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BASF, THE chemical company. You know what’s better than a 3D-printed pizza?
Nothing. Nothing in the world is better than a 3D-printed pizza. Sorry everyone else. Just
pack up and go home. Hey guys, Tara here for Dnews – with a story
that is sure to warm the cockles of even the coldest, deadest heart. A group of engineering students from an Illinois
high school used a 3D printer to make a prosthetic hand for a 9-year-old girl who was born without
fingers on her left hand. A regular prosthetic hand costs up to $50,000
– which is an insane amount of money, so the girl’s father approached the school, asking
for help. Students found a 3D printout online that can
be used to create fingers, and then pieced the hand together, adding flexible cords that
allow it to bend and grab items. The girl now has a brand new functioning hand – and
the total cost? $5. Damn I love a good bargain. Of course this isn’t the first time a 3D printer
has created working body parts – and it’s actually more common than you think! Last month, a group of doctors in Holland
performed the first successful skull transplant – using a plastic, 3D printed skull. The patient
who received it, suffered from a condition that thickens the bone structure – causing
headaches, blindness, and eventually death. The procedures took 23 hours in total – and
the woman has now regained her sight, and returned to work. Absolutely incredible. And here’s a weird one: 3D printed eyes. A
company called Fripp Design and Research in the UK prints up to 150 prosthetic eyes every
hour. And while they obviously don’t work the same as a real eye – they are significantly
cheaper and more readily available than standard glass eyes. The same company also produces an array of
other facial prosthetics, including noses and ears. They scan a patient’s face, and
then 3D print a perfect replica using starch powder, silicone, and pigments. Not only is
it cheaper than leading prosthetics – it’s more patient-friendly, because it doesn’t
require an invasive facial mold to create. The Wake Forest Institute For Regenerative
Medicine is another place that’s leading the way in 3D prosthetics. They recently created
a bioprinted kidney – by depositing kidneys cells cultivated from a biopsy, into a biodegradable
shell. The kidney is then incubated for a period, and transplanted into a patient – so
as the functional tissue grows, the shell slowly degrades. Wake Forest has also paved the way for synthetic
skin grafts. And they’re currently developing a printer that could print skin straight onto
the wounds of burn victims. First they use a scanner to determine the size and depth
of the wound. And then an ink, made of enzymes and collagen, is layered in between tissue
and skin cells – the same way it would be in healthy skin. Their goal, is to have portable
skin graft machines ready within 5 years, so they can use it on soldiers who have been
burned in war. It may be another decade or so until we see
3D-printed kidneys and other major internal organs put into humans, BUT – let me reiterate
just how incredible the potential for this is. Transplant waiting lists would be a thing
of the past! Lose your arm in a boating accident? It’s cool bro, I’ll just print another one!
And better than any of that – it brings us one step closer, to being cyborgs. If you can think of any use for 3D printers
that’s cooler than what I just listed, I wanna know about it. Leave your comments down below
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100 thoughts on “3D Printed Body Parts Are Almost Here!”

  1. 3D printed skull—- wait that girl didn't have fingers and it would normally cost about $50,000? but they 3D printed one and it only costed $5? thats  00,005/50,000 … wow… if I could …. well not really I mean I am a fully formed person… so I'd be fine until I lose something. but anyway it'd be great to have these… only a $5 hand replacement…. pffft what sorcery is this!?

  2. Soon we will be able to print off real animals and people. That Would be cool. I would print out jaguars and snakes and pewdiepie 🙂

  3. A 3D printed version of MY brain. It would be cool to see someone else's reaction to having my thoughts. An army composed of me would be awesome! (And slightly frightening)

  4. Cannot get over how exciting this is! It would just pretty much mean that every important thing we need will be insanely cheap!

  5. question- do the body parts age along with the body? Or do they stay the same as when they were created?

  6. An important question concerning the kidney: As incredible as it is to grow a kidney in a biodegradable shell, what sort of measures are taken to stop the kidney or any other organ the technology might be used for from growing too much? Should patients be worried that their new kidney might keep growing until it fills up their body cavity and kills them? 

  7. how about meat print out texture of  the meat lower cost of having stretch it your self. & to day we could be more humane with how raise animals in factory farms by give brain relaxer substance's .like pot

  8. It's taking it's time but the millennium is finally starting to be everything it was meant to be…. Those scenes our parents laughed at in scifi movies are starting to looking very possible.

  9. This girl is the only presenter on this channel that doesn't make me cringe. She doesn't try to be funny, it's refreshing. 

