72 thoughts on “30 Minute Yoga Flow Vinyasa for Pain Relief in Neck From “Text Neck” | Fightmaster Yoga Videos”

  1. hello lesley, thanks for this beautiful class! I really feel a difference in my neck.
    Greetings from Germany

  2. Happy Fourth, Lesley! And thank you for this. I know you'll love this day like you mean it too. 🙂

  3. Fantastic! Thank you for another great practice! LOVED the quote! Happy 4th! Thank you, as always for starting my day off right! : )

  4. So nice practice, Lesley! I would like to tell you that most your workouts help me to align my sacroiliac joint and some other joints in lower back. I am wondering if you have specific video for that problem and if not, could you please make one. Thank you for your devotion and much love!

  5. Lesley, I've had a pain on the right side of my lower back whenever I do upward dog or other poses. How should I do upward dog and other poses to avoid the pain and what exercises/poses can I do to help my lower back? Many thanks for your help Xx

  6. Wow!!! This came at the most perfect time! I have been complaining about my neck and shoulders for at least the last 4 days and now the pain is gone and I feel amazing! Thank you:)

  7. Leslie, you seem to always know what I need. Woke up with this neck pain and saw this amazing video. Thank you for making my life better.

  8. Thank you for putting on a class that is targeted towards neck pain caused by our texting or from being on our laptops all day. Brilliant concept and it was a brilliant class. Namasté

  9. Thank you! I liked this one; it was helpful and do-able for me with a couple of modifications. (Usually, I find your sessions much too advanced for me.) I especially liked your closing, with a quote and the palms moving to places on the body as loving reminders. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Thank you so much! Just what I needed today! Would you be able to do a good video that's specific for surfing? Xx

  11. Could you do a vlog on what are some of the life lessons that yoga can teach us off the mat? 🙂 How does the practice of yoga transform us to become better persons? How do we stay mindful in our practice and then apply that to every aspect of our lives? I have been practicing for over a year now and I am still trying to find out this connection. 🙂 Hope to hear from you, thanks.

  12. Loved this class! If it wouldn't inconvenience you, I really enjoy your longer videos (40 minutes to an hour) and I would love to see a longer practice with so intermediate to advanced poses! Feel no pressure to do this, it is just a suggestion, and I am sure you get loads of requests from other yoga doers.

    Anyway, you are a fantastic yogi, and your style of yoga is my absaloute favourite! I have tried several youtube yoga channels and yours worked the best for me! Thank you for making these videos, they changed my life!

  13. Loved this, Lesley – thank you! Now 38 weeks pregnant and this was great for my achey back and neck, with just a few little modifications. <3

  14. I've done this a few times now and I'm consistently shocked about how much better I feel afterwards. Thank you!

    One question – lacing my hands behind my back is really difficult for me for some reason. Either I'm inflexible in that area, doing it wrong, or my chub is getting in the way. I'm wondering if you have any suggestions/modifications I can try?

  15. I feel so silly, but need to share! I LOVE your videos, however the proximity of you mouth to the mic allow us to hear all the little "hums being" noises (swallowing and salivating) and that is a major pet peeve and makes me mute the videos and not get the full experience of your instruction. I know it's a particular thing, and I want to reaffirm that you are doing a great job! 🙏🏼

  16. thank you for this practice. please do a restorative practice for the back of the neck or does this one address the back of the neck too?

  17. I've had some weird muscle spasm causing pain and soreness the past few days, and this gave me some relief and a little more range of motion!

  18. this was great. thank you….I would love to see a video of a yoga flow with modified poses for larger ladies who are just starting the yoga journey. slower flow with modified poses? just a thought. I enjoy your videos a lot.

