one spot move a little bit I’m in in the next spot and again you do that for
two to three minutes two to three times a day
all right the last thing you want to do is a longitudinal I call this active
self myofascial release okay it’s kind of like Active Release techniques you
might have heard of it from a lot of chiropractors and physios offer it it’s
the same idea so this way what you want to do is you want to start with your
thumb extended and the wrist in radial deviation okay so you bend it that way
turn your hand over you put your other thumb apply some pressure and at the
your the the joint of the thumb the interphalangeal joint and then what
you’re going to do is you’re going to slide the thumb slide your thumb up as
you flex your thumb and ulner deviate the wrist okay see that motion there so
you start shortened position and then you lengthen the muscle actively as you
slide your thumb down and end up kind of in the forearm there okay so you started
the thumb again one more time make sure you see that flex the thumb ulner
deviate the wrist as you slide up okay and that’s just gonna allow you to break
up more any kind of muscular adhesions scar tissue soft tissue adhesions in
there to help to release that area so that you get out of pain okay now the
other thing that I forgot to mention is if you’re in a significant amount of
pain you just I don’t know marathon texting session with your girlfriend
your boyfriend or something then you just want to rest it and ice it down
just get that inflammation down and then after 24 hours because
big area you don’t need to ice it for too long or immobilize it for too long
24 to 48 hours then you get to these techniques okay
so those are the three techniques for de quervain’s tenosynovitis if you
want a little more depth or you’d like to read the article click the link at
the end of this video and you can get a dive a little bit deeper into this so
you understand it a little better and can deal with it effectively alright so
I’ll see you next time peace

57 thoughts on “3 Techniques for De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis to Relieve Wrist & Thumb Pain”

  1. I did the test and it hurt in my index finger. But when i press down on my wrist, where the tendons of thumb are it hurts. I got diagnosed with tenosynovitis a week ago, are there any other forms of it? Or does anyone have the same problem?

  2. Mine hurts too badly to do the first and last and I am unable to "quit doing what causes it" as mine is due to taking care of babies… I have 5 month old twins and it's getting to the point where I can't pick them up all the time, also my pinky and ring finger knuckles have kind of receded into my hand, suggestions? I can't take time out to have the cortisol shot and already wear a brace at night.

  3. Dudeeeeee i CANT FUCKING THANK U ENOUGH like i had a car accident two weeks ago and fucked up my wrist really bad and doctors just told me some dumb shit and gave me some pills but didn’t work really well a min ago i finished icing my wrist like i do everyday and then saw this vid did the first two steps and THENN the last one i did was fucking magical i did it twice and the third time my wrist popped like a pop I’ve been waiting on my whole life n then guess what i do not feel anything like really this was life changing i really appreciate u being on this earth u have no idea
    Ericcc i love u

  4. Both my wrist are bad, I've had 4 shots in my right and 2 shots in my left over 6 months and I had a MRI done, because the pain keeps coming back. Doctor said I need surgery but I'm avoiding it. I would rather have the shots to mask the pain then have surgery.

  5. What if it's slipping thumb joint more than wrist? Mine is weird. Could b rested & all of a sudden just feels out of place & aches & throbs.

  6. I suffering with this for almost 4 months with a trigger finger in my left hand 🙁

    Btw Thank you so much sir! I will try these 😉

  7. DONT GET THE SURGERY DONE JUST YET!!! here's why.. I had the same problem on my right wrist, then my left wrist. The right wrist got more painful as time went on. I am an HVAC Technician so I do a lot of repetitive hand movements. Anyway, I went and got the surgery done on my right hand about a year ago now. The recovery pain was not that bad but a uncomfortable slight pain did stick around for several months.
    Anyway, I had set up an appointment for the left had to get done…. in the mean time while I was working around heavy machinery I decided to lean up against a pipe and other times a wheel shut off valve. So I would stand up under it and press up against the pipe or Valve and massage my back and trapezius muscles. It would hurt but feel good all at the same time.. I did this about 2 times a week. Within one month the pain on my left wrist had gone away.. so you have to do a deep tissue massage to get the knots out. You must try it before going through surgery.. go see a massage therapist if you have nothing sturdy to press against.. Good Luck