  10. With "Contour Crafting", they are able to print a 2000+ sq ft. house in < one day.  Look it up on YT

  11. And some Christians want Creationism (fairy tales) to be taught in schools instead of
    Science (facts).

  12. Shoulder bone? Rotator gap
    I have a shoulder bone gap muscle fell of my bike and landed on my shoulder since then it's been years and the pain is still there and by going to gym helped much but reduced the pain and I can still feel the muscle from the inside

  13. That would be weird like

    Kid : hey mom the dog bit my finger off again

    Mom : we have a couple in the cabinet

  14. The 3D printed vagina has the potential to change everything we think we know about life and technology.

  15. I can't wait til they can print me a new foreskin. Pretty pissed that my parents had it cut off shortly after being born.

  16. Fact Check: The standard prosthetic eye in the U.S. is not really made from glass anymore. An ocularist forms a custom shaped convex shell made from medical grade plastic acrylics. It's a certain blend used specifically for prosthetics.  I'm sure glass is still used but it is uncommon and fell out of use decades ago. 

  17. Something cooler?  How about AN ENTIRE BODY?

    Imagine climbing onto a table, popping a sleeping pill, and waking up with a brand-new body?  Obviously, printing the part of the brain that contains our memories and personality is problematic at best, but there is no real reason that we can't eventually print the rest of the body — any way that you like.  Want to see what it's like having blond hair and blue eyes, or red hair and green eyes?  Want to try being shorr or tall or rail-skinny or muscular or curvy?  Just cange the print files to reflect your desires.  While you're at it, why not improve your ears so that you can hear notes that even dogs can't hear?  Instead of the boring rods and red-blue-green cones, change your eyes from plain old trichromatic to tetroachromatic or pentachromatic or decacromatic with cones that see ultraviolet and infrared.  Embed carbon nanotubes into your bones to make them unbreakable.  Weave nanotubes into your skin and become practically bulletproof.  Add some organs that create all of the essential nutrients that you need.  Modify your digestive system so that it will analyze what you eat and refuse to absorb poisons and other undesirable substances.

    Of course, some people will want to go totally crazy and sport things like fur, tails, scales, and other things that will turn the current body modification community green with envy.

  18. Im just browsing youtube fof updates on 3d printed stuff.you realize this has been around for a really f'n long time now right? Where you been?

  19. How do you lose an arm in a boating accident? She was just naming off the most absurd circumstance possible right?

  20. Here's one. If you were to master the connections of the human brain, and the science of 3D printing, you could create a fully functional body for people who have serious injuries. Imagine a quadriplegic person being able to move and walk in his new body crafted to the slightest detail by a machine. Now imagine creating bodies that are more efficient than the ones we are born with. People would need to eat less, drink less, and even breathe less to function. This is the stuff of the future and nothing is impossible. All it takes is goals and enginuity

  21. I am thinking that human flesh can turn into like human water then to flesh again when passing in a solid wall. If this can be done wow.

  22. Transformed a cell into different kinds of form. Like the concept when properties of water into an ice thus solid, if it can be done to water why cant discover it.

  23. Broke my leg 6 years ago. The tibia recently healed after 13 surgeries, however my fibula was a lost cause. The doctors removed a small peice to keep the broken ends from causing more pain from hitting each other. I wonder if they could print a complete fibula that would be awesome. One can only dream lol.

  24. Hello, I am a high school senior and I would like to have a career in medical 3D printing. What schools have the best programs for this? Any other help is appreciated.

  25. The idea of 3D printing body parts is something that is becoming more and more advanced. The ability to 3D print body parts can be very beneficial for many reasons, one being the economical efficiency. The cost of a 3D printed appendage is significantly cheaper than one that will be produced by a prosthetic company. With the cost of false limbs declining, it allows for the poorer side of the economy to gain access to something that they never had before. Something that also is beneficial to with the use of 3D printing of body parts is that the line for organ donors will be smaller yet again. So if you are in need of a hand and are placed on a waiting list, you may be on that list for years before being even considered. 3D printing allows for the process to go much faster and also allows for the patient to have a custom appendage that will better fit their body because it will be modeled after one that they currently already have. With the idea of 3D printing it allows for the patient to not have to go through the process of having a body casting and so on, when all that has to be done is a simple skane. The idea of 3D printing can also be utilized to even help surgeons better visualize what they are going to be facing. If undertaking a complicated heart surgery, one can just print a model of the patient's heart go through step by step to insure the best outcome of the surgery. Medicine has even utilized 3D printing today, like the talked about in this video. If there are already such a huge success of the technology behind 3D printing, then it should most definitely be continued and further advanced

  26. i wonder how they print the entire organ , it has go so many complex layers . . and composition and design . how are they printing it .

  27. @3:04 "Another decade til we see 3D kidneys put into humans".
    Lol, that already happened literally a year after she made this video.

  28. I can 3d print a bigger dck, im glad i live in this century…hurry da hell up with this technology already

  29. I am from 2019 and we're not so ready but we're close we have now made a heart we need another decade or less

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