  19. Nice, calm, well-rounded slowish class added after Day 4 of the Yoga Fix 90, Round 3 on October 06 🙂 Thank you Lesley 🙂

  20. This is such a wonderful practice, neck and shoulders feel loose, heart feels open and my body feels like it has so much more space! Never underestimate the power of yoga! thanks! 😀

  21. Thank you so much for this practice, Lesley! I've had neck pain over the past few weeks (I blame electronics and tension!) and I can't tell you how much this yoga practice has helped to alleviate it. Thank you thank you!!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  22. After getting halfway through, I realize this is one of those annoying yoga videos that requires you to look at the screen to know when to transition because the speaker does such a bad job of explaining the activity eloquently. Also, sometimes a few poses in she actually gives you really important pointers, rather than at the beginning, so you realize you've done half the exercises wrong already. It's just not a great video. The exercises are great and will do their job, so I really appreciate the poses chosen. But for poor execution I have to five this a thumbs down.

  23. This was exactly what I needed. I usually do an aerial yoga class once a week for cervical spine decompression and that keeps me from getting too much neck pain during the week. I have been visiting my family for the past two weeks and thus haven't gone to class. I woke up in so much pain this morning and just wasn't sure how I was going to be functional today. After this video my pain is significantly decreased and I feel as though I can be productive today. Thank you so much.

  24. Thank you so much! After being in a minor car accident last year the neck injury that I sustained like to flare up every now and then. This really helped to stretch out my neck and shoulders!

  25. Thank you, Lesley! Your practices are wonderful and there are so many different ones, I can always find what I need! Woke up with a bad shoulder pain and felt really tight in the upper back area – was worried how I will manage to get through the rest of the busy week. Feeling great after this practice though, pain is gone. Thank you!!! xx

  26. Lovely. Great way to feel the flow while recovering from my various injuries. Just what I needed. Namaste.

  27. You fixed my tight right side neck/back shoulder. Thank you for this video. I know my issue is due to sitting in front of a computer all day for work. Just a suggestion for a video: neck/shoulder WITH stretching for front of hips (also gets tight for me because of all the sitting). Thanks again!

  28. This is one of my favourite classes of yours, a real lifesaver for me! My neck and shoulders are always tight, I do this video once every few weeks and it really helps! Thanks again!

  29. As always you practice is energising and relaxing. I suffer from neck and shoulder pain and this was superb, thank you. Stay happy 🙂

  30. Hello, I liked your video, very useful. If you take one tiny critique, please wear light colours, so that the shaape of your body and what is where would be more visible. Thank you. 🙂

  31. Did this today because of some neck issues and really liked the sequence. Cool down poses have been a bit short in time for me (love to really take my time to let go…) and normally I would have hit the pause button and extended the holds. But I had only 30 min. to practice so I stayed with the poses as they were. Did only some slight modifications in between (needed some Anahatasana ;-)). Thanks you for your amazing work and Namasté.

  32. loved this! i just stayed in cobra during the sun salutes or would go to childs pose for downward dog. my shoulder started aching on saturday of working all weekend and wasn't able to do much yoga during it, either. this was just what i needed.
    i also had a heating pad and cbd hot/cold salve and ate ginger and garlic right before it hehe!

    also, ive read that studies have shown peoples testosterone levels can rise between 20-50% from staying in cobra for just 2 minutes. tht rlly boosts my confidence i love yoga 🌐

  33. This is one of my favorite go-to quick videos. Even when my neck is feeling ok, once I’m done with this class I feel stretched out and calm.

  34. This is a fantastic class, exactly what I needed for bound up muscles. I had so much pain in my neck, shoulders and back that I could hardly move. I think I carried a very badly designed backpack on an 8 mile hike and it wrecked me for the last 4 days. I thought I might have to go to the chiropractor or a physical therapist as I had tried hours of epsom salt baths and lots of rolling. This helped a TON! I will probably do it again later today and every day until I get healed. Thanks Lesley, for always being great!

  35. Loved this practice! I’ve been doing your yoga regularly for the last 3 years and I feel amazing. It really does help keep me grounded, calm and positive for the day ahead, and I feel the difference when I miss my morning session! Sending lots of love and thanks from Australia 💓

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