  8. I have this over 3 months now, went to urgent care, they did the Finkelstein test, & said I have this, & also took X-rays of hand & wrist,nothing broke, just when I think I'm feeling better, it acts up again, I've been icing it, but never really do the exercises for it, cause it hurts, I will now try what I've just seen on ur video, hope it works, I feel sorry for anyone having it, for it is painful, other option is take the shots, I'm deadly afraid of needles, plus I read on Utube shots don't always work, when I do the ice packs, it helps a lot, thanx for ur video👍👍

  9. Thank you for the video! As soon as I did the stretch with my fingers wrapped over my thumb and bending the wrist, i felt the stiffness/discomfort immediately – will begin doing these stretches immediately and see how it helps! Thank you!


  11. Thanks for the tips. This just started so I think I am catching it early. Should I immobolize with a wrist/thumb splint? Is so, how long?

  12. I got this for 2 months now by playing too much mobile legends on an ipad. I tried splinting and the pain was reduced to 60% then i played again and now its back again much worse

  13. I thought I may have this but it didn’t hurt when I did the gripping thumb test. My wrist hurts when I lift my wrist up pointing towards the sky but slightly angled to the thumb side as well. If that makes sense. It’s been in pain for 10 weeks, pain is better but not gone. Wondering now if it was scaphoid fracture or something?

  14. i've had this for 6 months now. im getting my second shot today. first one didnt work. this pain sucks, specially when its your dominant hand thats affected. 😑

  15. It's interesting as I for sure developed this between my job and my texting and Twitter habits. I had it mostly gone but then I was stretching out my hips and put a lot of weight on the area over about a minute, and it all came back. Basically, I had my thumb stretched out, wrist in mild radial deviation, weight on my thenar eminence. I hypothesize that with the tendons of the thumb flexed, the wrist deviated, it closed the compartment in that area, flared the whole thing up.

    Last time, it took about 3 weeks for it to go away to the point that I wasn't thinking about it. I will have to do less phone activity, stretch, and use machines and not freeweights for a while.

  16. hello, it is a month and a half that I suffer from this pathology. I've been doing these exercises for 2 days and they seem very good. I've been using the brace for a month and the pain is almost gone. the problem is that by moving the finger the wrist makes a small click in the side of the scaphoid. initially light then always worse until it stops completely. do you have any solution? thank you

  17. messed up my wrist on my thumb side by lifting too many boxes around at work. been very sore for about 3 weeks and i’ve tried everything from icing, heating, electric shocks, stretches and exercises. it still feels the same everyday. and the worst in the mornings or when i don’t use it for an extended period of time

  18. I’ve been having this pain for 6 months now started when I was pregnant they said being pregnant can cause for it to inflame it really hurts and I’m a month pp and see no improvement I hope this helps because all these comments are scaring me 🙁 nothing showed on X-ray and now I’m afraid nothing will show on mri so they probably won’t do anything to help

  19. hi dear Doctor,i hope you will be fine there.Firstly i would to inform you that my english is terrible.i have been suffering de quervain's for two months. i took many madicines but pain still same. Actually when i try to move my thumb especially towards wrist ahhhhh i feel severe pain and a painfull crack in the thenar snuffbox and i lost my life that time. and now i just watch this video and i find a hope that it will recover by the help of your video..is this video will helpfull for me? would you please help me and advice me what should i do? thanks

  20. Thank you, sir! I have this condition for about 2 months now in my left wrist. I visited orthopaedic and they diagnosed me with tendinosis. Prescribed me non steroid anti-inflammatory pills(Arcoxia) and wearing a splint for 2 weeks. It did not change anything at all. Still had the clicking in my thumb's base and the stiffness in the nights. I think wearing the splint even worsen the pain and the clicking so I stopped wearing it. Started taking diclofenac (150mg/day) and at least the annoying clicking stopped the next day, but the pain still there although it is on and off. I am about to stop taking diclofenac now as I am on it for 10 days. I was considering taking a shot of corticosteroid lately, but tried these exercises now and I feeled pain and stiffness relief immediately. Looking forward to this, I will keep doing them as recommended 3 times daily applying some massage ointment and I hope this will put the end of this awful condition.

