-Hi folks I’m Bob Schrupp physical therapist
-Brad Heineck physical therapist. Together we are the most famous physical therapists on the internet In our opinion of course, Bob 30 second self traction for neck pain pinched nerve herniated or bulging discs Self treatment Bob once again we want to show our viewers You know that’s why they’re here to find out if they can help themselves, right try some things Something simple and this is a real simple Technique that you know we got to go through a little explanation, and then we’ll demonstrate it But Bob. There are some people out there Hi welcome to our channel if you are new to our channel please take a second to subscribe to us We provide videos on how to stay healthy fit pain-free And we upload every day also go to the Facebook and like us because Brad and I as children Right Sam we were picked on we are bullied, so we’re trying to turn things around and become liked Yeah, so anyways we think it’s working Yeah, so the neck okay all right traction on the neck. Why would you even consider doing Some traction on your neck so we need Sam for the model and we need to look a little bit closer At the cervical vertebra and even more importantly the cervical So we have seven discs, we have seven cervical bones here, vertebrae That the first seven make up your neck right, We better look on this shoulder can you zoom in on this Lonnie? Alright, so if you look at these yellow Nerves they look like pieces of spaghetti that is actually your nerves that come out, and they ended up going down into your arm So all the lower nerves on this neck, cervical spine go down onto your arm They are not cut off like this Just this is just strictly a model But they do go end up going down so if these nerves any one of these nerves can get a little pinched or Irritated you can cause pain in the neck and the shoulder down in the Often times in the back shoulder blade area And sometimes you know the hole that they come out of there that foramen overtime might get a little narrower because of Arthritis and so if that nerve gets inflamed and flared up There’s less room in that hole so that can send pain down the arm, so if we can make that hole bigger, that’s gonna Relieve the pressure relieve the pain, the other thing is a disc could be bulging or pushed into that foramen and Squeezing this so there’s a number of things that could cause a pinched disc But we’re gonna look at one simple treatment and see if that will relieve it, in all cases Yeah, whichever one we mentioned if you pulled the neck apart you can take some of the pressure off Yeah, we’re not gonna you know You want to show it on here Brad? Yeah, let’s look at that Do we want to talk about squeezing that That one of those nerves if it happens to be by a disc and we have let’s say this is C6 and C7 a couple of your lower Vertebra and the green ball represents a disc, okay now here we got the disc and the nerve would be coming out here If you have a bulging disc like this That’s squishing into the nerve and I pull up on this top vertebra watch what happens to that disc If I pull up and give it some room Go back. It could retract. Yes, okay, so bulging Put a little traction on it get that in pressure off the nerve life is good And then a lot of times if I I can see take it even further a lot of times if you can pull it back Then if you go back like this you know That’s the basis of the McKenzie Technique, is you know do Traction and then you can do McKenzie and that helps push it and stay in hopefully Yep, so that’s standing on one step past our traction Should we look at the technique Bob?Let’s first talk about How would you maybe test to see whether or not And this is you’re gonna do it to me? So this is one thing Bob and I will do Just to assess to see if traction may be A good option, very simple to understand I’m gonna push down on his head And if that makes his symptoms worse that means that compression is maybe part of the cause so I Usually just grab like this Brad, and I push down I don’t push down real hard But I just see did that bring on any symptoms, right and the other thing before that happens I need to be up tall and straight Good posture you know and the therapist needs to be aware of that The other one is I just grab you know on the occipital back here and underneath the chin here, and I pull up Straight like that and I’m looking to see whether or not the symptoms decrease so now if you pull his head off That’ll decrease the symptom, so it doesn’t take much pressure to go up if it works, I’ve always find They say oh does that feel better It’s pretty clear and once you notice that then it’s like well this can be a treatment they can do at home But if it feels worse obviously when you pull up that’s not the answer So let’s say we press down it may or may not make symptoms worse But we go up and it clearly feels better with some pressure then we’re gonna try this you take a towel roll Go corner to corner and flip it around like that so you got Something there should we should we show this on Sam? So what we’re trying to do and it works quite well If you got a lot of hair you have to get your hair out of the way But we’re getting around the occipital, this part of the bone, and we’re gonna go here, Sam We’re getting pretty close aren’t we And we’re just gonna pull up like this putting that traction right through the neck how does that feel Sam? It would have been kinda funny if we would have popped his head off Okay, so there’s two ways to do this you can do this in a seated position, which you could try right away I’m gonna go to the side, yeah So good posture Your head is going to be up and You’re gonna pull in this direction, and you’re going straight up and I get some traction And I don’t have a neck problem, and it still feels good So from the straight on view I’m gonna pull Like this okay now the direction you pull you go straight up. You could go a little bit A little bit forward maybe a little back A little bit to the right or a little bit to the left and the way you’re gonna know which way to pull is Which ever way makes it feel better, if you have some symptoms in the shoulder in the arm What you’re looking for is the symptoms more in the arm to go away So if I did this And I pull my right arm was having pain and numbness and I pulled up this way and a little bit this direction or this way whichever way makes the arm feel better That’s the way I’m going to emphasize and pull more in that direction It’s gonna make it feel better And it’s gonna make it feel better right away while you’re doing it, I wonder Brad if you are having pain in one arm If it’s possible you could get a long enough towel you could grab it with one arm, sure That is the problem That can be a problem with self Traction is if your arm pain is quite a bit that may not be an option if you don’t have it But you could try With one arm and The thirty second the only reason I have well one of the reasons I have for thirty seconds cuz after thirty seconds you get tired Yeah The other thing you can try is laying down, and you may need to get to the edge of the bed There we go and we can simply do it this way and this way is actually a little easier And I’m gonna hold that, I bet you could do that with one arm, couldn’t you Brad Yep There you go, and you know you could do it so your head is resting and pull and you look quite stylish too, Brad Thank you I do I feel like I’m getting a hairdo or something But again you’re only going to continue with this is If it clearly makes you feel better while you’re doing it And then after you’re done you may go thirty seconds three repetitions And it feels good each time and then when you’re done you put the towel down it continues to feel better And you could do this throughout the day sure and you could do this every hour if you want as long as it feels good While you’re doing it and for afterwards. Yeah, you’re gonna repeat it frequently and then eventually again You could probably start going to the McKenzie technique where you actually Do the traction and then after that you try to bring the neck back like this and That might help hold things in place, and it’s the same thing with that that has to be painless If it’s causing pain when you do it it’s not correct. And for that We’ve got some good videos to get to go more to detail on the Mackenzie Yeah Cuz when we’re talking about pain too especially if the pain’s going down the arm The pain should go out of the arm When you’re doing these if it’s actually making the neck feel better but the pain in the arm is worse no That’s a red flag. Just discontinue. They want the pain to retract up the arm, and into the upper cervical spine They’re gonna have a chance here, good point by the way Brad remember you know we can fix just about anything. In our mind Except for that Broken heart Bring it in, but we’re working on it You know I’m thinking I’m gonna get my degree in cardiology pretty soon so thanks for watching

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