100 thoughts on “30 Day Body Transformation – DAY 26 | VLOG 12 S2”

  1. Hey, Chris. Your physique looks awesome but I was wondering if you ever thought about bulking harder (10-20% surplus) to get bigger and stronger. You're a tall dude so I'm sure you can put way more weight and strength than you have right now.

  2. I cant wait for the official version of the app come out. Im have used the beta version for like 1 week and its buggy sometimes.

  3. im 70 kg and i want to put muscle muss without protein , i put 14 muscle muss and i want to come on 80 kg i could?????( please answer me )

  4. Chris plz answer quick. bc I dont want to waste time I want to find a dumbell/bodyweight programm for beginners that I can stick too and be efficient. and be free bc I am broke :/ haha. The only thing I have is dumbells and it would mean allot if you could help me out bc you know allot about working out

  5. Awesome vid and transformation man,is it possible to add more international shipping options,so we can order from the store?,thanks 🙂

  6. Hey man loving the videos and cant wait for the app to drop! Only trouble i had was finding a place to check for updates on if the app was released today or not, it would be awesome if you made an official twitter, or a "news/update" area on the thenx website for your fans to easily check for updates on important things!

  7. Chris, I am an older guy (62) with similar body frame as you that's trying to get in the best shape of my life. You are inspiring me to all new levels and completely changed my vision to be the best version of myself. Keep up the GREAT work my man. You're a natural. Just phenomenal.

  8. Guys,
    who else has problems with the app?
    I've got a first version few weeks ago, but I couldn't register, when I clicked register button, it only disappeared.
    Now I've got an e-mail, that 1.1 has been released, but when I open TestFlight, it says I'd been removed from Heria ap testers.

    So sad 🙁 I really looked forward to test it and then buy it 🙁

  9. When is this final video going to come out? When is the app going to be available?? When can I see this magic on my phone to use in the gym??? Haha.

  10. You are a bars junkie. Congratulations for you. You work so hard, I honestly admire you.
    I´m about to start studying biomechanics, metabolism, and everything so I can be a trainer too, but a good one, just like you.
    Ps. I´ve been training Parkour since 10 years ago, and now I want to share all my knowledge.

  11. Крис скажи пожалуйста сколько дней в неделю нужно заниматься ?

  12. Chris, мужик когда уже сделаете программу Heria Pro на Русском языке ?

  13. I’ve been watching your videos more and more recently and I just love how optimistic and motivational you are! You make everything seem so easy!

  14. I think you've finally sold me. Been watching your vids for a while and getting more and more into working out but after realizing how recent this is – you know, it's not a snapshot of you in time from like 4 years ago, this is NOW! Got the app, setting up the time, making some lifestyle changes, doing the 30 day challenge starting 4/16. BOOM

  15. What a beast this guy is….like can anyone following him actually do even half of these workouts? I surely can't but I still get pumped and motivated to hit the gym and get gainz

  16. I went from weight training to callisthenics training and I'm seeing gains a lot faster its great. I'm building up to weighted callisthenics.

  17. Eu sou brasileiro, vejo muito de seus videos e tenho você como uma de minhas inspirações, entendo muito pouco de inglês se possivel seria legal se tivesse legendas em português só uma sugestão com certeza teria muito mais brasileiros assitindo.

  18. Showing your workout what people should follow.. differnce is most people are 8 hours behind a screen doing work and then go to the gym.. when your work is gym.. im like yeah nice..ill do some climbing and pullups and sleep cause i got work tomorrow again.

  19. How do you manage to not eating junk food?
    I can't help myself about eating junk food everyday
    Morning and evening everytime,everywhere i eat at least 2k+ from junk foods every single day ;c

  20. Love your videos, BUT… Could you please work on your editing? There isn't one uninterupted sentence. It seems like you cut every word separately. It is super annoying. Hey cut chris cut heria cut here….. Honestly bro, how hard is it to say one sentence?

  21. Chris, nice video of day 26 bro. The song starting at 2:30 and 11:50 is so dope. I want it so bad to train on it

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