  21. If your hand is sore from hitting yourself in the head with a hammer you gotta stop hitting yourself in the head with a hammer

  22. Thank you!!! Omg man seriously you're the man! I thought I had carpal tunnel and was freaking out! I hate going to the doctor and hate googling symptoms (because i always think im going to die afterwards…haha!) I realized I can treat it myself with proper stretching and rest! I've only done these stretches one day and already have more mobility with my thumb and far less pain!

  23. I hurt my wrist while playing basketball, must have done some weird motion idk. But I did this and immediately felt better, I’ll try these throughout the week thank you!😁

  24. Thanks for the great video and article. If one must text use the voice to text feature. I got De Quervain's just from the way I hold my tablet w/my left hand and overuse due to broken right shoulder. Going with RICE, wrist/thumb splint for now followed by exercises in video and article.

  25. Oh boy… Just looked this up after about 5 weeks of having Tenosynovitis now, I cannot do any of these without SEVERE pain in the area that he said to massage… Going to keep at it tho. Anyone else have severe pain when doing this and if so did this help you?

  26. Broke my wrist approx five years ago. Distal and radial non displaced fractures. Went to three hand specialists, the last at the Stanford hand clinic. The fractures healed, but I still had pain in the thumb. I'm a manicurist. My mortgage is paid by my fine motor skills. Not a one of them property diagnosed my thumb issue. The Stanford dr asked " do u need your thumb for your job?" . I kid you not.
    I had to keep working in order to pay my insurance blah blah blah…
    So, of course, both arms were now KILLING ME.
    The doctors just looked at me blankly. IDK.. maybe they thought I was drug-seeking?

    I started seeing a chiropractor to relieve inflammation so I could at least work.
    I don't even believe in chiropractic. Never has worked on me. I use acupuncture. But someone recommended this guy because he uses LIGHT TREATMENTS for inflammation.
    First visit.. I told him " hey, don't manipulate anything ok? I hate it"
    Okay, he says, lay down for a second. Pushes his thumb in , here and there, and says" THATS IT". Time for light therapy.
    Puts the light pads on my arms for idk 20 mins. I ask "should I make an appt to come back"? Nope first see if you NEED to. Lights worked like a miracle.

    Turns out, my chiropractor, and his brother, invented the "active release" technique.
    My arms are so painful, I always ask for him to do my neck, and arms.

    DR LEAHEY has even filmed me doing stretches w MY PHONE, so I don't forget..
    IF FOR NOTHING ELSE , than to remind me to ask him to do active release for my thumb!
    Great instructive video. Very clear, and to the point. Helpful.
    Thanks again.

  27. I drink ginger tea and took panadol tablets hoping it will gone but I was wrong. In the morning after I wake up I feel the severe pain thought its a cancer or something. I'm really glad that I found this video now I will start doing the exercise. Hope it will work

  28. I still don't know how it happened (not a texter), but my wrist and thumb hurt started to hurt constantly a few weeks ago. I was going to the Dr anyway, so I informed him about it. When he examined my wrist, he came dead center on the spot that hurt the most. I almost came off the exam table. He said it was tendonitis and lined me up with a wrist brace which I've been using off and on. The problem is after a short amount of time, my wrist gets sweaty and the brace becomes uncomfortable. He also told me to put my wrist in warm water and to open and close my hand for 5-7 minutes 3 times a day.
    I'm going to do what my Dr. told me, along with the exercises I saw on here. I want to heal this ASAP! When I move my thumb in the wrong direction, it's almost scream time.

  29. I have this excruciating pain for two months now. I usually have high tolerance for pain but this one is over the top. I don’t like taking pain relieving medicines like Tylenol and other otc I want holistic approach . I was told surgery hell no I said. I’m glad I stumbled upon this video! I tried dry fasting and using tiger balm / cbd oil to rub around the wrist I could barely use my thumb. Now with this exercises I’m hoping I’d self heal.

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